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Sears Power Tools Sold On Easy Terms 

(f your order amounts to $10 or more, you can buy your 
power tools at Sears on Easy Terms. If you wish to use 
Easy Terms at one of our retail stores, ask for information 
about our Easy Payment Plan. For mail orders, refer to 
your Sears General Catalog for Easy Payment information. 

Repair Parts Always Available 

Should you ever need repair parts for any Sears power 
tool you can depend on us for speedy service. Repair 
parts are easy to order because every part is numbered. 

Important Price Information 

Should the Federal Government or any State find it nec- 
essary to increase by taxes or otherwise the cost or selling 
price of any of the merchandise described in this catalog, 
we reserve the right to add any such taxes or other in- 
creases of cost or selling to the prices shown in this catalog. 



1AT HOME BY MAIL— Just pick out the tool* 
you want from mis catalog, fill out the order 
blank, and mall It together with your remittance. 
Sears guarantee satisfaction. 

2 AT HOME BY PHONE— Pick out the tools 
you want. Then call the Telephone Order De- 
partment at your nearest Sears store. We'll send 
your order C.O.D. 

3 AT CATALOG ORDER DESK— There's one in 
every Sears store. Our clerks will assist you in 
(tiling out your order. You save letter postage and 
money order fees. 

A IN RETAIL STORES— All the advantages 
* of retail service! Competent sales people to 
aid you . . . over-the-counter buying . . . and quick 
home delivery. 
Copyrloht 1S39 by Stars. Roebuck and Co. Printed in U. S. 

IT all started when I was a kid and my grandfather, a master carpenter, 
gave me an old hand scroll saw and said I could use his workbench in the 
basement. From that day on-, that workbench was my playground — and 
my playthings were Gramp's old saw, a dilapidated hammer and a couple of 
old, rusty chisels. Of course I wanted a lathe— but you know how much a lathe 
cost in those days! You had to be the next best thing to a millionaire to pay the 
860 or 875 asked for them! 

It wasn't until I went to college that I got acquainted with the" big stuff- 
real machine tools. After I got my degree in Engineering, I worked for a time 
in a machine shop and then demonstrated Power Tools for several years. It was 
in this way that I learned that industry and home workshop, alike, had a cry- 
ing need for precision-built, moderate-priced Power Tools. 

I guess all of us have at least one "big moment" in our lives. Mine came 
when Sears, Roebuck and Co. picked me to be their Buyer of Power Tools. If 
you're a dyed-in-the-wool Power Tool enthusiast, you'll understand what I 
mean when I say I've got the most interesting job in America! 

Now that I'm with Sears I can't help but think of the advantages of the 
American youth of today. For today— at Sears— that .860 lathe I longed for in 
my own youth can be yours for as little as 815! And it's a whale of a lot better 
lathe, too! 

Fine tools have always been my first love. And I feel that I know what you 
fellows want— for I'm one of you fellows myself. So when you Power Tool users 
look through this catalog, just remember that there's a guy at Sears who thinks 
the way you do and knows what you're after . . . and that he's put everything 
he's got into the development and selection of the finest lot of Power Tools to 
be found anywhere — at any price! 


RF54057-Z.1. -8.25.38 



Sawing on a tilting blade saw is ALWAYS 
faster — easier — better! Table is never 
tilted. Work always lies flat, regardless 
of the angle at which board is being cut. 

Extra- large fable top! Extensions 
(which are included) give a working 
surface of 26x28 in. This assures 
perfect support for large work. 


Over-all Height 

42 in. 

Over-all Width 

35i4 in. 

Over-all Length 
(Without motor 
i With motor 

36 in. 
42^ in. 

I Diameter 
Blade < Bore 

9 In. 

Fancy tooth 

Depth of Cut (Maximum) 

3 in. 

Blade Tilts 

to 45° 

Distance in Front of Blade 

13 in. 

Length, Rip Fence 

23 in. 

Rip Fence Slide Bar Graduated 

to 17 in. 


2: SKF ball 

Table Size, With Extensions 
(Extensions included) 

28x26 in. 


3450 R.P.M. 

Motor Recommended 


3450 R.P.M. 

99 PT 1970 or 

99 PT 5605 

Motor Pulley Supplied 

1% in. 


• Fancy tooth combination rip and crosscut blade gives full 3-inch depth of cut 

• Saw blade and motor tilt any angle lo 45 degrees; raise and lower 

• Equipped with deep grooved, high-speed precision SKF - ball bearings 

• Floor type base is designed for greatest rigidity and stability 

CMB3 fflfl does it again! Thousands of crafts- 
men have long wanted to own a big, floor- 
type, tilting-blade saw— but the cost has 
always been too high. Now fltflFTSMflH en- 
gineers and Sears tremendous purchasing 
power combine to bring you this fine tool at a 
price that has never been approached before! 
Compare it with $100.00 saws! 

Heavy duty precision construction through- 
out! Meets the exacting demands of master 
craftsmen and large industrial plants. Notice 
that it's complete! The tilting guard, kick- 
backs, splitter, table extensions and miter 
gauge— all are included at this one low price 
—and even more, this saw is built to take a 
standard motor. You don't have to buy an 
expensive special motor to fit it. 

There is no finer blade tilting mech- 
anism made! Massive trunnions carry 
the entire tilting device. Motor is 
counterbalanced for ease in operation. 

sp j 0"1 Olttll 01 

Cr' /'io o» con 

Belt is never twisted. Angle of tilt and depth 
of cut are positively controlled by easy-acting 
hand wheels. Accurate gauges show depth 
and angle of cut. 

The SKF ball bearings are packed in grease 
and sealed against dirt and saw-dust. Table 
is heavy, well ribbed and ground to a perfect 
finish. Front extension is ground gray iron 
and side extensions are heavy gauge steel. Rip 
fence is rigid, self-squaring type— has feed 
screw control with vernier adjustment which 
permits adjusting width of cut to J^ inch. 
Indexed miter gauge is fitted with adjustable 
stop rods. Snap-out door is provided in base 
for sawdust removal. 
99 PTM 2182— Without motor. Shipping 

weight, 215 pounds $65.00 

99PTM2184-As above, with %- 
H.P. 3450 R.P.M. 110-120 volt 60- 
cycle A.C. condenser motor. Shipping 
weight, 260 pounds $89.50 

Page 1 



The elevating gear* and rack are fully 
enclosed by 2 sheet sleel sawdust guards. 
These have been removed in the illustra- 
tion to show the arrangement of gears 
which control the tilting mechanism. 




Over-all Height 

17'/i in. 

19 in. 

Over-all Width 

35 in. 

27 in. 

Over-all Length: 
Without motor 
With motor 

27 in. 
33 in. 

36 in. 
42 in. 

Blade Size 

a in. 

10 in. 

Depth of Cut 

2'/j in. 

3'/« in. 


2; SKF 

2; SKF 


Table Size 

20x16 in. 

27x20 in. 

Table Size, With 
not included) 

26x28 in. 

34x32 in. 





*h or %■ 

H.P., 3450 



or 1-H.P., 



Machine Pulley 

2'/, in. 

2'/, In. 

Motor Pulley 

2Vi In. 

2'/i in. 


Metal stand 

Metal stand 

(From center of 
holes In base) 

14% X 
15'/» in. 

16 X 
15'/* In. 


• Sow blade (not the table) tills any angle to 45 degrees, and raises and lowers 

• Massive trunnions carry the entire titling device. Motor is counterbalanced; lilts, raises and lowers with 
blade. Belt is never twisted. No finer lilting mechanism made! 

• Equipped with deep-grooved, high speed precision SKF ball bearings for long life 

This great OtflFTSMflH tilting blade bench saw has gained tremendous popularity with crafts- 
men all over America! And no wonder! You can't begin to match it within S25.00 of Sears price! 
The tilting mechanism in the OtflFTSMOH is unsurpassed by any other bench saw at ANY 
price! Blade and arbor are carried in a heavy cradle on massive trunnions. Angle of tilt and depth 
of cut are positively controlled by easy-acting hand wheels. Accurate gauges show depth and angle 
of cut and width of rip. Slide bolt under front of table locks both raising and tilting mechanisms. 
Heavy, ribbed table is ground to a fine finish. Rip fence is rigid, self-squaring type— has feed screw 
control with vernier adjustment to \4a inch. Accurately indexed miter gauge is fitted with adjust- 
able stop rods. Blade is finest OflFTSMflN plain tooth combination cross cut and ripping type. 
lilting guard, splitter, rip fence, miter gauge, V-belt and motor pulley are all included at no extra 
charge. Both 8 and 10-inch saws are covered by Patent No. 2,121,069. 

99 PTM 2236— CRAFTSMAN 8-Inch Tilting Blade 99 PTM 2237— CRAFTSMAN 10-Inch Tilting Blade 

oq'dt.. w - Wlth ^H t motor - SnPS- wt., 150 lbs. $36.95 Bench Saw. Without motor. Shpg. wt., 200 lbs.J49.90 

Z&u ,?| 2 B ,7 ~ Tilting Blade Bench Saw as above, 99 PTM 2238— Tilting Blade Bench Saw as above, with 

With >4-H.P. motor, 99PT5587 on page 38. Shipping M-H.P. motor, 99PT1970 on Page 38. Shipping weight, 

weight, 185 pounds $52.50 245 pounds ., $75700 

o HI ool?^I a ^! e insert fop da do sawing for saw 99 PTM 2236. 3^x10% in. Shipping weight, 8 oz 85c 

a pt ;;2i u nsert,or dado sawing for saw 99 PTM 2237. 3J4xl2^in. Shipping weight, 8 oz $1.10 

S t B , H P.?t vy duty indexing miter gauge. Same as supplied on bench saws on this page. Fits J^xM-in. slot. 
Has stops for different angles. Shipping weight, 5 pounds $2.75 

Extension Tables for Large Work 
Z r SS t . !^. en ?J on - With fittings and wood rip fence facing. 
9 PT 2208— For 99PTM 2236 Bench Saw. 6x16 in. IT--, , 
Gives 15 inches m front of blade. Shipping wt., 14 lbs.S4.50 I 
&- PT "03— For 90 PTM 2237 Bench Saw. 20x5 inches . „ 
Gives 17M in in front of blade. Shipping wt., 14 lbs. 4.95 
r. f-* ten . s '°"s. Usable only with front extensions above. . 
„2"i l i o^ J° I1B . feed screw aad graduated bar. 
• 99 v. PT 2 £°. 9 -7 For P ™ 22 36 Bench Saw. Each, 6x26 ^ A , 

„ =i «n„ l ^ plI Jf we, e h t, 37 lbs. 2 side extensions $9.95 

00 ^2204— For 9B PTM 2237 Bench Saw. Each, , , 11 
7x32 inches. Shpg. wt., 58 lbs. 2 side extensions 1 .95 


• 8-inch plain looth combination rip and crosscut blade. Depth of cut, to IVt inches 

• Precision SKF ball bearings, packed in grease and sealed against grit and dirt 

• Exclusive "roll over" rip fence rolls out of way and gives greater table surface 

• Table tilts any angle to 45 degrees on oversize tongue and groove type trunnions 

This QtflFT SMflN bench saw with the exclusive 
"roll-over" fence is an ideal choice for the crafts- 
man who wants a sturdy, accurate tool. 

It incorporates many practical features for 
ease in handling. For example — no other bench 
saw in the world at ANY price has a rip fence 
like this! When it is moved to the end of the 
front bar, it strikes a stop and pivots down 
flat, level with the table surface. There's no 
need to remove it for cross cutting. And even 
more, in the rolled over position it acts as a table 
extension. There is a built-in vernier adjustment 
for making the fence level with the table or for 
setting it to any cut desired. 

This saw has famous Craf tsman quality in 
every detail of construction! The heavy rib- 
braced cast iron table measures 153^x183^ inches 
and is smoothly ground. Has removable insert 
for dadoing. Table tilting mechanism is con- 

trolled bj r a hand wheel and a self-locking screw 
— can be manually locked if desired. The 8-inch 
blade can be raised and lowered for any depth 
of cut from to 2}4 inches. Miter gauge has in- 
dexing device and stops for important angular 
positions. The automatic-leveling double-pivot 
guard (see small illustration above at right) costs 
us more than an ordinary guard, but it is far 
more efficient. 

All controls are equipped with accurate gauges 
— indicating depth of cut, depth of dado cut, an- 
gle of tilt of table, angle of miter gauge and 
width of rip. 

99 PTM 2176 — Complete with miter gauge, 
"roll-over" fence, splitter, and double-pivot 
guard. Without motor. Shpg. vvt., 95 lbs. $27. 95 
99 PTM 2177 — Same as above, complete with 
99 PT 5587 K-H.P. motor described on page 
38, >£x42-mch V-belt, and 2^-inch motor pul- 
ley. Shipping weight, 126 pounds $44.45 

View of fence in rolled over position. 
This exclusive feature provides extra 
table space and allows you to get the 
fence out of the way for cross curling 
without removing it from the machine. 

Double pivot arrangement allows the 
efficient guard to move back and up as 
work moves into blade. Guard may be 
tilted back out of way. Note the fully 
enclosed spring loaded kick backs. 


Over-all Height 

13 in. 

Over-all Width 

20 ill. 

Over-all Length 

26</ 2 in. 

Blade Size 

8 in. 

Depth of Cut 

2'/ 2 in. 

Distance in Front 
of Blade 

8 in. 
13'/g in. 

(With Extensions) 


2; SKF ball 

Table Size 

15'/ 4 x18'/2 in. 

Table Size, With 
Extensions (Ex- 
tensions not in- 

26>/ 2 X 
24-y 16 in. 

Speed Recom- 

4000 R.P.M. 

Motor Recom- 

99PT5587 or 

Vz or %-H.P., 
3450 R.P.M. 

Machine Pulley 

2 in. 

Motor Pulley 

2'/ 2 in. 


Metal stand, 

Mounting Dimen- 
sions (Center to 
center of holes 
in base) 

8% X 
13% in. 

Sanding and 
Cutting Discs 

Specify ^4-in. hole for saws shown 
on Pages 3 and 4; and H-in. hole 
for hbws on Pages 1 and 2. 
9 PT 2272— 8-inch steel sanding 
disc wheel. State bore. * i /r 

Shipping wt., 4 lbs ? I .CO 

9 PT 2273— Six 8-in. sanding 
discs, coarse and fine, for, above 

wheel. Shpg.,wt., 10 oz 45c 

9 PT 6470— 8-ln. metal cutting 
wheel. Yn In. thick. State bore. 
Shpg. wt., lib. 14 oz S 1 . 1 

2 outside saws, 6 
chlppers. J^-lnch 
hole. Shipping wt., 

9°PT 4887. $2. 45 

9PT4883— Outside 
Dado Saw only. Ship- 
ping weight, 6 oz.60c 

9 PT 4880— Inside 
Chipper only. Ship- 
ping weight, 3 oz.25c 

9 PT 4888— Consists of two Jfc-in. thick 
outside saws: six Ms in. thick chlppers. 
)£-ln, hole. For saws on pages 3 * «\ crt 
and4. Shpg. wt.. 1 lb. 8 oz. .'. ipj.DU 
9 PT 4889— As above, but H-in. hole for 
saws on pages 1 and 2. Shipping weight. 

1 pound 8 ounces $3.50 

Specify |/ 2 or Ya-iii. hole on items below. 
9 PT 4884— Outside Saw only. Specify 
size. (See above.) Shpg. wt., 9 oz. . 95c 
9PT4881 —Inside Chipper only. Specify 
size. (See above.) Shpg. wt., 3 0z..30c 


6-Inch Dado Saws 

Two Ys-ln. thick outside saws, one '4- 
in. chipper, two 'A-in. chlppers, one 
Vie-in. chipper. Shipping weight, 
3 pounds 3 ounces. * n nr 

9 PT4874 — 14-in. hole SB.yD 

9 PT 4875 — %-in. hole .$8.95 

Specify 'A or 56-in. hole on items 
below. Shipping wt., each. 8 oz. 

9 PT 4876— Outside saw $2.65 

9 PT 4877— Vi6-in. chipper. .... 65c 
9 PT 4878 — 'A-ia. chipper. ... $1.05 
9 PT 4879— 'A-ia. chipper 1.35 

Extension Tables 

For Large Work 

For bench saw 99 PTM 2176, 
above. Fit perfectly and provide 
solid working surface. Set includes 
2 front extensions, 2 side exten- 
sions, extension to lengthen rip 
fence, necessary support bars, 
bolts and fittings. Front exten- 
sions are gray iron, ground and 
polished. Steel side extensions. 
Gives a total working area 26J&X 
24M« in. Shpg. wt.,31 lbs. 

99 PT2179 $8.95 

Page 3 




7-In. Combination Blade 

• Blade raises and lowers; cuts O to 2% in. 

• 145f>x l<M-in. table tilts from to 45° 

• Working mechanism is entirely enclosed 

• Sturdy rip fence locks at both ends 

Far superior to ANY other bench saw in this 
price range! Compare it with $12 saws! No- 
tice the safe, fully enclosed design — the rugged 
base— and the sturdy, well-designed guard. 

Auto-lubricating bronze bearings for long 
life. Ball crank and gear mechanism as in 
high priced bench saws, raises and lowers the 
blade on two heavy columns. Positive lock 
on raising and lowering device. Table tilts on 
double pivots any angle to 45°, Accurate 
depth of cut and angle gauges. Will crosscut, 
rip, miter and groove. Removable dado in- 
sert. Complete with self-aligning fence, safety 
guard, splitter and miter gauge. Snipping 
weight, 32 pounds. 

99 PT 2169 58.95 

7-Inch . . . Heavy Duty 

• High grade 7-in. plain tooth combination blade 

• 16%cxl2*A-in. table tilts any angle to 45° 

• Massive base completely encloses mechanism 

• Dual control rip fence locks at both ends 

Compare the features . . . the size . . . the weight! See 
how far superior it is to any bench saw you have 
P^VER seen at this price! It actually compares with 
saws selling for 320 or more! 

Cuts through the hardest wood with ease. Auto- 
lubricating bronze bearings filter all oil supplied to 
saw arbor. Journals are protected against particles of 
foreign matter. Depth of cut easily adjusted by ball 
crank and gear mechanism, which raises and lowers 
table. Accurate gauges show depth of cut and angle 
of tilt. Semi-steel table is carefully ground and 
heavily ribbed for greatest strength. Removable in- 
sert for dadoing. Easily-adjusted guard is mounted 
on splitter. Adjustable miter gauge. Shipping weight, 
49 pounds. 
99 PTM 2171— Without motor $14.95 

99 PTM 2172— As above but with 
99 PT 5620 motor on Page 39, 4-inch 
motor pulley, and 42-inch V-belt. 
Shipping weight, 78 pounds . . . $24.75 

yn ON OIMIS 01 

Cf7.»**! ' 5,[ ,HSIDl 


99 PT 2169 



11'/, in. 

12% In. 


10 '/, in. 

12'/ 4 in. 


16«/a in. 

21 in. 

Blade Size 

7 in. 

7 in. 

Depth ol Cut 

2'/« in. 

2'/ 4 in. 




Table Size 

10'/. x 
14% In. 

12'/ 4 X 
16«. In. 

Table Size, 
With Exten- 
sions (Hot 

23 '/i x 
16K, In. 


4000 R.P.M 

4000 R.P.M 


V, or '/,- 

H.P., 3450 


V4 or •/»- 

H.P., 3450 


Machine Pul- 
ley Supplied 

2 In. 

2 In. 

Motor Pulley 

2 '/ x in. 

2 'A in. 


metal stand 


metal stand 


4% X 
9% in. 

6% X 
11% in. 

Machine Stand 

An ideal stand for either of 
the bench sawa listed on this 
page. New! Modern stream- 
lined design! Fully enclosed! 
Heavy construction through- 
out for maximum rigidity and 
freedom from vibration. Con- 
venient snap door in front. If 
under-drive is desired for a 
tool, it can easily be accom- 
plished by mounting a wooden 
shelf inside the cabinet and 
mounting the motor on it. 
Complete instructions for 
doing this are furnished with 
each stand. Over-all dimen- 
sions: top, 12x26 inches; 31 
inches high. Attractive blue 
finish. Shipping weight, 49 
pounds. t-l OK 

99 PTM 2790 ? /.7J 

Page 4 

Extension Table for Large Work 

Accurately made, carefully finished. For 
99 PTM 2171 saw above. Fits perfectly, pro- 
vides a larger working space. Set includes 2 
steel side extensions, each 5S£ inches by 16^16 
inches, with all necessary support bars and fit- 
tings for attaching to machine. Will accom- 
modate rip fence. Fits easily to saw. Total 
working area 23 !£ inches wide by 16M« inches 
long. Add these extensions and you'll have a 
machine that can handle jobs which would 
ordinarily overtax the capacity of a larger saw. 
Shipping weight, 5 pounds. 
9 PT 21 74 $4.45 

Dust Collecting Outfit 

This convenient accessory will keep your work- 
shop clean and neat. With this outfit sawdust 
that ordinarily goes flying about the room col- 
lects in dust bag, attached to end of chute. Set 
consists of dust guard (A) and sawdust chute (B) 
for attaching to base of the 99 PTM 2171 bench 
saw listed and illustrated above. Shipping 
weight, 5 pounds. 
9 PT 2246 ..$1.35 



o o 

I «av/ 3-wheei 

.» la the tenter ©i a * . ( oc luauy 

douM forget-lh It • , ^ of « 





Over-all Height 

22 Vz in. 

Over-all Depth 

10 in. 

Over-all Width 

22 3 / 4 in. 

Width ol Blade 

■A in. 

Length of Blade 

58 in. 

Thickness of Blade 

.012 in. 

Depth of Cut 

4-in. with 


throat; 1-in. 

with 12-ln. 




Size of Wheels 

6'/<-in. diam. 

Table Size 

10x10 in. 

Table Size, With 
Wood Extension 

10x17 in. 


860 R.P.M.; 

1400 ft. per 



%-H.P., 1750 


Machine Pulley 

4-in. diam. 

Motor Pulley 

'Mil. diam. 


16%X4% in. 

Mounting Dimensions 

A Quality Tool With a Full 12-Inch Capacity 

• New 3-wheel design makes possible a saw with 12-in. throat at moderate cost 

• Newly developed high chrome-manganese alloy steel blades last MUCH longer 

• Auto-lubricated bronze bearings in wheels and guides for long life 

• Entire mechanism completely enclosed. One of the safest band saws ever built 

Sears do it again! Never before, in power tool 
history, has there been a tool like this! It's one 
of the most revolutionary developments EVER 
made in band saw design! 

Think of getting a saw that will cut to the cen- 
ter of a 24-inch circle, at this price! Only Sears 
exclusive new 3-wheel construction makes it pos- 
sible! And even more — in order to perfect this 
type of saw, we've developed an amazing new 
high chrome-manganese steel alloy blade which 
will last MANY times longer than an ordinary 
blade! No other band saw in the world has a 
blade like it! 

The roMPBHlOH follows the latest trend 
of automotive design, with its rugged gray 
iron frame enclosed in a streamlined cas- 
ing of heavy steel. The entire working 
mechanism is enclosed, making this one of 
the safest band saws ever placed on the 

market. The rubber cushioned bronze bearing 
wheels are completely covered, and if the blade 
should ever break, it's inside the casing where it 
can't fly out and do any harm! 

Notice that it has a full 4-inch depth of cut 
under guide. Table tilts any angle to 45 degrees. 
There are saw blade guides both above and below 
table, each with two auto-lubricating bronze 
guides and one thrust wheel. Upper wheel may 
be raised for adjustment of blade tension, and 
may be tilted to make blade track correctly. 
Patent applied for. Shpg. wt., 75 lbs. 

99 PTM 2334 — ruMPntmm 3-Wheel Band 

Saw $14.96 

9 PT 2336— Blades for above saw. New high 
chrome-manganese alloy. 58 in. long. 
Widths; %, l A, or % in. State width. 
Shpg. wt., each, 6 oz. Each 85c 

Page 5 



Over-all Height 
(Without stand) 

35 in. 

Over-all Width 

23'/» in. 

Over-all Depth 

14 in. 

Width of Blade 

Va in. 

Length of Blade 
Depth of Cut 

80 in. 

6 'A in. 

4; SKF ball; 
(2 in each wheel) 

Size of Wheels 

12'/« in. 

Table Size 
Table Size (With 
wood extension) 

12'/ 2 x14 in. 

14x1S'/i in. 


700 R.P.M. or 

1870 ft. per 



99 PT 1955 Or 
99 PT 1956, 54- 
H.P. or '/,-H.P., 
1750 R.P.M. 

Condenser type 


Machine Pulley 

Motor Pulley 




99 PTM 2789, 
metal stand 
5%x13'y, s in. 

Mounting Dimensions 




Less Motor 
and Stand 

• New fully enclosed design for utmost safety 

• Two precision SKF ball bearings in dustproof hous- 
ings in each wheel 

• New extra heavy wheels for smooth operation 

• Easily handles stock up to f>V* inches thick 

• Large, 12^xl4-in. reinforced gray iron table tills any angle 
up to 45 degrees 

Entirely new! Greatly improved! The finest 12-inch 
band saw we have ever sold ! Has features and operat- 
ing advantages you'll find in no other 12-inch band saw 
in the world at ANY price! Notice Sears exclusive en- 
closed design! It gives the saw a beautiful sleek and 
streamlined appearance— but far mvre important, it 
makes it one of the safest band saws ever built! 

Follows the latest automotive design! A heavy steel 
column and husky gray iron castings form an extra- 
strong. frame which is completely covered by the heavy 
gauge steel casing. The rubber faced gray iron wheels 
have great weight which gives them a flywheel effect 
for amazingly smooth operation, even on deep cuts. 
Ball bearing saw guides both above and below table 
have oil-impregnated bronze blocks which increase life 
of blades. Upper wheel may be raised or tilted for ad- 
justment of blade. 

9 9 PTM 2337 — Less motor and stand. Shipping WSfftM 

weight. 105 pounds S29.95 wSSIJKk 

99 PTM 2341— As above, but with &-H.P. motor H 

99PT1955 on Page 38, Shpg. wt., 136 lbs $41.50 

99 PTM 2789 — Enclosed stand, as illustrated, for 
above band saw. Described on Page 33. Shipping 
weight, 47 pounds S7.95 IllJailJJH 


(RBF TSMflH Band Saw Blades 

rtjy Finest quality saw steel. Shpg. wt., each, 7 oz. State width. 

For above band saw, 99 PTM 2337. 80 in. long. OO- 

9 PT 2623— For wood cutting. £, Va, % or &-ln. widths OyC 

9 PT 2624— Spring temper for cutting brass, etc. 'A-ln. width. . 89c 
9 PT 2625 — Hard edge for cutting steel, etc. !4-ln. width 89c 

For our old model 99 PTM 2304 Band Saw. 78 in. long. 
9 PT 2657 — For wood cutting. 14, Ms. 'A. H or J^-ln. widths. . .89e 
9 PT 2668— Spring temper lor cutting brass, etc. J4-in. width. .89c 

Rip Fence for Above Band Saw 

(§\ Locks both front and rear! Useful for straight cutB on thin pieces. 
v - / Use with ^4-in. blades. With all necessary fittings. ^^ ._ 

9 PT 2343— Shipping weight, 5 pounds $-4.41) 

Page 6 



REG U S PA' Off 





Over-all Height 
(Without stand) 

50'/, in. 

Over-all Depth 

21 in. 

Over-all Width 

30 in. 

Width of Blade 

% in. 

Length of Blade 

114% In. 

Depth of Cut 

12 in. 


4; SKF ball; (2 in 
top wheel, 2 in 
bottom wheel) 

Size of Wheels 

16 in. 

Table Size 

17x18 In. 

680 R.P.M. 

Blade travel, 2900 ft. 

per minute 


99 PT 5619 '/ 2 -H.P., 
17S0 R.P.M. 

Machine Pulley 

6'/ 2 in. 

Motor Pulley 

2'/ 2 in. (%-in. 


99PTM2318, base, 
listed below 


9 x 16% in. 

$7R 00 

•P M m Leu Motor 

■^L ^^m and Base 

• Precision SKF* ball bearings in dustproof housings — 
packed with lubricant for long life 

• Handles material up to 12 inches thick 

• Large T7xl 8-in. reinforced gray iron fable, carefully ground; 
has groove for miter gauge 

• Table may be tilled 45 degrees to right; 10 degrees to left 

Our finest band saw! Extra large! Extra heavy! Built 
for the most exacting heavy duty professional use— yet 
it is ideal for the amateur craftsman who wants the 
very best band saw his money can buy. Bites through 
tough 12-inch lumber— yet handles small and delicate 
work with hair-line accuracy! 

Two sets of SKF ball bearings in each carefully 
balanced gray iron wheel. Heavy one-piece gray iron 
frame. Ball bearing saw guides with micrometer ad- 
justment—equipped with oil impregnated bronze blocks 
to protect your blades and keep them from hardening. 
Mounting of upper wheel spindle is designed for better 
alignment — always maintains same distance between 
guard and wheel. Telescoping arrangement on aux- 
iliary guard makes it possible to keep blade covered all 
the way down to the work. Complete with 48-inch 
belt, 2H-inch V motor pulley, 3^-inch saw blade, rip 
fence, and 72-page instruction book. 

99 PTM 2301— Less base and motor. Shipping 

weight, 310 pounds. S75.00 

99 PTM 2318— Gray iron base. Shipping weight, 

125 pounds , S14.95 

99 PTM 2316— With base and ^-H.P. 1750 R.P.M. 
110-120-volt 60-cycle A.C. CRAFTSMAN ball bearing 
motor, 99 PT 5619 (see Page 39). Shipping weight, 
503 pounds $ 1 1 6.00 

OflFTCMflH Band Saw Blades 

For 16-lnch band saw. Finest quality saw steel. Length, 11434 in. %-in- 
blade recommended for resawlng. Shpg. wt., each, 8 oz. . 

9 PT 2659 — >A or (4-in. wide. State width $1.25 

9 PT 2659— Vz or 9*-in. wide. State width 1.35 

Special Length Band Saw Blades. Swedish steel. NOT BRAZED. 
We braze blades for 40c each. Shipped from factory at Chicago and you 
pay postage from there. Order from Sears nearest Mail Order House. 
State width and length. Check desired length for your saw by measur- 
ing around wheels with tape measure, with upper wheel close to top 

Width, In 

Shpg. wt., foot . . 



1 OK. 

1 OZ. 


1 oz. 2 oz. 
12c 14c 

2 oz. 

\'A 1!4 
3 oz. 3 oz. 
20c 24c 






• Makes all kinds of complicated carvings, plaques, mouldings, etc. 

• Hundreds of uses — a whole hobby in itself 

Give your work that professional touch with this amazing tool! For years, intri- 
cate hand carving has been the highest form of woodworking— the sign of a master 
craftsman. Now you can do it perfectly— automatically— with power! 

It's simply impossible to realize what a marvel this machine is until you use it. 
Professionals can't get along without it— amateurs are surprised and delighted by 
its versatility. Plaques . . . panels . . . book ends . . . jewelry boxes . . . furniture 
carvings . . . mouldings . . . drawings or photographs of ornamental designs . . . 
even photographs of your family or notable characters ... all can be easily and 
accurately carved in wood ! 

Here's the Way You Do It : Start with a model — a plaque for example — under 
the tracer pin on the right hand arm. As you trace the outlines and details of the 
plaque with the tracer pin, the cutter on the left hand arm follows the same pat- 
tern exactly. The arms move together sideways— back and forth— up and down— 
or in any intermediate motion at any angle. The design on the plaque is roughed 
down and finished with the large cutters. The small cutters are used to bring out 
all the fine details. 

The machine is perfectly balanced to allow it to follow every detail of the model 
easily and accurately. Will handle wood up to 9x8^ inches at one setting of the 
model (up to 9x17 inches at two settings). Will handle any length if not more 
than 6 inches wide. Powerful Universal ball bearing motor runs on 110-120 volt 
A.C. or D.C. (A.C. 25 to 60 cycles)— never needs lubrication. 5-ply hardwood 
table is 23%xlV/g in. Over-all height, 14}^ inches. Complete with instruction 
booklet, 6-ft. rubber covered cord and plug; all necessary clamps, screws, etc.; 
2 chuck wrenches; chuck; one %-im cutter; 2 tracer pins; a 
model and a piece of wood to get you started carving. Patents 
applied for. Shpg. wt., 55 lbs. 
99 PT 2566— (SaOSMfitJ Carver $29.95 

Page 8 

^n 01 0I3III 01 

Z^f .iiaoi»on 


• Speed! 7200 strokes per minute 

• Self contained) No motor to buyl 

• Safel The high speed short stroke is safer 

• Very smooth cut — no sanding necessary 

Exactly what you need for those intricate sawing jobs — 
jobs in thin wood that must be done accurately. The 
roHPflHiON Magnetic Jig Saw handles up to %-ineh 
stock, but is particularly recommended for light work. 
Within its field, you can't beat it. It cuts a right angle 
or a circle as small as J^-inch in diameter . . , leaving 
absolutely smooth edges that need no sanding. It does 
the job by using high speed — 7200 strokes per minute, 
and a stroke of Y% to }^-inch. The stroke length can be 
regulated simply by turning the adjustment knobs. 
Table size, 8x8 in. Throat, 11 in. deep. 

The fOMMmiOH Magnetic Jig Saw is complete in itself. 
No need to buy a motor. Just plug it in — that's all. 

The high speed— short stroke, vibrating action of 
this rOHPHWOIt Jig Saw coupled with its freedom from 
belts makes this tool unusualty safe, even for the 
younger craftsmen. The low price makes it a great 
power tool value! 

99 PT 2299— Shipping weight, 17 pounds $6.95 

9 PT 2690— Package of 6 special saw blades for 
rOMPBHIOW Magnetic Jig Saw. Shipping weight, 1 oz.15c 


To be used on the CRAFTSMAN 
Carver at left. High carbon steel, 
accurately ground and finished, \{g- 
inch shanks fit the collet chuck. 
Shipping weight, each, 2 ounces. 

(A) 9 PT 2571— Vft-inch 35c 

(B) 9 PT 2570— JS-inch 35c 

(C) 9 PT 2569— Ife-inch 39c 

(D) 9 PT 2568— M-inch 39c 


Here are a few typical models for 
use with the carver. You'll find 
hundreds more in dime stores, gift 
shops — even in your own home. 
Shipping weight, each, 8 ounces. 
9PT2573-State number wanted. 

(1 ) Lincoln Head (profile) . . . .35c 

(2) Monk's Head (front view! ..55c 

(3) Floral Design 40c 

(4) Crucifix 55c 

(5) Spanish Galleon 40 e 

(6) Sword Fish : 55c 




• Balanced modified Scotch yoke action 

• Mechanism runt in bath of oil at all times 

• Built-in sawdust blower keeps work clean 

• Easily handles stock up to 1-inch thick 

Here's a tool that stands out in front of all others in this 
price range, for value and performance! If it weren't for 
Sears tremendous power tool production, this price would 
be utterly impossible! 

Sturdy bridge truss type frame. Large table, 9x9 inches, 
tilts any angle to 45 degrees. Improved table tilting sup- 
port carries table at two points, front and rear— makes 
table more rigid and sawing more accurate. Fully enclosed 
coil type spring— no blade whip! Husky bronze main 
bearing. Adjustable blade guide and hold down. The 
carefully balanced mechanism is fully enclosed and runs in 
bath of oil. Modified Scotch Yoke action— as in the most 
expensive jig saws. This means smoother operation — 
longer life! 

Be sure the jig saw you buy has all the features described 
above. Then make the final test — operate it! That's the 
way to compare it! See for yourself how much finer this 
Sears saw is than any other jig saw sold at anywhere near 
its price! For detailed specifications, see table at right of 
page. Shipping weight, 20 pounds. 

99 PT ??sa— rOMPHMlOM Ji g Saw $5.95 



• Auto-lubricating bronze main bearing for trouble-free operation 

• Perfectly balanced modified Scotch Yoke action for smoother cutting 

• Mechanism runs in bath of oil in dustproof, oil-tight crankcase 

• Handles stock up to 1 Vt in. thick. Has built-in sawdust blower 

Built strong enough for professional work yet handles the usual run of home- 
craft jobs easily! It's actually an S18 value! Scroll sawing, jig sawing, pattern 
making, toy building, and many similar types of work can easily be handled by 
this husky machine! And if you want to saw copper or aluminum as well as 
wood— go ahead! With the proper blades you can handle light metals easily! 

The finely balanced mechanism runs in a bath of oil, just like your automobile 
engine. Sturdy new type jaws accommodate practically all kinds of jig saw 
blades. Fully enclosed coil type spring— no blade whip! Frame is very strong and 
rigid, with the base extending the entire length of the machine to give firmer 
and more solid support. Notice the weight! It's especially important in jig 
saw operation ! The rigid frame ... the expensive modified Scotch Yoke action 
. . . and the machine's great weight— all mean MUCH smoother and more ac- 
curate performance. Large lOxlO-inch table tilts any angle to 45° (see small view 
above). Table, is supported on double pivots for greater firmness and rigidity; 
quickly and easily locked at any angle; scale shows angle of tilt. Saw is equip- 
ped with adjustable hold-down for work and guide for blade. Shpg. wt., 45 lbs. 
99 PT 2255— CfiM£S!119N Jig Saw $1 1 .95 

"** * i • 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 

. fc,fc,>.Wfc,fc,fc.k, I 


On order* of $10.00 or more. 
Buy on Sears Easy Terms. See 
inside front cover for details. 




Highest quality; Heat treated, tempered and hardened 
for long life and fast, easy cutting. 

The 6 and 8H-inch plain end blades may be snapped off 
to 6t any machine taking shorter plain end blades. 

Catalog Number 

9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 


9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 


9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 
9 PT 




.008 inch 
.010 Inch 
.010 inch 
.010 inch 

.020 inch 
.014 inch 
.020 inch 
.020 inch 

.020 Inch 
.020 inch 
.020 inch 
.020 inch 

.020 inch 
.020 inch 


.035 inch 
.045 inch 
.055 inch 
.070 inch 

.070 Inch 
,078 inch 
.110 Inch 
.110 inch 

.110 inch 
.110 Inch 
.110 Inch 
.110 inch 

.110 inch 
.110 inch 

No. In Pkg. 

8 blades 
8 blades 
8 blades 
8 blades 

6 blades 
6 blades 
6 blades 
6 blades 

6 blades 
6 blades 
6 blades 
6 blades 

6 blades 
6 blades 
3 blades 

Type End 









H Inches 

H Inches 


Teeth per Inch 





W. V. Pd 
W. V. Pd 
W. V. Pd 

W. M. 


W. M. 
G. W. M. 

W. P. 
G. W. M. 
G. W. M. 
G. W. M. 
G. W. M. 
G. W. M, 
G. W. M. 

Shpg. Wt, 

1 oz. 
1 oz. 

1 oz. 
1 oz. 
1 oz. 

Per Pkg. 



*W — Wood. M — Metal. P — Catalln or other Plastics. V— Veneer. Pd— Plywood. G— Genera! Purpose. 

99 PT 2259 

99 PT 2255 

Over-all Height 

14 in. 

17 in. 

Over-all Width 

9 in. 

10 'A in. 

Over-all Length 

17 in. 

24'/ 4 in. 
1 Vi in. 

Depth of Cut 
Depth of Throat 

1 in. 

11 in. 

15 in. 

Table Size 

9 x 9 in. 

600 to 800 


10 x 10 in. 


600 to 800 



1750 R.P.M. 

y 3 .H.p. s 

1750 R.P.M. 

Machine Pulley 

4 in. 

4 in. 

Motor Pulley 

1'/* in. 

1 '/i or 2 In. 


Wood stand, 

or work 


•5'/ix3% in. 

Wood stand,' 

or work 



4x20% In. 


Over-all Height 

22 In, 

Over-all Width 

14K« In. 

Over-all Length 

37 In. 

Depth of Cut 

2 in. (Max.) 

Depth of Throat 

24 in. 



Table Size 

14 x 14 in. 

Table Size, With 
Extensions (Ex- 
tensions not supplied.) 

18 x 25'/, In. 


4; 600, 900, 1200 
and 1500 R.P.M. 


99PT5B20 or 



1750 R.P.M. 

Machine Pulley 

4-step cone 

Motor Pulley 

4-step cone 


Machine stand, 


30% x 7% In. 


• NEW ball crank and screw mechanism adjusts spring tension on blade 

• NEW fool light on upper arm floods table with light. Ideal for close work 

• Cuts to center of a 48-inch circle. Handles work up to 2 inches thick 

• Extra large, 14-inch square table, mounted on TWO trunnions, front and rear 

Into this great tool, we've built every worth 
while feature known to the power tool indus 
try ! It actually has features you'll find in no 
other jig saw at ANY price" 

A marvel of smooth, easy operation on the 
heaviest production work! Perfectly balanced 
modified Scotch yoke action. Mechanism is 
completely enclosed — runs in bath of oil. Oil 
pump forces oil to top of crank case so bear- 
ings and operating parts are flooded with oil. 
Shaft and upper chuck spindle run in self- 
lubricating bronze bearings. Table tilts any 
angle to 45 degrees. Upper arm is removable, 
or may be pivoted. Chuck jaws and roller 

type blade guide can be shifted to 90° to 
handle long work. Hold-down guide can be 
mounted under table for saber sawing. Uni- 
versal chuck takes all types of blades. Me- 
chanically it's as close to perfection as we can 
make it. Give it your hardest jobs. With 4- 
step drive pulley, 4-step motor pulley and belt. 

99 PTM 2276 — CRAFTSMAN Jig Saw, 
without motor. Shpg. wt., 105 lbs.. $28.50 
99 PTM 2338 — As above, with COM- 
PANION W-H.P. ball bearing 110-120 volt. 
60-cycle A.C. motor. Shipping weight, 

135 pounds S37-95 

9 PT 2332 — Special lower jaw for files be- 
low. Shpg. wt., 6 oz 79c 


Machine Files for Jig Saw Use 

A special lower jaw (listed above) can be purchased for using these files on the CRAFTSMAN Jig Saw. Elimi- 
nate tedious hand filing. These files have Ms-inch shanks. Shipping weight, each. 1 ounce. 

9 PT 2737— 3 Square File 45c j 9 PT 2739— Crochet File 45c I 9 PT 2741— Square File 45c 

9 PT 2738— Round File 45c | 9 PT 2740— Pillar File 45c | 9 PT 2742— Half Round File.. 46c 

Page 10 

Table Extension Sot 

The table extensions increase the 
table size of your (RftFTSMftH 24-in. 
Jig Saw to 18x25j^ inches, and allow 
you to really utilize the large capac- 
ity of the tool. You'll find the rip 
fence very useful in handling straight 

The set consists of front extension, 
14x4 in.; two side extensions, each 
18x5^ in.; and long rip fence, bars 
and necessary fittings. Front exten- 
sion is gray iron, ground and finished. 
Side extensions are steel. Shipping 
weight, 14 pounds. 
9 PT 2278 - Complete set $7.65 




• Deep groove SKF* ball bearings for long life 

• Fixed spindle construction assures smoothness at 
high speeds. Tapered spindle design makes tool 
much more versatile 

• Large 15x21-in. table for easier operation 

• Guard covers motor pulley and belt; keeps out saw- 
dust. Built-in motor mount and spring hold-downs 

One of the finest tools of its kind! Big — 
sturdy — accurate — dependable! Top-notch 
work requires a maximum of spindle speed. 
This is necessary in order to cut smoothly and 
rapidly at all possible angles to the grain of the 
wood. Sears (Rbftsmbh shapers meet this 
need for very high speeds by mounting 
the spindle and bearing assembly solidly in the 
frame! Instead of moving the spindle and bear- 
ing, the table moves up and down to adjust 
cutter height! The bearings are backed up by a 
large mass of gray iron which will rapidly carry 
away any heat which may develop from the 
normal operation of these bearings at high 
speeds, (RfiFTSMfiN shapers will actually turn as 
high as 12,000 R.P.M. smoothly and easily! 

The tapered spindle pictured above at right 
is an important development. Spindle is taper- 
ed to take any one of three different adapters 
listed below. Shaper is supplied with ^-in. 
size adapter. Adapter mounts on spindle and is 
locked in place by knurled collar. This permits 
you to use a wide variety of cutters and keeps 
the cutter close to the upper bearing, insur- 
ing smooth, vibrationless operation. See detailed 
specifications in table at right. With 32-in. belt 
and 4-in. motor pulley, motor mounting and 
hold-downs. Less motor. Shpg. wt., 105 lbs. 
99 PTM 2309— De Luxe Shaper $32.50 

Adapters for CRAFTSMAN DeLuxe Shaper. Also 

fit CRAFTSMAN drill presses. Not for CRAFTSMAN 
shaper at right. To mount adapter on tapered spindle, 
the knurled collar is removed and adapter is placed on 
spindle. Then collar is replaced and locks adapter in 
place. Shipping weight, each, 6 ounces. 
9 PT 2434 — Adapter for 51s-in. bore cutters. ... $1 .25 

9 PT 2435 — Adapter for &-in. bore cutters 85c 

9 PT 2437 — Adapter for sash cutter below $1.25 

Sash Cutter. To be used on the CRAFTSMAN 
DeLuxe Shaper with the adapter 9PT2437 above. 
9 PT 2438— Shpg. wt., 4 ok SI. 45 


• Fixed spindle design; table adjustable 

• Bevel gears raise table for adjusting cut 

• Deep-groove SKF' ball bearings for long life 

• Shaper fence designed for maximum safety 

Built to same fine standards as DeLuxe 
model at left, only not so large or with as 
many special features. Has same fixed spin- 
dle construction for smoother, faster, more 
accurate performance. Table is raised and 
lowered to adjust work to cutter height. 

Table is moved by means of gears and 
raising screw. A 2%-inch diameter column 
carries table in its vertical movement and a 
smaller rod prevents side movement. Large, 
co-ordinate type wedges lock table in any 
position that is desired. 

Table has slot for miter gauge, and tapped 
holes for starting pins and holddown studs. 
Table insert is removable for drum sanding. 
One side of fence may be moved in or out for 
jointing operations. Fence depth scale is 
graduated from to ]/% inch in Vie-in. divi- 
sions. Screw feed is controlled by a con- 
venient hand knob. May be locked in any 
desired position. Graduated scale shows 
depth of cut. With belt and motor pulley. 
Shipping weight, 85 pounds. 
99 PTM 2308— Standard Shaper $21 .95 




Over-all Height,. 

1 6 '/ 2 in. (Max.) 

19 in. (Max.) 

Over-all Width 

23 in., less 

28 in., with 

Over-all Length 

16 in. 

16 in. 

Cutter Height 

1 in. 

1 in. 

Cutter Bore 

'/i in. and 
Vie in. 

>/z in. Adap- 
tors available 
for <Ka in. and 
sash cutters. 


2; SKF ball 

2; SKF ball 

Table Size 

15x11 in. 

21x15 in. 


%-in. diarn. 
Threaded for 
'/a and %o in. 
bore cutters 

%-in. diam. 

Modified No. 

2 Morse 


Speed Recom- 

8,000 R.P.M. 

8,000 R.P.M. 

Motor Recom- 


14 H. P., 

3450 R.P.M. 



3450 R.P.M. 

Machine Pulley 



Motor Pulley 






Mounting Dimensions 
(From center of holes 
in bise) 

10x8% in. 

10x8V4 in. 

Page 11 




99 PTM 2290 





99 PTM 2587 




• 4 J ,4-in. steel cutter head. Balanced for smoothness at high speeds 

• 3 high carbon steel cutters that keep their tempered sharpness 

• Tables finish-ground after assembly on base for absolute accuracy 

• Extra-large auto-lubricating bronze bearings for longer life 

This powerful heavily huilt 43^-in. machine with solid steel head 
is far superior, to the lighter tools of a similar size. In fact we know of 
no other jointer selling for less than $20.00 which has a solid steel head! 
The tables are ground to a fine finish after assembly to insure the 
greatest degree of accuracy. They operate on carefully machined ways 
that guarantee perfect relationship of both tables for all depths of cut. 
Each table is 10% in. long — over-all length, 24 in. Both front and rear 
tables are fully adjustable. Screw feed control for depth of cut has 
depth of cut scale for easy, accurate adjustment.Oversize 4)^-in. steel 
cutter head easily handles 4-in. lumber in the rough. Knives are 
locked in place with gib plates and set screws tapped through the 
head itself. Guard never need be removed even for rabbeting. Can 
easily be lowered and swung under the rabbeting ledge out of the 
way. New fence regulating mechanism with graduated scale permits 
quick adjustments for angle cuts. Net weight, 38 lbs. 

99 PTM 2287— Shipping weight, 44 pounds $14.95 


Machine Stand 

An ideal stand for any 
of the jointer-planers 
on these two pases. 
Entirely new! Mod- 
ern streamlined de- 
sign! Fully enclosed! 
Rugged heavy gauge 
steel construction for 
maximum rigidity and 
freedom from vibra- 
tion. Has convenient 
snap door in front. If 
an under drive is de- 
sired for a tool, it can 
easily be accomplished 
by mounting a wood- 
en shelf inside the 
cabinet and mounting 
the motor on it. Full 
instructions are fur- 
nished. Top is 12x26 
in. 31 in. high. Blue 
finish. Shpg.wt. ,491bs. 

99 PTM 2790 
Stand # _ __ 

Only 57.95 

Page 12 

• Solid steel 4^4-inch cutter head runs in accurately fitted 5KF ball bear- 
ings that are fully enclosed to keep out dirt 

• Extra long tables give better support to work. Full 28V& inches long over ali- 
tor greater accuracy and for finer work 

• Two guards— one on each side of the fence— keep the cutter head covered 
regardless of position of fence and give extra safety 

Compare the OftFTSMflH jointer-planer with those selling for 20% more 
elsewhere! You'll find it actually surpasses them in quality— ac- 
curacy— and convenience of adjustments! It has all the fine features 
of the roMPHMIOM jointer-planer at left, PLUS 5KF ball bearing con- 
struction, much longer tables, improved fence, and double acting 
guards. It's bigger and heavier — built for years of accurate service. 
The precision ball bearing construction means smoother operation 
and longer life. The tables are longer than we have ever offered in any 
other 4J^-in. jointer! Three high speed steel cutters keep their keen 
edges for surprisingly long periods under hardest use. Double guard 
construction means that cutter head is always covered, regardless of 
fence position. This means greater safety at all times. Guard can be 
lowered and swung under rabbeting ledge. Depth of cut easily ad- 
justed and shown on accurate scale. 

Position and angle adjustment of fences op- 
erate independently of each other. Entire 
fence and tilting mechanism may be moved 
sideways across the table without affecting 
angle. Carefully ground adjustable tables 
slide on ways that are machined to close 
limits for permanent accuracy. Rugged gray 
iron frame is carefully designed, machined, 
finely finished, and exceptionally strong and 
rigid for years of trouble-free service. Ship- 
ping weight, 51 pounds. 

99 PTM 2290— Without motor $23.50 

99 PTM 2293— Same as above but with M- 
H.P, 110-volt 60-cycle ball bearing motor, 
99 PT 5620, shown on Page 39. Shipping 
weight, 81 pounds. $33.00 

4 J /4-lneh 
Jointer Knives 

Finest quality high 
speed tool steel 
blades, ground to a 
keen, long lasting 
edge. Set of three for 
either jointer-plan- 
er on this page. 
Shipping weight. 
7 ounces. + n -_ 
9 PT2291 $2.00 


99 PTM 2287 

99 PTM 2290 

Over-all Height 

8'/ 2 in. 

S'/i in. 

Over-all Width 

9% in. 

12 in. 

Over-all Length 

24'/, in. 

28 Vi in. 

Width ot Cut 

4'/ 4 in. 

4</ 4 in. 

Depth of Cut 

«. in. 

Ms in. 

Rabbett uepih 

«« in. 

Vie in. 


2; bronze 

2; SKF ball 

Length, Front in „ . 
Table 10 » '"• 

12 in. 

Le "8' h ' Rear 10'/, in. 

12 in. 

Length, Fence I 17% in. 

20'/, In. 

Cutter Head 

( Material steel Steel 
■{Knives ; High carbon . Highspeed 
I Size |4'/,x%x'/ B in.!4'/,x%x'/ B in. 

Speed J3600 R.P.M. 

36(10 R.P.M. 

Motor R.qulr^ ^or^H-P. 

Yt or i/2-H.P. 
1750 R.P.M. 

Machine Pulley) _ . „ ,_ 
Supplied j 2 in. 2 In. 

Motor Pulley 

i 4 in. 4 in. 


: Metal stand, 
| 99 PTM 2790 

Metal stand, 
99 PTM 2790 


J12'/ S X5% in. ,12'/,x5 y /» in. 






• Heavy SKF ball bearings enclosed in dustproof housings 

• Solid steel cutter head: diameter, 1\k inches; 6 inches wide 

• 3 high speed steel knives. Maximum depth of cut, V4-inch 

• Extra long tables, 37 in. over-all; ground for perfect alignment 

Here's one of the biggest, finest and most accurate power tools of its kind 
money can buy. Just look at the size — it's actually over 3 feet long. Built for 
heavy duty . . . for high speed ... for precise, letter-perfect workmanship. The 
rugged, carefully ground tables are controlled by conveniently located hand 
wheels and slide on dovetailed ways for permanent accuracy. Heavy duty 
enclosed SKF* ball bearings insure smoothest possible operation. Cutter head 
is made of solid steel, 6 inches long, 2% inches in diameter, with knife slots 
ground in the shape of inverted wedges to assure accurate and positive locking 
of knives; approved round safety type. 

The geared-type tilting fence is 
28 inches long and 4 inches high — 
can be moved as a unit across ta- 
ble without changing its angle. 
The large quick-acting guard that 
keeps cutter head covered need 
never be removed, even for rab- 
beting. Protractor gauge accurate- 
ly indicates depth of cut at all 
times. The movement of table is 
magnified by pointer, thus insur- 
ing accuracy. Rugged heavy gray 
iron frame has accurately ma- 
chined dovetailed ways. 

99 PTM 2288 — (HflFTSMftH 6-Inch 
Heavy Duty Jointer-Planer com- 
plete with geared fence, high speed 
steel knives, pulley, motor pulley 
and belt. Shipping weight, 160 lbs. 
Without motor $42.50 

99 PTM 2295— Same as above 
with 99 PT 5587 H-H.P. con- 
denser motor listed on Page 38. 
Shipping weight, 195 lbs. . . $59.00 

Jointer Knives 

Made of finest quality high speed 
tool steel. Accurately ground- 
hold keen edge longer. Set of 3 for 
jointer-planer 99 PTM 2288. Ship- 
ping weight, 4 ounces. 
9PT2292 $3.35 

Over-all Height 

13 in. 

Over-ail Width 

18 in. 

Over-all Length 

37'/ 2 in. 

Width of Cut 

6 in. 

Depth of Cut (Max.) 

Vz in. 

Depth of Rabbet 

'/ 2 in. 


2; SKF ball 
17'/ 2 in. 

Length, Front Table 

Length, Rear Table 

15'/ 2 in. 

Length, Fence 

28 in. 

Height, Fence 

4 in. 


Cutter JKnives 
Head \ 


Solid steel; 
diam., 2'/ 2 in. 
High speed 
steel. Three 
6x%x!/ a in. 


</ 2 -H.P„ 3450 

99PT5587 or 

2'/ 2 in. 


Motor Required 

Machine Pulley 

Motor Pulley 

4 in. 

Mounting Recom- 

Metal stand, 

4'/ 2 x18'/ 2 in. 

Mounting Dimen- 


99 PTM 2288 



• Handles [umber up lo 4x12 inches 

• Precision New Departure ball bearings 

• Feed rolls are machined from solid sleel 

• Full 3Vt-inch diameter steel cutter head 

One of the finest tools in this entire catalog ! Built for steady 
day in and day out service. Not a jointer — but a regular thick- 
ness planer that easily handles big production jobs in shops 
and mills! 

Will plane material up to 12 in. wide and 4 in. thick — and 
as small as 6 in. long and \{§ in. thick. Heavily ribbed table 
is fitted to main frame by machined ways. Frame is heavy, 
well ribbed one-piece casting . . . absolutely free from vibra- 
tion. Adjustment for depth of cut made with convenient hand 
wheel. Scale shows depth of cut. 

Front in feed roll fluted to insure positive feed. Gear box 
equipped with cut gears fully lubricated for a lifetime of 
service. Pressure rolls have compression springs, conveniently 
adjusted. Chip breaker and pressure bar completely guard 
head and feed rolls, Gibs provided to assure accurate align- 
ment of table to head. Safety-type steel cutter head, 3 inches 
in diameter, is fitted with 3 high-speed knives. Motor re- 
quirements vary from % to 2-H.P., 1750 R.P.M., depending 
on depth and width of cut, kind of wood, etc. We re- 
commend 7-inch motor pulley to get proper speed 
of 4000 R.P.M. Over-all dimensions: 23 in. high; 20 
in. long; 31 in. wide. Shipped from factory in south- 
ern Ohio, and you pay freight from there. 

99 PTM 2349F— Shipping weight, 290 lbs.. $179.50 

Page 13 






Belt tander mounts horizontally, vertically, or at any 
angle, for all kinds of work 

• Disc sander table tills any angle up to 45° enabling 
you to sand milered edges accurately 

• Extra long auto-lubricating bronze bearings filter oil 
and keep out dust and dirt 

We've carefully compared its features and construction — and honestly 
believe this TUHMHIBH sander is superior to similar tools selling 
for up to $20.00 elsewhere! Takes the work out of sanding— usually 
one of the most tedious jobs in woodworking. Practical operators say 
they start the sander twice as often as any other tool in the shopl 

Rugged, long-life construction throughout! 8-inch sanding disc and table may 
be used either on right or left of belt sander, permitting tool to be mounted on 
either end of bench. Disc sander and table are easily removed to clear large work 
on belt. The disc sander finishes curved work, end grains, etc., which cannot be 
reached by the belt sander alone. With miter gauge, adjustable stop guard, 8-in. 
abrasive disc and 4x36 in. sanding belt. 

SPECIFICATIONS— Over-all height, 10J4 in. with belt in horizontal position. 
Over-all width, 11 <A in. Over-all length, 23 in. Diam. of disc, 8 in. Size of belt, 
4x36 in. 4 auto lubricated bronze bearings. Size of disc sander table, 8Msx5 JJ in. 
Size of belt sander table, 83< 6 x6% in. Drum diam., 3 in. Speed, 1400 R.P.M. 
Machine pulley supplied, 2ft in. Motor pulley recommended, 2 in. Mounting 
dimensions, 6M*xl0& in. Use ft or ft-H.F. 1750 R.P.M. motor. Shpg. wt., 42 lbs 
99 PTM 2213— COMPANION Belt and Disc Sander $14.96 

* Extra capacity! Heavy duty construction 

* 6-in. belt sander mounts horizontally, vertically, or at 
angle for handling different jobs 

* Disc sanding table tilts any angle up to 45° 

* Heovy duty auto-lubricating bronze bearings 

* Equipped with auxiliary belt sander table 

Has all the outstanding features and operating advantages of our 
roHPBHjOII sander at left! But even more, it is bigger and heavier 
and stronger, with many additional features and refinements! The 
6-inch wide belt and the 9-inch disc provide the needed extra ca- 
pacity for the big jobs in home workshops or large industrial plants! 

One of the handiest tools in your entire shop! It can cut so much 
faster than hand sanding that it actually will do part of the work you 
ordinarily would do with other machines. Particularly useful for 
fitting and assembling jobs. 

This sander has three tables. The added belt sander table at end 
of belt gives extra support for long work— makes possible the use of 
belt sander in vertical position without shifting tables. The belt 
pander table is full 6^x17$^ in. providing ample support for larger 
pieces. Sanding belt rollers are rubber covered and may be used like 
drum sanders. The extra-long, auto-lubricating bronze bearings filter 
the oil and keep out dust and dirt. The disc sanding table has a miter 
gauge, and tilts any angle up to 45 degrees. This makes it 
possible to sand mitered edges easily and accurately. 
The sanding disc and table may be used either on right or left side of 
sander and can be easily removed to clear long work on belt. Quick-acting 
belt adjustments make belt run true between drums. Complete with miter 
gauge, adjustable stop guard, 9-inch abrasive disc and 6x48-inch sand- 
ing belt. Shipping weight, 70 pounds. 
99 PTM 2166— CRAFTSMAN Belt and Disc Sander $19.96 

Abrasive Discs 

Package of 6 assorted (fine, medium, 
coarse) for 99 PTM 2213, Shpg. wt., 8 oz. 
9 PT 221 6— Garnet abrasive -* c 

for wood .3 DC 

9 PT 221 7 — Aluminum oxide abrasive 
for use on metal or wood 39o 

Page 14 

Abrasive Belts 

For 99 PTM 2213 above. Fine, medium or 

coarse. Stat* grit. Shpg. wt., 4 oz 

9 PT 2218— Garnet abrasive for ' •>- 

wood. Each J DC 

9 PT 2215— Aluminum oxide abrasive for 
use on metal or wood. Each 3g 

Abrasive Discs 

Package of 6 assorted fine, medium and 
coarse aluminum oxide sanding discs for 
use on 99PTM2166 CRAFTSMAN Belt and 
Disc Sander listed above. For use on wood or 
metal. Shpg. wt., 8 oz. A - 

9 PT 21 56 — Package of 6 4 DC 

Abrasive Bells 

For 99 PTM 2166 CRAFTSMAN Belt and 
Disc Sander above. Fine, medium or coarse. 
Stat* grit wanted. Aluminum oxide, for 
use on wood or metal. Shipping weight, 

8 ounces. — _ 

9 PT 2167— Each /DC 




• Double bearing heavily built headstock enclosed for extra safety • 28-inch V-way bed . . , 6-inch swing ... 18 inches between centers 

• Two high quality auto-lubricating bronze bearings for long life • Double bearing headstock has highest quality bronze bearings. Front bear- 

• 8-inch swing — 27 inches between centers — 38-inch bed ing fully adjustable 

• Has three speeds— easily handles a large variety of work • Removable No. Morse taper centers in head and tailstock 
New! Never before have we offered a lathe of this quality and ca- # C°"»P°""d rest, fitted with adjustable gibs and lock 
parity at anywhere near this price! Just notice the SIZE— a full * Fu " lonfl,h fead serow 8 ives smooth «"'*« on long pieces 
38-inch bed! And notice that it has an enclosed, streamlined head- 
stock like our bigger and higher priced lathes! It's far superior to A fin f tool for the model maker or for the man who wants to do light 
any other lathe in this price range! metal work. Not as accurate as our large metal working lathes but 

It will actually handle work up' to 27 inches between centers and entirely adequate for most work. The many adjustments make it 

up to 8 inches in diameter. All parts are carefully machined and possible to secure much more accurate work than has ever been 

fitted. The auto-lubricating bronze bearings assure smooth operation possible with this type of lathe. 

and long life. Ball thrust bearing absorbs spindle thrust. Finely , Spindle is threaded Hx24 threads per inch. Knock-out centers in 

machined %-inch spindle projects for outboard turning. Extra-large headstock and tailstock. Lead screw provided for longitudinal feed 

oil reservoirs assure positive lubrication. Over-all height, 9M in- of carriage. Compound rest travel, 3J^ in.; cross slide travel, \y 2 in. 

Over-all length, 40 in. Over-all width, 4H in. Complete with 6-inch Tailstock may be set over for turning tapers. Cross feed and angular 

tool rest, cup and spur centers as illustrated. Use M or 3^-H.P. feed are gibbed for take-up. Use M or 3^-H.P. motor (see Pages 38 

motor (see Pages 38 and 39) and 9 PT 2788 motor pulley, listed at and 39 ^ .°\ ei '- a11 dimensions: height, 8J^ in.; length, 28 K in.; width, 

right. Shipping weight, 22 lbs. 8 «*■ Shipping weight, 28 pounds. 

99 PT 2051 -COMPANION Wood Turning Lathe $5.75 " PT 2021 -COMPANION Metal Working Lathe $13.95 

Lathe Grinding Attachment. Shown in left inset above. Fits spin- 9 PT 2788— 3-step motor pulley. Specify \U -inch bore, Shpg. wt., 1 lb.. . . 50c 

die and bed on 99 PT 2051 lathe, above. Use it for all kinds of grinding. 9 PT 2137 — 3-in. 4-jaw independent chuck. Shipping weight, 3 pounds S3. 75 

Includes guard, tool reBt, arbor to fit on spindle, 4x9$ -inch grinding 9 PT 21 08— No. Morse taper spur center. Shipping weight, 3 ounces 49 

wheel, clamps, etc. 9 PT 2109— No. Morse taper cup center. Shipping weight, 3 ounces 49 

9 PT 2011— Shipping weight, 1 pound 10 ounces . .$1.45 For tool bitB see 9 PT 2205, Page 21; sanding disc, 9 PT 2525, on Page 25. 

Lathe Sanding Attachment. Shown in right inset above. Do Jack Shaft for Model Makers' Lathe. Metal turning should be done at much 

accurate and thorough sanding. Consists of tilting table and clamps slower speeds than wood turning. Use this handy jack shaft to secure proper slow 

for use on lathe above. Use with sanding disc 9 PT 2158 below. . speeds for metal work. Complete with bronze self-aligning bearings. 

9 PT 221 4— Shipping weight, 6 pounds 8 ounces 5z.75 9 PT 2494— Specify 3-in. 3-step pulley. Shipping weight, 7 pounds $2.65 



Face Platei 

For number 99 PT 2051 or any other lathe 
with %-in. plain spindles. Be aura to 
cheek spindle size before ordering. 

®9 PT 2080— 3-in. Shipping ot - 

weight, 7 ounces ODC 

(§) 9 PT 2081 — 6-ln. Shipping * i OA 

v -' weight, 14 ounces ^ l.zll 

Spur Center 

(pi For 99 PT 2051 or any other lathe with 
w H-in. spindles. Removable center. Check 
spindle size. Shpg. wt., 6 oz. * r- 

9 PT2105 ODC 

Cup Center 

©Carefully made. For tailstock of lathe. 
Replaceable center pin. Fits any %-ln. 
spindle. Check spindle size. iC 

9 PT 21 02— Shipping wt.. 6 oz ODC 

Work Arbor 

©Fits Yt or %-ln, straight spindle. Fastens on 
spindle with 2 set screws. Threaded J4-ln.x24- 
thread. 3-jaw J^z-In. chuck. State Yi or 94 -In. 
spindle. Check before ordering. 
9 PT 2118— Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 10 oz. . 

Work Arbor 

©Same as 9 PT 2118, above, but without chuck. 
Has finely faced steel collars to clamp grinding 
or buffing wheel. State Yi or %-ln. spindle. 
Check before ordering. ' it- 

9 PT 21 20— Shipping weight. 15 ounces 4DC 

Vi-ln. (ftflFTSMQH Drill Chuck and Arbor 

(g) 3-Jaw ground chuck with adapter, for lathes or 
v - / motors with !4-ln. or %-in. straight spindles. 
Arbor Is &-ln. x 24-thread. State T4 or % -in. 
spindle. Check before ordering. 
9 PT 21 40— Shpg. wt,. 1 lb. oz. . . , 



3-Jaw Chucks 

Accurately machined to run true. Nicely 
finished. Superior to ordinary chucks. 
Fit 14-inch 24-thread per Inch spindles. 
Check before ordering, 

®9 PT 2130— 'A -inch capacity, «q 
Shipping weight, 5 ounces. . . . X"C 
®9 PT 2132— 14-inch capacity. cc 
Shipping weight, 12 ounces. . . D3C 
®9 PT 2134 — Vi -In. capacity. Ground 
finish. Shipping weight, -j C 

1 pound / DC 

4-Jaw Independent Chuck 

® 4-Inch capacity; reversible Jaws. 
Well made, nicely machined. Fits 
any lathe with M-inch straight spindle. 
Be sure to check spindle size. Ship- 
ping weight,' 3 lbs. 12 oz. * A -If- 
9 PT2136 ?4. ID 

Drum Sander 

® Accurately made. Complete with 
sleeve and adapter. Fits J£-in. x 24 
threaded shaft, 3 in. long, 2'A in. 
dlam. To put on new sleeve. Just loosen 
adapter nut. Shpg. wt., 12 oz. e\c 

9 PT 2520 YDC 

9 PT 2522— Sanding sleeve for above 
drum. Fine, medium or coarse. State 
grit wanted. Shpg. wt., 2 oz. Each. 1 0c 

Sanding Discs 

rfl Carefully machined and balanced 


aluminum discs fitted with sand- 
paper. Fit only %-ln. straight spindle. 
Be sure to check spindle size. 
9 PT 2158— 6-lnch. Shipping *■ nr 

weight, 12 ounces 3) I ,iJ 

9 PT 2159— 8-lnch. Shipping 
weight, 1 pound SI -75 

Page 15 





Over-all Height 

10 '/« inches 

Over-all Width 

7 inches 

Over-all Length 

46 inches 

Swing Over Bed 

9 inches 

Distance Between 

30 inches 

Spindle Bearings 

2 oilite bronze 

Thrust Bearings 

1 ball bearing 

/ Nose 
Spindle ^f' a « r 
{ Hole 

% in.; 16 R.H. thread 

8% in. x % inch 

No. 1 Morse 

Vs inch 

Tailstock Taper 

No. 1 Morse 


4; 700, 1300, 2300, 
4000 R.P.M. 

Motor Recommended 

%-H.P., 1750 R.P.M. 
99PT5620 or 99PT1955 

Machine Pulley 

4-step cone 

Motor Pulley 

9PT2792, 4-step cone 


99PTM2786, metal 

lathe stand or 
99PTM2721,work bench 

Mounting Dimension 
(Center to center 
of holes In base) 

S 7 /t inches x 
40% inches 


44-IN. BED 

• Bearings on both sides of spindle pulley 
for perfect spindle support 

• Oversize bronze bearings are self lu- 
bricated. Sealed against dirt 

• No. 1 Morse taper centers in head stock 
and tail stock 

• 4 speeds from 700 to 4000 R.P.M. 

• 30 inches between centers 

Can't be matched elsewhere at anywhere near this price! Big enough for almost 
ANY job — and built heavy enough to do metal turning with proper attachments! 

The double-bearing mounting of the spindle makes it easy to turn large diameter 
work on the outside end of the spindle. All bearings are auto lubricated bronze, 
sealed in a bath of oil. This close, tight seal keeps spindle journals accurate . . . dirf> 
free. All longitudinal thrust is absorbed by the built-in ball thrust bearing. 

Husky 44-inch gray iron bed is built for smooth operation even under heavy cuts. 
Tail stock may be set over for turning tapers. Massive head stock is designed for 
easy shifting of belt to desired speed. Indexed head stock makes pulley dividing and 
fluting easy. Head stock spindle has right hand threads inboard, left hand threads 
outboard permitting use of face plate 9 PT 2090 on either end with- 
out reversing motor. Complete with "V" belt, 8-in. tool rest, and 
No. 1 Morse taper spur and cup centers. Shipping weight, 60 lbs. 
99 PTM 2019— roMPBiyoM Lathe $14.95 

Complete Metal Working Outfit 

Build your metal working shop around this aAACA 
handy outfit! The sturdy construction of •p-jX***' 
the whole lathe makes it suitable for adop- WW 
tion to metal work. Ideal size to handle armature 
turning and any light metal repair jobs you may wish 
to do. Easily changed over from metal to wood. 

The multiple speed jack shaft provides the slow 
speeds necessary for smooth, clean cutting in metal. 
The compound rest adjusts from to 180 degrees 
angular position. Longitudinal feed is 6 inches and 
cross feed 5% inches. The independent 4-jaw chuck 
will hold round, square or irregularly shaped pieces. 
Outfit includes our rnMPBWOIt 9-in. lathe, compound 
rest, tool post, tool holder, six tool bits, wrenches, 
multiple speed jack shaft, 4-in. 4-jaw chuck, belt, 
pulleys, and 60 degree-center. Motor not included. 
Shipping weight, 93 pounds. 

99 PTM 2020— Complete Outfit with Lathe. . . .$38.50 


High Grade Face Plates 

{£) 9 PT 2090 — 5^-inch wood or metal 
working face plate. Threaded for 
either end of spindle. Fits %-inch 
threaded spindle as on 90 PTM 2019 
lathe, above. Shipping weight, ^. ~_ 

2 pounds Sl.d«) 

(J) 9 PT 2091 — 3-ineh face plate with 
spurs, removable center, and screw 
center. Fits M-inch threaded spindle as 
on 99 PTM 2019 lathe, above. .. pA 
Shipping weight, 1 lb. 12 oz $1.11/ 

18-ln. Tool Rest 

A great convenience when 
making long turnings, 
such as table legs or lamp 
spindles. Readily adjust- 
ed for height. Well 
machined and nicely fin- 
ished. Complete with bed 
brackets. Built for long 
service. Shipping weight, 
7 pounda. 
9 PT 2173 $2.15 

3-Jaw Chuck 
3-inch diameter; grips 
round or hexagonal 
work. All jaws move 
at once. 2 sets of jaws 
(inside and outside). 
Fits %-inch threaded 
spindle as on lathe 
99 PTM2019, above. 
.Shipping weight, 
3 lbs. 8 ii/. 
9 PT 2152. $12.45 

4-Jaw Chuck 

Fourhusky jaws, each 
one reversible. Each 
jaw can be moved by 
itself. 4-inch diameter. 
Kev and back plate 
to "fit 99 PTM 2019 
lathe. Fits M-in. 
threaded spindle. 
Shipping weight, 
4 lbs. 4 oz. 
9 PT 2156. $4.95 

Compound Rest 

Feed collars graduated to 
1/1000 inch. Angular dial 
graduated to ISO degrees. 
Transverse feed, SMs-in.; 
angular or longitudinal 
feed, 6-in. Precision built 
throughout. (For tool bits 
and holders, see Page 
21.) Shipping weight, 
17 pounds. 
99 PT 2168. ...$13.95 

Steady Rest 

For supporting ex- 
tra long work in 
lathe. Fitted with 
best quality brass 
jaws! Very essen- 
tial when turning 
long, slender pieces 
in the lathe. Ship- 
ping weight. 
4 pounds. 



Page 16 


Mi»i.m.ffii— — — — 







10-INCH SWING . . . 54-INCH BED 

• Heavy gray iron flat-way bed with 1 Vfc-inch ways. Total bearing surface 3 inches! 
•.Two heavy duty SKF" sealed ball bearings in headstock for smooth accurate operation 

• Capacity over 36 inches between centers. Has a full 10-inch swing over the bed 

• Great weight makes it readily adaptable for metal turning with proper attachments 

This ftflFTSMftH production-type lathe is the 
perfect tool for the master craftsman. Because 
of its excellence in every detail of construction, 
it has gained an important place in professional 
woodworking and pattern shops all over the 
country. It's built for professional use! That's 
why it is so popular with both professional and 
amateurs all over the country. 

Check the features . . . the specifications . . . 
the modern design . . . the weight! See for your- 
self how far superior this lathe is to any you 
have ever seen in this price range! It has a 
massive flat-way bed that actually has a total 
bearing surface of 3 full inches! This allows 
you to take the heaviest cuts easily. The great 
weight of the entire lathe insures smooth, vibra- 
tionless, accurate operation. 

The headstock spindle rotates on precision 
SKF" ball bearings, sealed against dirt and abra- 
sive materials. It has a right hand thread inboard 

and a left hand thread outboard to allow you 
to do outboard turning on large pieces without 
reversing motor or lathe drive. Longitudinal 
thrust is absorbed by ball bearing. Headstock 
pulley is indexed so work may be evenly divided 
or fluted. Headstock pulley and belt are covered 
to give you additional protection. 

The tailstock is fitted with accurately ground 
steel ram and an automatic knock-out device for 
easily removing the No. 2 Morse taper centers 
and arbors. Ram is graduated in }f 6 -inch divi- 
sions. The headstock and tailstock are fitted 
with No. 2 Morse taper sockets for removable 
centers and arbors. 

Complete with 4-step motor pulley, 
V-belt, cup and spur centers, and tool 
rest. Shipping weight, 115 pounds. 

99PTM2027 $27.95 


Over-all Height 

13'/, in. 

Over-ail Width 

8 '/a In. 

Over-all Length 

56 '/a in. 

Swing Over Bed 

10 in. 

Dist. Between Centers 

36 In. 

Spindle Bearings 

2 SKF ball 


Thrust Bearings 

Thrust taken on 
main bearings 

i Nose 
Spindle < ^ er 
I Hole 

1 in. ;8 thread, Ft. H. 

9%ix 1% In. 

No. 2 Morse 

%t in. 

Tailstock Taper 

No. 2 Morse 


4300 R.P.M. 

Motor Recommended 

'A or '/ 2 -H.P.; 
1750 R.P.M. 
Split phase or 
condenser type 

Machine Pulley 

5-in., 4-step cone 

Motor Pulley 

5-in., 4-step cone 


99 PTM 2787 

stand or99PTM2721 

work bench. 

Mounting Dimension 
(Center to center 
ot holes in base) 

7'/a x 51 Va in. 


You can buy all Sears power tools 
on convenient Easy Terms if your 
order amounts to $10 or more. See 
inside front cover for details. 

Lathe Bed Extension 

A handy accessory for ex- 
tra long work. 15 in. long. 
Accurately machined. Rigid 
construction. Shipping 
weight 14 pounds. 

9 PT 2017— For Lathe 
99 PTM 2010, on . 
opposite page $2.35 

9 PT 2029— For Lathe 
99 PTM 2027 , above. $3.60 

4-Jaw Chuck 

4-inch diameter. 
Four reversible jaws 
move independent- 
ly of each other. 
Back plate fits 1- 
in., 8-thread spindle 
as on 99 PTM 2027 
lathe, above. Ship- 
ping weight, 4 lbs. 
2 oz. 

9PT 21 38. $4. 95 

3-Jaw Chuck 

Four-inch diameter 
universal chuck. 
Accurate self cen- 
tering, heat-treated 
jaws. Fits 1-in., 
8-thread spindle as 
on 99 PTM 2027 
lathe, above Ship- 
ping weight, 4 lbs. 
8 oz. 


Face Plates 

Fit 1-in. 8-thread 
spindle as on lathe 
99PTM 2027 above. 
@ 9PT20 85— 3K 

wt., 2 lbs. $1.25 

(|) 9PT20S6— Oin. 

Fits either end 
of spindle. Shipping 
weight, . 
7 lbs $2.95 

Steady Rest 

For supporting 

long work in lathe. 
Handy when turn- 
ing long, slender 
pieces. Clamps to 
lathe bed. Fitted 
with adjustable 
brass jaws. Ship- 
pi n g w e i g h t. , 
3 lbs. 10 oz. 

9PT 2023. $4. 65 


Compound Tool Rest 

Fits 99 PTM 2027 lathe. 
Dial graduated to 180 de- 
grees; swivels through 360 
degrees. Transverse feed. 
6}4 inches; longitudinal 
feed. 714 inches. Precision 
built. Without tool hold- 
er; see Page 21. Shipping 
weight, 29 pounds. 

99 PT 2094. . .$15.75 


24-ln. Tool Rest 

For 99 PTM 2027 
lathe, above. Use- 
ful when turning 
long pieces such as 
table legs, etc. Rigid 
construction. Com- 
plete with bed brac- 
ket p. Shippi ng 
weight, 10 pounds 



Page 17 



Jack Shafts for Speed Variation 

Useful on various power tools for changing speeds. 
Jack shaft is generally used between motor and 
driven tool. Both types have bronze bushed Belf- 
aligning bronze bearings. 

®Cone Pulley Stand. Varies speed of tool In certain 
definite steps. Used with matching cone pulleys. 
Shipping weight, each, 7 pounds 8 ounces. 
9 PT 2494— Stat* *lxe. *1 AC 

With 3-lnch 3-step pulley ^Z.OO 

With 4-Inch 4-step pulley 2.75 

With 5-lnch 4-step pulley 2.85 

©Variable Speed Stand. Makes possible a selection 
of a ny speed over a broad range. Control knob locks 
at different speeds. Shipping weight, 6 pounds.* <y 1K 
9 PT2496 ^J./D 

Sanding Attachment 

For perfect sanding jobs. Rugged table is firmly 
mounted on lathe bed. May easily be tilted to any 
angle. Sanding disc not included (Bee below). 
Shipping weight, each, 9 pounds. 

Catalog No. 
9 PT 2250 
9 PT 2096 

For Lathe 


99 PTM 2019 on P. 16 
99 PTM 2027 on P. 17 


8-Inch Sanding Discs. Threaded to fit lathe 
spindles. Shipping weight, each, 2 pounds. 

Catalog No. 

For Lathe 

Price J 

9 PT 2160 
; 9 PT 2162 

99 PTM 2019 on P. 16 
99 PTM 2027 on P. 17 



Good work demands good tools! These chisels have 
brightly polished 4-inch blades of carefully tempered tool 
steel. Expertly ground. Keep n bitingly keen edge for 
fast, clean cutting. 8-inch handles, beautifully finished. 
Heavy ferrule. Average length over all. 13 inches. Gen- 
uine CRAFTSMAN quality at moderate prices. Shipping 
weight, each, 13 ounces. 

(A) 9 PT 2850— Gouge, ft-inch wide 59c 

(B) 9 PT 2851— Gouge, ft-inch wide 69c 

(C) 9 PT 2852— Gouge, 9<-inch wide 95c 

(D) 9 PT 2856— Round Nose Chisel, ft-inch wide 69c 

(E) 9 PT 2858— Parting Tool, ft-inch wide 59c 

(F) 9 PT 2862— Skew Chisel, ft-inch wide 59c 

(G) 9 PT 2863— Skew Chisel, 1-inch wide 85c 

(H)9 PT 2854— Spear Point Chisel, ft-in. wide. 59c 

9 PT 2853 — Complete set of 8 chisels listed above in wood 
box. Shipping weight, 8 lbs. 10 oz $6.75 


We believe this new line of wood-turning chisels is the 
finest that can be bought anywhere! Average overall 
length, 17 ft in. Forged tapered blades, extra hard; made 
of high-carbon steel with vanadium added to give 
toughness. Blades are highly polished and chrome- 
plated. Maple handles with beautiful natural finish. 
Shipping weight, each, 1 pound 2 ounces. 

(A) 9 PT 2877— Gouge, ft-inch wide $1.35 

(B) 9 PT 2878— Gouge, ft-inch wide 1.45 

(C) 9 PT 2879— Gouge, %-inch wide. . 1.60 

(D) 9 PT 2891— Round Nose Chisel, ft-inch wide.1.00 

(E) 9 PT 2893— Parting Tool, ft -inch wide 1.20 

(F) 9 PT 2894— Skew Chisel, ft-inch wide. . . . 1.00 

(G) 9 PT 2895— Skew Chisel. 1-inch wide 1.15 

(H) 9 PT 2890 — Spear Point Chisel, ft-inch wide. 1.00 

9 FT 2898 — Set of 8 professional chisels listed above in 
heavy wood br/Sc. Shpg. wt., 11 lbs S9.95 

OtftrTSMftN Wood-Carving Tools 

Finely finished wood-carving tools. 2 ft-inch blades 
forged from fine quality heat-treated steel; take and hold 
a razor-keen edge. 3M-ineh handles, well polished and 
finished. With these tools you can make a great variety 
of wood carvings. Great favorites with wood carvers that 
take pride in their work. 

Complete set of 5 tools attractively boxed; includes 
one each of the following; %-inch bent gouge, %-inch 
bent chisel, Jfo-inch U tool.^s-inch straight chisel and 
a Mi-inch veining tool. Shipping weight, 13 oz. a_ ,_ 

9 PT 2899— Set of 5 $2.10 

9 PT 2464— Set of 3 tools including a Mz-ineh U tool, 
'/4-inch skew bevel, and H-inch bent chisel. Packed in a 
box. Shipping weight, 8 ounces $1.39 

Tool-Room Necessities 

(g) CRAFTSMAN Sharpening Stone. Vitrified silicon 

carbide. One side medium for fast cutting, other side 
fine for medium edge. Size 7x2x1 inch. ^ . __ 

9 PT 6440 — Shipping weight, 1 pounds ounces, $1.25 
(g) COMPANION Slip Stone. Medium-fine. For gouges 

and other round-shaped tools , _ 

9 PT 6454 — Shipping weight, 12 ounces 45c 

© Ball Bearing Lubricant. For power tools. . 

28 PT 4432— 4-oz. tube. Shpg. wt., 11 oz IDC 

©COMPANION Stop Bust. Protects tools from 

rust. Not a lubricant. nr . 

9 PT 2927— Shpg. wt.,8oz 29c 

(F) Handy Tool Clips. Steel, adjustable tension. _ _ 

9 PT 2865—5 mounted clips. Shpg. wt., 10 oz. 25c 

High Quality Lathe Centers and Arbors 

No. 2 Morse taper shanks. Accurately ground for perfect 
nt. Tapered portion ol shank Is 2ft In. long. Chock your 
spindle before ordering. ^ c 

(A) 9 PT 2107— Spur Center. Shpg. wt., 7oz OjC 

(B> 9 PT 2101 — Cup Center. Shpg. wt., 7 oz 65c 

(C) 9 PT 21 1 1— 60-Degree Center. Shpg. wt.. 7 oz. 65e 

(D) 9 PT 2113— Precision Ball Bearing 60-Degree Cen- 
ter. Shipping weight, 8 ounces $1 .95 

(E) 9 PT 2124— Arbor for Jacobs' Chuck. Shipping 
.weight, 7 ounces. . . 750 

(IF) 9 PT 2163 — Arbor for grinding, etc. Shipping weight, 

13 ounces , gj; c 

IG) 9 PT 2125— Arbor and ' ft-lnch Chuck.' Shipping 

weight , 1 pound 8 ounces. $1.19 

(H) 9 PT 21 1 5 — Screw Center. Shpg, wt., 14 oz 95c 

(J) 9 PT 2161— Adapter Sleeve. To change from No. 2 to 
No. 1 Morse taper arbor. Shpg. wt., 5 oz 59c 

No. 1 Morse taper. Accurately ground 
and finished. Tapered part of shank 
Is 2y,s inches long. Check your 
spindle before ordering. Shipping 
weight, each, 8 ounces. c +% 

(A) 9 PT 2106— Spur Center. JVC 

(B) 9 PT 2100 — Cup Center 59c 

(C) 9 PT 2110— 60-Degree Preci- 
sion Center 59c 

(D) 9 PT 2112— Precision 60-De- 
gree Ball Bearing Center. ... $1 .95 

(E) 9 PT 2123 — Arbor for 
Jacobs' chuck 59c 

(F) 9 PT 21 65— Arbor for 

grinding 70c 

(K) 9 PT 2132— ft-lnch Chuck. 
For 9 PT 2165 grinding arbor 55c 

Jacobs' Chuck 

(L) Extremely high 
quality through- 
out. Cannot be used 
on threaded spindles. 
Fits modified No. 2 
Morse taper. Used 
with 9 PT 2123 arbor 
for lathe on Page 16, 
or 9 PT 2124 arbor 
for lathe on Page 17, 
Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 

9 PT 2142— Capac- 
ity, Me to -v c « c 
ft-lnch. . . fO.20 
9 PT 2 1 43 Capacity, 
to ft-lnch.. $6.45 

Page 18 





• Guaranteed accurate to within one-thousandth of an inch. Precision buiitl 

• 1-inch ground steel spindle runs in adjustable auto-lubricating bronze bearings 

• Back gears give 16 speeds— 54 to 3225 R.P.M. A correct speed for all types of 
metal turning, finishing and polishing; woodworking and machining plastics. 

The only precision-built small metal working 
lathe ever offered at anywhere near this price! 
While it is smaller in capacity than our larger 
(RflFTSMftH screw cutting lathes (Pages 20 and 21), 
it actually matches them in accuracy, precision 
and performance! 

The massive, semi-steel precision-ground bed 
is rigidly cross braced, and mounted on heavy 
gray iron legs. Extra heavy headstock, with 
adjustable bronze bearings gives rigid 
support to the spindle. Ball thrust bear- 
ing takes spindle thrust. Hinged guards 
for spindle pulley and feed gears give 
maximum safety. Carriage has hand wheel 

for manual operation and feed lever for reversi- 
ble automatic power feed. Bench type counter- 
shaft has quick belt release lever. Graduated 
compound rest swivels through 360 degrees. 
Spindle pulley has 60 indexing holes. Compound 
rest, carriage, etc. are fully gibbed for take-up. 
Equipment includes graduated compound rest, 
tool post, ring and rocker, y$,-m. tool bit, bench 
type countershaft, motor pulley, belts, face 
plate, dog, two 60-degree "lathe, centers, 
threading dial, change gears, 3 wrenches 
and instructions. Shipping weight, 
110 pounds. 
99 PTM 2048 $57.50 

Over-atl Height 

10 'A in. 

Over-all Width 

21 Vi in. 

Over-all Length 
(Without motor) 

331/4 in. 

Swing Over Bed 

6 in. 

Swing Over Carriage 

4'/« in. 

Distance Between Centers 

18 in. 

Spindle Bearings j T °^ 

Oilite bronze 

Countershaft and 1 No. 
Back Gear Bearings ( Type 

Oilite bronze 

I Size 
\ Nose 
Spindle < 

I Taper 
f Hole 

8%x1% in. 
1-in. 8 R.H. 

No. 2 Morse 

"At in. 

Tailstock Taper 

No. 1 Morse 

Back Gear Ratio 

6'A to 1 


4: .0024; 

.0039; .0048; 


Thread Range 

8 to 96 R.H. 
or L.H. 

Tailstock Ram Travel 

l'/4 in. 

Cross Slide Travel 

3% in. 

Compound Rest Travel 

1%" in. 

Tailstock Set Over 

tt. in. 


16 : 54 to 3225 

Motor Recommended 

>A or y s H.P., 
1750 R.P.M. 

Recommended Mounting 

99 PTM 2786, 

lathe stand 

Mounting Dimensions 

4% x 27 i ria in. 


Tool Holders 

Fit 99 PTM 2048 lathe above. Finest Quality 
and construction throughout. Special drop 
forged steel, heat treated and hardened. 
Accurately machined. Set screws are best 
treated alloy steel. Those holders using 
tool bits use JnHneli bits. 

®9 PT 2031 —Threading Tool. * « ~ r 
Shipping weight. 14 oz $2. 3 5 

® 9 PT 2033— Straight Tool + i r\r\ 

Holder. Shpg. wt., 12oz $1.00 

©9 PT 2034— Right Hand Tool* . rtA 
Holder. Shpg. wt, 12 oz $1.00 

®9 PT 2035— Left Hand Tool _*. i Arv 
Holder. Shpg. wt., 12 oz $1.00 

® 9 PT 2036— Knurling Tool. * OC 
Shipping weight, 14 oz fZ.OJ 

® 9 PT 2037— Cut-off Tool. a. i j e 

Shipping weight, 14 oz $1.43 



Formed Tool Bits 

(g) Set of six Ms-Inch bits to fit tool 
v - / holders listed at left. High speed steel. 
Finest quality! Ground to shape. Shipping 
weight, 5 oz. j, . | _ 

9 PT 2043— Set of 6 $1.15 

Tool Post Set 

(Q) Ideal for accurate jobs requiring rigid 
v -' tool mounting. Set includes four boring 
bars, turning and threading tools, set of 
spacers. Shipping weight, 14 oz. *j ~ r 
9 PT2038 $4.35 

Reversing Switch 

(J) To be used on the above lathe. For 
v -' reversing rotation of motor and spindle. 
Shipping weight, 5 lbs. *-» «- 

9 PT2039 $3.90 

Face Plate 

®Fits 1-inch 8-tliread spindle as on 
99 PTM 2048 lathe above. Diameter. 
3'A inches. Shipping weight, 2 lbs. a. ■ ne . 
9 PT2085 $1.25 

Independent Chuck 

/T) Four reversible Jaws move Independ- 
v -' ently of each other. 4 inches in diam- 
eter. Fits 1-in. S-thread spindle as on 
99 PTM 2048 lathe above. Shipping 
weight, 4 pounds 2 ounces. * a nrr 

9 PT 2138 $4.95 

4-ln. Universal Chuck 

/Dy 3-jaw; self centering. Fits 1-in. S- 
^ thread spindle. Shipping weight, 
4 pounds 8 ounces. j, ■ , -,.- 

9 PT2148 $14.75 

Jacobs' Headstock Chuck 

©Accurate and convenient for holding 
small work. Capacity, to Vi in. Fits 
1-inch 8-th read spindle. Extremely high 
quality throughout. Shipping weight, 
4 pounds. ± n nt - 

9 PT 2044 $y.Z3 

Steady Rest 

©Clamps on bed ways and gives addi- 
tional support when turning long pieces 
in lathe. Shipping weight, 51bs.8oz. a 
9 PT2041 


Follower Rest 


«\ Mounts on back of carriage slide ti> sup- 
s' port long slender work. Shipping weight. 
3 pounds H ounces. 
9 PT2042 


Page 19 




• Guaranteed accurate to within .001 inch. Precisian construction in every detail I 

• Semi-steel headstock has high speed line reamed babbitt bearings for long life 

• Countershaft is integral part of lathe; a complete unit including motor mounting 

• Thread range from 4 to 96 threads per inch, right and left hand (standard) 


Over-all Height 

19 Vi In. 

Over-all Width 

25'/, In. 

Over-all Length 

45 In. 
(42-in. bed) 

Swing Over Bed 

i2'/ 4 In. 

Swing Over Carriage 

SV, In. 

Main Spindle Bearings 

2; babbitt 

Countershaft and Back 
Gear Bearings 

4; oilite bronze 

/ Nose 
Spindle < Tap-r 
( Hole 

1>/a in.; 8 R.H. 

No. 3 Morse; 

sleeve to No. 2 

3 Hi-in. bore 

Tailstock Taper 

No. 2 Morse 



Thread Range 

4 to 96 

Speeds(With back gears) 

16; 28 to 2072 


H or '/,-H.P. 
1750 R.P.M. 

Recommended Mounting 

99PTM2786 or 

Mounting Dimensions 

6%ex35% t In. 
(for 42-in. bed) 

Built to meet the most exacting demands of 
master craftsmen! Thousands are in daily use 
in factories, garages and homes— wherever a 
truly fine lathe is desired. 

Fine precision construction throughout! Care- 
ful tests must PROVE it is accurate to within 
.001 of an inch before it can leave the factory! 
Has heavily reinforced semi-steel bed with pre- 
cision-ground ways. Heavy duty ball thrust 
bearing in headstock coupled with line reamed 
babbitt bearings insures smooth operation. Semi- 
steel tailstock has %-inch set-over for taper 
turning; is fitted with center ejector and coordi- 
nating ram lock; ram is graduated in 16ths of an 
inch and has 2J^-in. travel. Non-slip V-belt 
drive has adjustable belt tension and release 
lever. Husky back gears (approx. 6 to 1 ratio) 

may be cut in for slow speeds on heavy cute. 
Heavy semi-steel carriage has adjustable gibs for 
take-up. Cross slide travel, 6 in.; compound 
rest travel, 2% in. Threading dial supplied as 
standard equipment. Cuts metric as well as 
standard threads. Compound rest swivels and 
locks at any angle and is graduated in one- 
degree divisions from to 180 degrees. Reverse 
gear is controlled by lever at left of headstock. 

99 PTM 2028F — Oaftsmoh 8-speed, 12-inch 
screw cutting lathe. Back gears not included. 
36-inch bed; 18 inches between centers. Com- 
plete with manual of "Lathe Operation," 
threading gears, threading dial, V-belts, pulleys, 
wrenches, etc. Less motor. Shipping weight, 
235 pounds $77.50 

CRAFTSMAN 16-speed, 12-inch screw cutting lathes. As above but also equipped With back gears. 

Citilog No. 

Bed Length 

Cap. Between Centers 


Less Motor 

99 PTM 2065F 

36 in. 

18 inches 

245 lbs. 


99 PTM 2067 

42 in. 

24 Inches 

255 lbs. 

95.00 - . 

99 PTM 2069F 

-is in. 

30 inches 

270 lbs. 


99 PTM 2071 F 

54 in. 

36 Inches 

275 lbs. 1 1 0.00 

99 PTM 2067 lathe is shipped from stock, 
and you pay shipping charges from there. 

The other tour Lathes are ah pped from factory in southern Michigan 


Workshop Manual 

(A) Learn how to get 
the most out of 
your lathe. 234 pages 
of sound, practical, 
easy - to - follow in- 
structions. Fully il- 
lustrated with photo- 
graphs and drawings. 
Shpg. wt., lib. 

9 PT 2926. 

Page 20 



^ Made in U.S.A. to 
highest standards of 
accuracy. Graduated 
by 1/1000 of an inch. 
Lock nut, adjustable 
anvil; decimal equiva- 
lents on frame. Ship- 
ping weight, 8 ounces. 
9 PT 4069 +-, — c 
to lin J7.7> 

Center Gauge 

(g) For checking lathe 
centers and setting 
threading tool. Ship- 
ping wt., 1 oz. ._ 
9 PT 4064 40c 

Center Drill 

® H* or J*-in. State 

size. Countersink. 

Shpg. wt., 1 os. _ vr . . 

9 PT 2061 25C 

No. 1 Morse Toper Centers and Arbors 

(g) 9 PT 21 1 1— CO-Degree Center. ., _ 

Shipping weight, 7 ounces ODC 

(?) 9 PT 2 1 1 3— Precision Ball Bearing . . rt 
^ 60 -Degree Center. Shpg, wt., 8 oz. .JI.VD 
(5) 9 PT 2125— Arbor and J4-in. , tn 

^ Chuck. Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 8 oz I. IV 

(g) 9 PT 2163— Arbor. __ 

Shipping weight, 13 ounces ODC 

Q) 9 PT 2161— Adapter Sleeve. To change 

from No. 2 to No. 1 Morse taper. __ 

Shipping weight, 5 ounces 5VC 

Lathe Accessories 

rt?) 9 PT 2187— Drill Pad. __ 

w Shpg. wt.. 1 lb. 2 oz 95c 

(p 9 PT 2 1 1 4— Crotch Center. For cen- 
tering round work for tailstock __ 

drilling. Shpg. wt., 1 lb 95c 

(En 9 PT 2124 — Arbor. For Jacobs' _ 

w chuck. Shpg. wt., 7 oz /DC 

(Jj) 9 PT 2126 — Chuck Arbor. For use 
with center rest chuck or spindle nose 
chuck. Shipping weight, . _ 

10 ounces OVC 




Our finest lathe— now greatly improved to make 
it even more outstanding than ever before ! New 
reversible power cross feed — just pull a knob and 
let the power cross feed do your facing work 
automatically and more accurately. New bigger 
and heavier carriage! New wipers on carriage- 
saddle clean and lubricate the ways! New quick 
release on motor base for obtaining the proper 
belt tension that is required! 

Has ALL the features of our famous 
fftftFTSMBH 16-speed lathes on the oppo- 
site page, PLUS features and refine- 
ments usually supplied as special equip- 
ment. Equipped with precision Timken 
tapered roller bearings for greatest 
accuracy and longest life. 

These bearings are not just standard TIMKEN bearings, but 
are specially selected — the type used in large machine tools 
selling for thousands of dollars! Melt guards completely cover 
the headstock and motor drive pulleys. They are hinged and 
may be opened to change speeds, assuring maximum safety 
for the operator. CRAFTSMAN supplies these guards as 
standard equipment at no extra charge. Industrial safety codes 
generally require belt guards. They are a real Bafety factor — 
no shop is complete unless belts and pulleys are completely 
guarded. Complete as illustrated with power cross feed, se- 
lected Timken bearings and complete belt guards. Without mo- 
tor. 99 PTM 2075 is shipped from stock. All others shipped 
from factory in southern Nliehigan.You pay freight from there. 

Catalog Ho. 

Bed Length 

Between Centers 

Shpg, Wl. 

Less Motor 


99PTM 2077F 
99PTM 2079F 

36 in. 

18 inches 

265 lbs. 



42 in. 
48 in. 
54 in. 

24 inches 
30 inches 
36 inches 

270 lbs. 
285 lbs. 
290 lbs. 



Over-all Height 

20 ill. 

Over-all Width 

25 Vt In. 

Over-all Length 

45 In. 
(42-|n. bed) 

Swing Over Bed 

12</4 in. 

Swing Over Carriage 

8% in. 

Spindle Bearings 

2;Tlmken roller 

Countershaft and 
Back Gear Bearings 

4; ollite 

/ Hose 
Spindle < Tap * r 

( Hole 

T/a in.] 8 R.H. 

No. 3 Morse with 

sleeve to No. 2 

! *jj-ln. bore 

Tailstock Taper 

No. 2 Morse 



Thread Range 

4 to 96 


16i 28 to 2072 


V4 or '/i-H.P.; 

1750 R.P.M. 


99PTM2786 or 

Mounting Dimensions 

6««x35y,« in. 
(for 42-in. bed) 

Tool Holders 

Steel forgings, carefully finished. 
For !4-in. tool bits. Shanks are J4 
inch high; H inch wide. Shipping 
weight, each, 2 lbs. . 

(A) 9 PT 2192— OtTset, right? 1. 1 

(B) 9 PT 2194— Offset, left . $1.10 

(C) 9 PT 2196— Straight. .. . 1.10 

(D) 9 PT 2198— Threading... 2.45 

(E) 9 PT 2200— Cut-oft 1.45 

(10 9 PT 2202— Knurling tool 2.95 

6 Formed Tool Bits 

H-in. High speed steel. Fit 
holders at left. Shipping wt., 

8 oz. Set includes* 
(G) Threading bit. 
(H) L.H. lacing bit. 
(J) R.H. turning hit. 

(K) Round nose turning bit. 
<L) R.H. facing bit. 
(M) L.H. turning bit. . 

9 PT 2205— Set of 6... $1.15 

Tool Post Tool Set 

rtj) Includes set of tool 
post spacers; 4 bor- 
ing tools (Ms, Yt., Ms, 
%-in.) ; H -in. inside 
threading tool; H-in. 
turning tool, and %-in. 
threading tool. Shpg. 
wt.. 2 lbs. 

9 PT 2189. ...$4.35 

Micrometer Carriage Stop 

(B) Handy for boring or facing to 
a given depth; cutting off at a 
given point; duplicating longi- 
tudinal cuts; and laying out work 
on a cylindrical surface. Clamps 
on front bed way. An aid to 
better work. Shipping weight, 
1 lb. 

9 PT 2185 $3.25 

Reversing Switch 

(B) Drum type switch. Essential for 
grinding and tapping, all types of 
fine metal and wood finishing. Per- 
mits changing direction of rotation 
of lathe spindle. (Not for repulsion- 
induction motors.) Durahle contacts 
for long life. With cord and plug. 
Shpg. wt., 5 lbs. 
9 PT 2983 $3.95 

Face Plates 

(g\ For any lathe with 
1^4-ineh, 8-thread 
spindle as in the lathes 
on these two pages. 

9PT2097— 3'/4-*i c 

in. Shpg. wt, 2 lbs. .pi. ZJ 
9 PT 2098— 6-in. Ship- 
ping wt... 3 lbs. . . .$1.65 
9 PT 2087— 8^-tn. 
Shpg. wt.. 6 lbs. . .$3.50 

Scroll Chuck 

(B) 5-inch, 3-jaw, self-centering 
chuck. A real time saver 
for centering round or hexag- 
onal work. Fully adjustable by 
turning one screw. Fits 1|£- 
inch 8-thread spindle as on 
lathes on these two pages. Sup- 
plied with two sets of jaws (in- 
side and outside). Shipping 
weight, 6 lbs. 11 oz. j, , _ _ — 

9 pt 2ir.n $ 17.93 

Independent Chucks 

{£) Four reversible jaws, 
hardened and temper- 
ed. For lJ4-in. 8-thread 
spindle such as on lathes 
on these two pages. 
9 PT 2139 6 inches. 
Shpg. wt., *« «.- 

8 lbs. 12 oe $9.25 

99 PT 2141 — H ea vy 
duty. 8-in. Shipping 
wt., 22 lbs $14.95 

Jacobs' %-ln. Chuck 

(fi) When fitted with ar- 
bor 9 PT 2124 (on 
opposite page), it may be 
used either in lathe head 
or tailstock for holding 
drill bits. Shipping weight, 
2 pounds. 

9 PT 2142 *_, __, 
Ms to ^-inch....$5.25 
9 PT 2143— to Yi- 
inch $6.45 

Jacobs* Chucks 

(?) Spindle nose. Hollow; 
^ capacity l A to %-in. Used 
on tail-stock of lathe with 
adapter. Shipping weight, 

9 PT2144 $ 1 1 . 50 

(P) Center rest. Use in tail- 
stock to hold centerless 
armatures. Shipping weight, 
3 pounds. * -j -jr 

9 PT 2991 ? '• ' 3 

Lathe Dogs 

©Drop forged. 
Hold work firmly. 
Heat treated set 
screws. Be sure to 
state size. 

9 PT 2183 

Size Shpg.WI. Price 

V4 In. 

1 II). 


% in. 

1 lb. 


1 In. 

1 lb. 


lVi In. 

1 lb. 


Pa«e 21 



Rugged, sturdy design. Built for years of dependable service in shops, garages 
and factories. Set up the work and forget it. You can do another job while 
the hack saw finishes the cut. Extra large bronze bearings for long life. Takes 
material up to 4x4 in. Automatic relieving mechanism raises the blade from 
the work on the return stroke, increasing blade life and efficiency. 
Entire frame raises to install work. Vise is adjustable to cut any 
angle from 90° to 45°. Takes any standard 12-inch power hack 
saw blade. Smooth running gray iron gears. 

99 PTM 2294—Shpg. wt.. 80 lbs $23.95 

9 PT 6580— CRAFTSMAN 12-inch Power Blades. 14 teeth to the inch. % in. 
wide. .032 in. thick. Shipping weight, 1 lb. 2 ox. Dozen 95c 


$18 95 





Universal Tool 
Post Grinder 

Grinds valves and cut- 
ters at any angle. Also 
pistons, bushings, 
reamers, valve stems. 
and lathe centers. 
Undercuts mica. Com- 
plete with motor, ex- 
ternal and internal 
grinding wheels, quill 
for internal grinding, 5 
mica undercutting saws 
and diamond wheel 
dresser. Shipping 
weight, 23 lbB. 

99 PT 2998. $44.50 


An accurate taper at- 
tachment at a very 
moderate price. Easily 
installed — simple to 
operate. With this at- 
tachment it is not nec- 
essary to move the 
tailstock center out of 
alignment. Duplicate 
tapers can be cut accu- 
rately on pieces of dif- 
ferent lengths. Boring 
work can be done as 
easily as external work. 
Index plate is gradu- 
ated 7° and 3 in. both 
sides of center line. 
Fits old or new model 
CRAFTSMAN lathes. 
Shipping weight, 10 
9 PT 2984. ..$13.95 

This new lathe cabinet is a beauty! Modern 
streamlined design! Fully enclosed! Extra 
heavy welded steel construction to give rigid 
support for accurate lathe work. Heavy, 
smoothly finished mounting board on top. 
Two large doors with piano type hinges and snap catch locks. 
Large steel shelf furnishes a convenient place for change gears, 
tools, etc. Height, 32 \i inches. Width, 14 inches. 

99 PTM 2786 — 45-inch length. For lathes with beds up to and includ- 
ing 44 inches. Shpg. wt., 95 lbs $18.95 

99 PTM 2787— 57-inch length. For lathes with beds up to and includ- 
ing 54 inches. Shpg. wt., 116 lbs $22-95 

Milling Attachment 

Has graduated swivel vise, 
V-block to hold cylindrical 
objects. Vise capacity, 2% 
in. Vertical feed, 2% in. 
Graduated angular swivel. 
Shpg. wt., each, 16 lbs. 
99 PT 2987— Fits lathes on 
Pages 20 and 21. Fastens with 
two heavy- set t i a Ac 

screws a 1 4.4D 

99 PT 2993— Fits old model 
CRAFTSMAN lathes. Fastens 
with two bolts (rum 
below $14.45 

Mica Undercutter 

Fastens to back of car- 
riage; goesinto action in 
a jiffy. May be moved 
out of way when not in 
use. Universal motor 
for 110-120- volt D.C. 
or A.C. 25-60 cycles. 
With switch, cord and 
set of 5 undercutting 
saws. Shipping weight, 
10 pounds. 

9 PT 2989 $18.50 

Follower Rest 

Gives necessary 
support for jobs re- 
quiring a long cut 
on small diameters. 
Insures accurate 
work. Fastens to 
back of carriage 
dovetail slide— fol- 
lows cutting tool. 
Shipping weight, 4 

9 PT 2988$2.75 

Steady Rest 

Brass jaws give 
rigid support to in- 
sure accuracy in 
turning, boring and 
threading long, 
slender pieces in the 
lathe. Clamps to 
bed ways. Capacity 
up i n 2 ;;, inches. 
Shipping weight, 
7 pounds. 

9 PT 2050 $4.60 

High Speed Steel Milling Cutters 

(S) Angular Type. For 
face milling or dove- 
tailing. Use with thread- 
ed adapters supplied with 
Holding Collet 9 PT 2994. 
Shpg. wt., each, 3 oz. 
9 PT 2995— State size. 

(8) Wood -ruff Keyway 
w Cutters. Well 
made; ground. !£-in. 
shank. Shpg. wt., each, 
4 oz. State size. 

(P) R.H. Cut, R.H. 
w Spiral End Mills. 
Used with 9 PT 2994 
and 9PT2985. Shpg.wt. , 
each. 3 oz. State size. 












9 PT 2996 







— K~~ 






Holding Collet 

(g) For threaded- 
hole angular 
milling and keyway 
cutters, and &-in. 
end mill. Shpg.wt,, 
3 lbs. T° 

9 PT2994$5.25 

9 PT 2985—4 bush- 
ings (or use with 'A, 
Ms, H. Ji6-In. end 
milts. Shipping wt., 
4o» 95e 

Page 22 



To weld cracked motor 
blocks, fenders, body 
metal, steel wheels, etc. 

For repairing farm 
machinery of all kinds 
— plows, tractors, etc. 










33/4 in. 

21 V 2 in. . 


20'/ 2 in. 

16 in. 


10 in. 

16'/2 in. 

Size of Rods 

%2 in. 

%2 •". 





6 heats; 


6 heats; 









K. W. 







35 amps. I 32 amps. 
(220-Volt) I (110-Volt) 






• Delivers from 20 to 160 amperes of actual welding current 

• For professional use and steady, continuous service 

• Amazing double Vitrotex spun-glass insulation resists temperatures as high as 
500 degrees— practically eliminates burn-outs! 

One of the greatest advancements EVER made in welder design! Think 
of having a welder that withstands temperatures as high as 500° Fahrenheit! 
The amazing spun-glass Vitrotex insulation in the coils looks like fine silk 
thread but it's actually glass. Won't crack, break down, or short! Use it 
on the correct current supply (220 volts) and it is practically impossible 
to burn out the (RflFTSMflH glass insulated arc welder. 

All-steel cabinet and transformer sup- 
ports, like all finest arc welders, assure 
greater strength and eliminate warping 
and fire hazard. Heat range of six heats 
with maximum of 160 amps. This rating 
refers only to actual welding current — not 
to short circuit output which is meaning- 
less and is always higher than welding cur- 
rent. Welds from 22-gauge up to heavy 
metal without preparation (any thickness 
if metal is pre-heated and beveled or 

"V'd")- Cuts iron, steel or cast iron. Will 
do brazing or soldering. Bakelite selector 
plug and control panel make it easy to 
change heats INSTANTLY. Operates on 
220-volt 60-cycle A.C. only. Complete with 
two 10-ft. welding cables; electrode holder; 
extension wiring; welder's helmet; supply 
of welding rods; carbon electrode for braz- 
ing, soldering and cutting; and instructions. 
Shipping weight, 230 pounds. 
99 PTM 2001 $87-50 



5-tb. Pkg. 

Shielded Welding Rods 

These welding rods are intended particu- 
larly for A.C. arc welders. Also may be 
used on D.C. welders. They are covered 
with a heavy coating of flux. The flux 
cleans the surface of the metal and also 
protects the surface of work being welded. At the 
intensely high temperature of the arc oxides will form 
on the molten metal and may be included in the weld 
if an effective flux is not used. Flux also allows the 
weld to cool more slowly. Recommended for general 
purpose work on iron and steel. Shipping weight, 
5 pounds 12 ounces. 

9 PT 2003— Specify size wanted. 

Size </f 6 in. Vn in. K in. ^ 2 in. 

5-lb. package $1.89 $1.45 $1.19 $1.10 

e Delivers from 20 to 75 amperes of actual welding current 

e New automatic voltage regulator increases voltage on low heats — 

makes it easy to strike and hold an arc 
e New, improved compact design for easy handling 

Entirely new! Greatly improved! By far the finest 110-volt 
welder we have ever sold ! Now Sears great new voltage regulator 
makes it possible to own an arc welder which will operate easily 
on a 110-volt line — even on- low taps! 

The ideal machine for home workshop and small garages. Pays 
for itself on the first few jobs! Particularly recommended for 
light gauge metals, such as fenders, etc. Easily handles metals 
22-gauge up to %-in. thick. On %- in - or heavier work it may 
be dasirable to run several beads. Using this method quite heavy 
work may be handled. May also be used for brazing and soldering. 
Has all-steel cabinet and transformer supports. 

Not recommended for steady continuous service, but may be 
operated for 2 hours with a 50% duty cycle. For 110-120 volt 
60-cycle A.C. only. Complete with two 10-ft. welding cables; 
electrode holder; extension cord and plug; welder's helmet; supply of 
welding rods; carbon electrode; and instructions. Shpg. wt. 110 lbs. 

99 PTM 2049 $37.60 



Welding Helmet 

An absolute necessity for the welding 
operator! Protects him against sparks 
and shields his eyes from the brilliant 
light. You should never get close to a welder with- 
out the protection of a helmet. Strong and well 
made. Adjustable to any angle or to different 
sizes of head. May be thrown back out of way 
without removing from head. The eye shield has 
two layers of glass. The outer layer is made of 
ordinary inexpensive glass which protects the ex- 
pensive special colored glass on the inBide. Protect 
yourself with this fine welding helmet. Shipping 
weight, 2 pounds 8 ounces. 
9 PT 2009 $3.20 

Page 23 

Recognized as the finest flexible shaft outfit ever built at anywhei'e near its 
price! Now better than ever! Now has SKF ball bearing jack shaft 'moun ted in 
an attractive, streamlined housing, which fully guards the entire four- 
speed belt drive! So designed that it is easy to change speeds. 

Truly the tool of a thousand uaesl Use it for grinding polishing, buffing, sanding, drilling, 
carving, refiniehing, paint removal, etc. Multi-speed attachment gives wide 
range of speeds for all kinds of work. Has rugged, long-life construction in 
EVERY detail (for more complete description of parts, see outfltB below). Outfit 
includes portable motor base, multi-speed belt drive, ball bearing handpiece, 
two 43-inch lengths of casing and core, hand grip, 14-inch 24-thread adapter and 
chuck. This outfit will save you plenty of hRrd work! 

99 PT 2506 — Withe it motor. Shipping weight, 35 pounds 518.45 

99 PTM 2507— With 99 PT 5620 motor (fully described on Page 39). Shipping 
weight , 67 pounds $27.95 




'[nsrm f 


'" '■■■"■■"" mum 

Exactly the same fine quality as above, but without the multiple-speed belt 
drive. Shaft is connected directly to motor with motor coupling. Has two 
lengths of 43-inch casing and core. (Over-all length of complete shaft, 93 in.) 
Grease-tight casing is made of soft steel— has solid brass ferrule at each end. 
Portable motor base enables you to take the tool to the job. 

The. high tensile steel wire core is wound in alternate layers to form a strong, flexible 
drive. Handpiece spindle and motor coupling run on ball bearings. Ball bearing casters on 
motor base for easy portability. Outfit includes J4-in. motor coupbng, two 43-in. lengths of 
casing and core, hand grip, handpiece, portable motor base, adapter and chuck. 

99 PT 2503 — Without motor. Shpg. wt., 26 lbs $1 1 .95 

99 PTM 2504— With 99 PT 5620 motor (see Page 39). Shpg. wt., 58 lbs 21. 50 

rOMPBNION Direct Drive 

Same construction as 99PT2503 above, but 
has a single length of shaft and comes with- 
out the caster mounted base. Complete with 
J^-inch chuck, chuck adapter, ball bearing 
motor coupling to fit any J^-inch motor 
shaft, casing, core, hand grip and ball bear- 
ing handpiece. Over-all length, 50 inches. 
Shipping wt., 4 lbs. 12 oz. 
9 PT 2629— Complete outfit $4.75 

Portable Motor Base 

May be used with 
COMPANION flexible 
shafts. Has 3 ball bear- 
ing casters for easy 
portability. Casters 
are removable so that 
base can be mounted 
permanently on abench. 
Has a ball bearing swiv- 
el base to carry motor 
and multi-speed at- 
tachment. Shpg. wt., 
12 His. 6 oz. 
9 PT 2501 $4.95 

Multi Speed Drive 

CRAFTSMAN flexible 
shafts. SKF ball bear- 
ing jnckshaft is mount- 
ed in housing which 
guards pulleys. By re- 
versing pulleys, seven 
speeds from 12S0 to 
9500 R.P.M. are avail- 
able with a 3450 
R.P.M. motor. With 2 
sizes of 4-step pulleys 
and V-belt. Shpg. wt., 
9 lbs. 4 oz. 
9 PT 2502 S7.75 





Sanding Drum. With abrasive 
sleeve and adapter. 3 in. long 
and 2'A inches in diameter. 

®9 PT 2520— Complete. Shpg. 
wt., 12 oz 95c 

(§\ 9PT2522 — Abrasive Sleeve. 
'"-' Fine, medium or coarse. State 
grit. Shpg. wt., 2 oz. Each.. 10c 

©Sanding Drum. With sleeve. Ht. 
1 In. Shpg, wt.. 4 ounces. 

State diam lJ4in. 2V\t,\n. 3 In. 

9 PT 2439 39e 69c 9Sc 

fg\ Sanding Sleeves. State fine or 
v ^ coarse grit. Shpg. wt., 3 oz. 

State diam 1^4 in. 2*i 6 in. 3 in. 

9 PT 2442—6 for 39c 39e 49c 

®i/, -In.DrillChuck. 
Shpg. wt., 5 oz. 
9 PT 2130 29c 

®& - I n . Chuck 
Adapter. Fits 
9 PT 2500 handpiece 
below. Shpg. wt,, 6 oz. 
9 PT 2543 .29c 

©Wire Scratch 
Wheels. For re- 
moving rust, scale, buf- 
fing tires, etc. !&-in. 
hole. Specify 4-in. di- 
ameter. Shpg. wt., 5oz. 
9 PT 6480— Coarse 30c 
9 PT 6482— fine, ,40c 

Carbon Removing 
Brush. Diam., 1 

in. Shpg. wt., 4 oz. 

9 PT 6484 49c 

©Wire Cup Brush. 
Diameter, 2?4 in. 
Shpg. wt., 4 ounces. 
9PT6485 49c 

©COMPANION Handpiece. Ball bear- 
ing. 5U-in. shank to fit 9 PT 2543. 
9 PT 2500— Shpg. wt., 8 oz $1.15 

©COMPANION Motor Coupling. Ball 
bearing. For !£-in. motor shaft only. 
9 PT 2546— Shpg. wt., 11 ounces. . .$1.19 
COMPANION Core and Casing. Each 
43 Inches long. Check length of your old 
core and casinc before ordering. Used only 
with COMPANION shafts. 

©9 PT 2505— Casing. Shipping weight, 
2 pounds 8 ounces $1.15 

® 9 PT 2510— Core. Shipping weight, 
1 pound $1.15 

COMPANION Extension Set. (Not 
shown) Includes both 9 PT 2510 core and 
9 PT2505 casing. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 12 oz. 
9 PT2530 $2.25 

©Graphite Lubricant. For 
use on core only (not for 
handpieces or couplings). 
Shipping weight, 7 ounces. 
9 PT 2537 17c 

Grip. Attaches to 9 PT 
2500 handpiece for easy 
handling. Shpg. wt., 10 oz. 
9 PT 2515 30c 

©COMPANION Grinding 
Wheel Guard. Clamps 
firmly to 9 PT 2500 hand- 
piece. An absolute necessity 
for grinding and wire wheel 
work. Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 6 oz. 
9PT 2517 65e 

Page 24 

New! A super-quality flexible shaft! Extra big ... exlra heavy 
. . . extra strong! Built to stand up under tough production jobs 
in large industrial plants. Best of all, (EflFTSHflM brings you this 
shaft at ]4 to % the usual price for flexible shafts of similar 
quality. It's built to last! 

Heavy duty construction throughout! Has a 3-ply casing for long life (see 
outfit at right for complete description of casing and core). Heavy duty hand- 
piece has grease- packed precision SKF ball bearings— is scientifically designed 
to prevent entrance of foreign matter to the bearings. Enclosed multi-speed 
belt drive gives a wide range of 7 speeds for all kinds of work— also equipped 
with precision SKF ball bearings. Alloy steels are freely used to provide long, 
trouble-free life. Complete with ball bearing caster-mounted base, 
SKF ball bearing multi-speed belt drive, SKF ball bearing hand- 
piece, casing, and core. Over-all length of shaft, 6 feet, 

99 PT 251 8— Without motor. Shpg. wt., 29 lbs $25.00 

99 PTM 2519 — With 99 PT 5587 &-H.P. 3450 condenser motor 
(See Page 38). Shipping weight, 63 pounds $41.00 

Same heavy duty construction as outfit at left, but shaft is connected 
directly to the motor with an SKF* ball bearing motor coupling instead of 
having a multi-speed belt drive. 

The new type casing in CRAFTSMAN flexible shaft outfits is made with 3 super-strong 
plies! Inside is a layer of hardened spring steel wire; then a layer of dead, soft steel wire; 
and then a thick layer of tough, long-lived rubber. The core is built of special alloy high 
carbon steel wire wound tranversely around the center core wire — has tremendous 
strength! Fittings are made of chrome nickel steel. Outfit includes ball bearing caster 
base, SKF ball bearing handpiece, casing, core and SKF ball bearing motor coupling (see 
description of coupling in OPT 2511 outfit below). 

99 PT 2513— Without motor. Shipping weight, 24 lbs , SI 8.50 

99 PTM 261 4— With 99 PT 5587 motor (See Page 38). Shpg. wt., 58 lbs. ..... 35.00 

(RAFTSMAN Direct-Drive Unit 

Same as 99PT2513 above, but without 
caster-mounted base. Motor coupling 
built of alloy steel— fitted with SKF" 
ball bearings sealed for life — fits any 
3^-inch motor shaft. Complete with 
SKF ball bearing handpiece, easing, 
core, and SKF* ball bearing motor 
coupling. Shipping weight, 11 lbs. 
9 PT 2511— Complete outfit. . . $13.75 


®5S£-ln. Flexible Sanding Dtic. 
To mount on 9 PT 2500 handpiece. 
9 PT 2540— Shpg- wt., 10 ox 95c 

©9PT2541 — Replacement Disci. 
Shipping wt., 2 oi. Pair 25c 

©9 PT 2542— Adapter only. To fit 
CRAFTSMAN handpiece or J$-in. 
nplndle. Shpg. wt., 4 oz 25c 

®6-ln. Sanding Disc. Metal disc 
with sponge rubher lacing. Fits 
!«4-in, 24-thread. Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 4 oz. 

9 PT 2239— Complete 85c 

9 PT 2525— Metal disc with abrasive 

disc. Shpg. wt., 1 lb 65c 

9 PT 2529— Rubber pad only. Ship- 
ping weight, 4 ounces 25c 

(£\ 6-ln. Sanding 

V6/ oxide abrasive. 

Discs. Aluminum 
Shipping weight, 

5 ounces. 

9 PT 2526— Pkg. ol 6 23c 

©Quick Setting Cement. !£-pint 
can. For holding abrasive discs on 
metal plates. Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 2 oz. 
9 PT2535 37c 

©Sheepskin Polishing Pad. Slips 
over 9 PT 2239 sanding disc. For 
polishing waxed surfaces, etc. 
9 PT 2531— Shpg. wt., 4oi 75c 

©Sheepskin Polishing Drum. Slips 
over sanding drum 9 PT 2520. Ideal 
for polishing curves, contours, etc. 
9 PT 2533— Shpg. wt., 3 oz 49c 

©6-ln. Cotton Buff. 20 thickness- 
es of bleached muslin. Spiral sew- 
ed. State 6-ln. diam. 
9 PT 6490— Shpg. wt., 3 oi 14e 

®4x&-ln. HOWARD Grinding 
Wheel. Vitrified aluminum oxide. 
Medium fine. State 4x'A -in. size. 
9 PT 6402— Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 2 oz.35c 

® 6-inch Tampico Brush. An ideal 
brush for cleaning, burling or pol- 
ishing. J^-lnch hole. 
9 PT 64B6— Shpg. wt., 8 ox. . . .49c 

® 6-Inch Floor Waxing Brush. 
For scrubbing or polishing floors, 
etc. &-lnch hole. 
9 PT 6487— Shpg. wt., 11 oz.. . . 49e 

Mounted Grinding Points. Highest quality vitrlfled al- 
uminum oxide. Accurately mounted on $l«-lnch steel shafts 
— run true. Use for finish work, die cutting, or any odd 
grinding work. Use with any high speed flexible shaft. 
Shipping weight, each, 3 ounces. 

(A) 9 PT 6463— MP12. 48c (D) 9 PT 6460— A21. . 48c 

(B) 9 PT 6462— MP11. 48c (E) 9 PT 6459— A25.. 48e 

(C) 9 PT 6461— Al 59e (F) 9 PT 6458— A14.. 48c 

(G) 9 PT 6457— A5 48c 

®SKF Ball Bearing Motor Coupling. For use with 
CRAFTSMAN flexible Bhafts only. Securely locks In 
place on any Vi-inch motor shaft. Used whenever flexible 
shaft is attached direct to motor. Ball bearings are sealed 
lor life against all rorelgn particles. Built of special alloy 
steel throughout. Shipping weight, 1 lb. 4 o*. 
9 PT 2547 $3.75 

©Core. For CRAFTSMAN flexible shafts. Constructed 
of special alloy high carbon steel wire. Wound trans- 
versely around the center core wire. Maximum flexibility is 
combined with great strength. Fittings are made from 
chrome nickel alloy steel. Designed to give a full floating 
action of core between the counter shaft and the handpiece. 
Shipping weight, 2 lbs. 8 oz. 

9 PT 2512 $4.25 

©Grinding Wheel Guard. Made to fit on CRAFTSMAN 
handpiece. Fully enclosed and protected. For salety it 
is absolutely necessary to use one of these guards when doing 
any type of grinding or wire wheel work with your flexible 
shaft. Keeps particles ol material from flying Into eyes and 
protects the face. To he doubly sure use grinding goggles 
shown on Page 42. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 8 oz. 
9 PT 2484 $4.65 



Floor Type 

Flexible Shaft 

This outfit has the 
same fine features 
and the same extra 
heavy duty construc- 
tion as the OtarTSMflH 
Flexible Shaft Outfit 
above at left — but 
it's a big, husky, floor 
type model to give it 
even a wider range of 
uses! It's an ideal 
unit for shops, gar- 
ages, etc. 

The motor and en- 
closed multi-speed 
belt drive are on a 
rugged table which 
is mounted on a 
heavy steel column. 
This column mounts 
on a heavily built, 
easy rolling ball bear- 
ing caster base. Tool 
tray is provided for 
grinding wheels, etc.Outfit also includes SKF 
ball bearing handpiece, casing and core. Over- 
all length of shaft, 6 feet. 

99 PTM 2521— Without motor. 

Shipping weight, 120 pounds ...... .... "» &g 

99 PTM 2524— With 09 PT 5587 motor (Page 38). 
Shipping weight, 154 pounds $55.00 

Angle Head 

Permits mounting of acces- 
sories at right angles to 
shaft. Particularly handy 
for working on fenders etc. 
Will fit either COM- 
MAN flexible shafts on 
these two pages. Spindles 
are mounted on 4 high dual- 
ity ball bearings. Machined 
spiral bevel gears are hard- 
ened. Spindle threaded to 
jA-tn 24-thread for sanding 
discs, etc. Shipping weight, 
3 lbs. 8 oz. 
9 PT 2499 $16-50 

Page 25 



Tool and die makers 
will find this tool un- 
equaled for grinding 
diet, etc. 


This outfit is particularly designed for the man who 
wants to use the CRAFTY only for certain types of work. 
It is exactly the same fine tool as described at right, but 
without the 26 accessories. You can buy any combina- 
tion of the accessories shown below, depending on the 
type of work you wish to do. Or you can buy the sets of 
grinders or carvers shown on the opposite page. Com- 
plete with chuck wrench, collet chuck, socket wrench, 
set of replacement brushes, cord and plug, and handy box. 
For complete specifications see table on opposite page. 
Shipping weight, 1 pound 8 ounces. 

9 PT 2650 $9.75 


• Does drilling, grinding, carving, polishing, engraving, saw- 
ing, sanding, cutting, routing, etc. 

• New, built-in condenser! No radio interference! 

• Has 50% more power than comparable rotary tools 

• 1 8,000 R.P.M. Universal motor for A.C. or D.C. 

• Comes complete with 26 handy accessories 

When we introduced the CRAFTY last year, the results 
were amazing! Overnight it became one of the greatest 
successes we've EVER had in power tools! We couldn't 
keep up with orders ! Literally thousands were sold. 

And NOW this new 1940 model is even better! NOW it 
has a built-in condenser to eliminate all radio interference 
— a feature you'll find in no other rotary tool elsewhere at 
anj' price . . . NOW it has new refinements of design and 
construction for smoother operation and higher speed! 

It actually has 50% more power than similar tools 
selling at MUCH higher prices! Has extra heavy field 
coils — improved fan cooling system — grease packed pre- 
cision ball bearing in front—self-aligning rear bronze bear- 
ing — and convenient toggle switch. 

It's a whole shop full of tools in one! Has hundreds and 
hundreds of uses ... in every shop ... in every tool room 
... in every line of industry. Use it for accurate drilling, 
carving, grinding, polishing, engraving, sawing, sanding, 
cutting, routing, etc. Use it on wood, metal, glass, plastics, 
or anything that can be machined. 

Complete with 26 accessories. Set includes 6 grinding 
stones, 5 cutters, 3 drills, brushes, saws, polishing acces- 
sories, etc., chuck wrench, collet chuck, socket wrench, 
emery wheel dresser, set of replacement brushes, rubber 
covered cord and plug, and heavy wood box. For A.C. 
or D.C, 25 to 60 cycles. See table on opposite page for 
detailed specifications. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 10 oz. 
9 PT 265 1 — Complete with accessories SI 4.95 

Wood carving is done 
easier, fatter and BET- 
TER with this tool. 

Use it on ail kinds of 
material!, including 
metal*, wood and glass. 

(A) 9 PT 2670— Oblong 
cutter. Ms-lu- dlam.; H-in. 

long 59c 

<B) 9 PT 2836 — Ball 
cutter. Dlam., ",U In. . 59c 
(C) 9 PT2671 —Ball 
cutter. Dlam., Jjr-ln. .59c 

(D) 9 PT 2672 — Cone 
cutter. Dlam., JIHn. .59c 

(E) 9 PT 2673 —Oval 
cutter. Dlam., 7 Az-ia. .59c 

(F) 9 PT 2674 — Flat 
cutter. }$ z in. dlam., Ms 'n. 
long 59c 

(G) 9 PT 2837— Pointed cut- 
ter. %4 in. diam .59c 

(H) 9 PT 2656— Saw and man- 
drel. .032 thick. % in. diam. .69c 
(J) 9 PT 2689 — Saw blade 
only, less mandrel. % in. diam- 
eter 45c 

(K) 9 PT 2684 — High 
speed drill. Mc-ln, diatn.1 9c 

(L) 9 PT 2685 — High 
speed drill. Mi-in. diam.1 9c 
<M)9 PT 2686 — High 
speed drill. 'A-\n. dlam.1 9c 

(N) 9 PT 2795— Shap- 
ing cutter.^ in. high. 49c 

(P) 8 PT 2796— Shap- 
ing cutter. 'A In. high. 49c 

<R) 9 PT 2797 — Shap- 
ing cutter. 14 in. high. 49c 

(A) 9 PT 2653 — Mounted emery 
wheel. 1-ln. diam.: <A-\n. thick. 29c 

(B) 9 PT 2654— Mounted emery 
wheel. Yi -in, diam.; 14-in. long. 29c 

(C) 9 PT 2675 — Mounted emery 

wheel. Vio-iu. dlam 29c 

ID) 9 PT 2676 — !/4-inch taper 
mounted emery wheel 29c 

(E) 9 PT 2677 — Mounted emery 
wheel. Ms-ln. diam.; 'A-\n, 
long 29c 

(F) 9 PT 2678 — Mounted emery 
wheel. H-ln. diam.;S£-in. long 29c 

(G) 9 PT 2831— Tapered stone. 

<A-in. diam.: % -in. long 29c 

(H) 9 PT 2832— Pointed stone. 
H-in. diam.; >/ A -in. long 29c 

Shipping weight 

(J) 9 PT 2687— Buffing wheel. 

1-inch diameter 10c 

(K) 9 PT 2688— Felt buffer. 

1-inch diameter 1 0c 

(L) 9 PT 2655— Rubber bonded 
polishing wheel, %-in, wide. !4- 

in. thick 10c 

(M) 9 PT 2682— Knlte edge rub- 
her taper wheel, %-tn. diam ...10e 

(N) 9 PT 2679 — Gray bristle 

brush, %-in. dlam 1 0e 

(P) 9 PT 2680— Cup type bris- 
tle brush. !4 -inch dlam 10c 

(P.) 9 PT 2681— Mounted porte 
polishing brush. >U-ln. dlam. 10c 
(S) 9 PT 2696— Mounted sand- 
ing drum assembly. 3i-ln. 
dlam 35c 

(T) 9 PT 2699—4 sanding drum 

sleeves. H-ln. diam 1 9c 

(U) 9 PT 2683—4 carborundum 
discs. Dlam., 1 in.; VsHn. thick. 

He in. hole 1 0c 

(V) 9 PT 2666— Nut and collar 

type mandrel 15c 

(W) 9 PT 2667 — Screw-ln-end 
type mandrel 10c 

o( all the accessories shown above, each, 2 ounces. 

Page 26 



• Removable pistol grip for ease in handling 

• Finger rest over chuck helps control tool mora exactly 

• Hexagon chuck assures positive locking and accurate alignment 

• Condenser slops radio interference 

• Gauge and rip fence — new accessories — deluxe fittings 

New! The Deluxe CRAFTY! Never before has 
there been a rotary tool like this — at ANY price! 
You'd expect to pay at least $30.00 for this quality ! 
All the fine features which have made our standard 
CRAFTY so tremendously popular — and in addi- 
tion, it has many extra exclusive features, refine- 
ments of design, and added accessories which make 
it even more outstanding in its field! 

The sensational new pistol grip is much handier 
for drilling and many other uses. It may be easily 
removed for getting into close quarters . . . New 
ringer rest over chuck helps operator to control tool 
more exactly . . . New exclusive built-in condenser 
positively eliminates all radio interference . . . New 
hexagon type chuck with improved collet insert in- 
sures more perfect alignment and better locking of 
accessories . . . New gauge may be fitted on nose of 
tool to act as ripping guide . . . New polished alu- 

minum barrel . . . New bigger and heavier box with 
piano type hinges and snap catch . . . New bigger 
assortment of accessories gives the Deluxe CRAFTY 
even greater versatility and usefulness. 

You can't realize the hundreds of uses for 
CRAFTY until you have owned one! Comes com- 
plete with 35 accessories. Includes all those shown 
on bottom of opposite page (except the 3 shaping 
cutters and felt buffing wheel) 2 chuck wrenches, 
collet chuck, socket wrench, emery wheel dresser, 
set of replacement brushes, cord and plug, and box. 
Shipping weight, 3 pounds 4 ounces. 

9 PT 2652— Complete with accessories $16.95 

9 PT 2842— Pistol grip assembly only, for any 

model CRAFTY. Shipping weight, 8 ounces 69c 

9 PT 2843— Gauge and rip guide only, for any 
model CRAFTY equipped with finger rest. Ship- 
ping weight, 4 ounces 29c 


7 in. 


2 in. 


1'/« in. 


1 bronze; 1 
New Depar- 
ture ball 


■/■ and %2 in. 


18,000 R.P.M. 


Universal lor 

110-volt A.C. 

or D.C., 25 

to 60 cycles 


15 Watts 


Tested at 
1000 volts 




Special design; 
positive break 
Large size car- 
bon; replace- 
able from 



induction ro- 
tor; 4-blade. 



Cutters and Grinders 

$sH Pfs Buy your cut " 
1 Jjjf ters and carv- 
■ **** era in sets and 
■J save more. 

9 PT 2648 These sets come 
in handy wood boxes for 
easy selection (box covers 
are not shown), 
(g) 9 PT 2647 — Set of 
six carving cutters. In- 
cludes A, C, D, E. F, and H 
in top row of CRAFTY ac- 
cessories on the opposite 
page. Shipping weight, 

10 ounces $3.25 

(D 9 PT 2648 — Set of 
six grinding wheels. In- 
cludes A, B, C, D, E, F, in 
bottom row of CRAFTY 
accessories on the opposite 
page. Shipping weight, 
14 ounces '. , SI -59 

*1 85 

Router Stand 

With this efficient device, 
you can easily convert your 
CRAFTY into an accurate 
router. The CRAFTY is 
firmly fastened in the barrel, which is 
mounted on a rugged steel column. 
Locking device makes it possible to 
adjust the tool for the desired depth of 
cut. Entire tool may be moved about 
to follow a pattern on surface of work. 

Ideal for making fine inlays and 
doing other types of routing work. The 
smooth face on the bottom of the stand 
makes it easy to follow a pattern. Use 
it to put the finishing touch on a fine 
piece of cabinet work. May be used 
with any model of the CRAFTY. 
Shipping weight, 3 pounds. 

9 PT 2846 — Router stand only, 
without CRAFTY $1 .85 

Shaping and Grinding Stand 

$AJC This is actually two tools in 
k"0 onel May be used as an 

^J efficient shaper in the posi- 

tion shown. Or table may 
be removed and barrel tilted to any 
desired position for grinding, carving 
or polishing at the most convenient angle. 

Sturdy gray iron construction with 
carefully ground table. Adjustable fence 
is locked with two screwB for greater 
rigidity. Table may be adjusted to any 
desired height and locked into position 
to adjust the cutter with relation to 
the work to get the desired cut. 

This is an ideal tool for model makers, 
as it makes it so easy to do many fine 
shaping operations, such as delicate 
mouldings, etc. May be used with any 
model of the CRAFTY. Shipping weight, 
4 pounds 6 ounces, 

9 PT 2845— Shaping and grinding stand 
without CRAFTY S3. 45 

It*B impossible to 
realize what afine 
little drill press 
this stand makes 
until you see it) It's actually 
superior to similar out fit :< sell- 
ing for more than three times 
as much! Just fasten your 
CRAFTY firmly in position in 
the barrel with two easy-acting 
screws — and you're all set to 
go to work on hundreds of dif- 
ferent kinds of intricate drilling 
jobs and other fine work. 

Has heavy gray iron base, 
table and head. Table and base 
are accurately ground and slot- 
ted — are rectangular in shape 
to give the best possible sup- 
port to the work. Base serves 
as an auxiliary table. Table 
locks securely to heavy steel 
column at any desired height 
for greater convenience in oper- 
ation in handling different jobs. 

Has rack and pinion spring 
loaded feed which makes it pos- 
sible to feed the drill very 
accurately. Stop device per- 
mits you to drill a series of 
holes to the same depth. May 
be used with any model of the 
CRAFTY. Shipping weight. 
5 pounds 6 ounces. 
9 PT 2848— Drill stand only 
without CRAFTY S4.95 

Page 27 






* Drills to center of 12-inch circle 

* Ball thrust bearing for smooth operation 

* Equipped with bronze spindle bearings 

* Has Vz-inch capacity 3-jaw chuck 

Don't be misled by the price of this roMPnwoH 
Drill Press! It has the same rugged quality — 
the same fine features— the same smooth opera- 
tion you'd expect to find only in drill presses 
selling at MUCH higher prices! 

Capable of handling mortising, carving, rout- 
ing, and occasional shaping jobs as well as drill- 
ing, with the proper attachments (shown on page 
32). Uses standard mortising housing. Range 
of 7 speeds allows efficient work to be done on 
either metal or wood. Ground steel spindle runs 
in bronze bearings and is cushioned against 
thrust by ball thrust bearing. Accurately 
ground table has diagonal slots to simplify ad- 
justing attachments. Base serves as an auxiliary 
table. Steel quill is graduated 3 inches in 1/16- 
inch divisions. Spindle has stop collar for drilling 
a series of holes to the same depth. "Feather- 
touch" clamp locks head to column. 
99 PTM 2378— Complete with V-belt, 4-step 
motor pulley, and J^-inch 3-jaw chuck. Less 
motor. Equipped with motor bracket. 

Shipping weight, 65 pounds $14.95 

99 PTM 2373 — Same as above, except with 
roHPflWOH i^-H.P. 110-volt 60-cycle ball bearing 
motor 99 PT 5620 on page 39. 

Shipping weight, 102 pounds $24.75 

99 PTM 2369— Same as 99 PTM 2378, but with 
Ho to H-inch Jacobs' chuck on tapered spindle. 
Less motor. Shpg. wt., 66 lbs $18.95 

rOMPHMlOH Drill Press 
With Idler Drive 

COMPANION Drill Press 
99 PTM 2378 described above, 
but equipped with idler drive in- 
stead of motor bracket. The idler 
drive makes it possible to drive 
the drill press from a line shaft or 
jack shaft instead of using an in- 
dividual motor. The idler drive 
assembly includes V-belt, idler 
pulleys, idler shaft and support. 
Shpg. wt., 62 lbs. 
99 PTM 2364 $16.45 

9PT2371-Belt and complete 
idler assembly only. (No credit 
for return of old motor bracket). 
Shipping weight. 7 lbs $3.60 

Page 28 


For 99 PTM 2378 

Over-all Height 

30 y 8 In. 

Over-all Width 

9% in. 

Over-all Depth 
(With Motor) 

24 in. 

Chuck (Threaded) 


Spindle (Threaded) 



3 bronze; ■ 
1 ball thrust 

Drills to Center of 

12-in. circle 

Spindle Travel 


Table to Chuck (Max.) 

8% in. 

Base to Chuck (Max.) 

11 % in. 

Column Diameter 


Table Travel 

8% in. 

Table Size 

7'/»x7'/, in. 

Bate Size 

7*4x7% in. 

Ouill Graduated 

to 3 in. 


9: 750 to 
4000 R.P.M. 

Motor Recommended 

1750 R.P.M. 

Machine and Motor 
Pulleys Supplied 



39 PTM 2790, 

metal stand 

Mounting Dimensions. 

73/ 4 xl3'/, In. 


$ 6 


* Drill* to the center of an 8-inch circle 

* High grade auto-lubricating bronze bearings 

* Ball thrust bearing in head absorbs spindle thrust 
to assure smooth accurate operation 

* Sensitive hand lever feed — spring loaded 

* Equipped with quick-adjusting idler pulleys 

New! Greatly improved! We've never sold so fine a drill press at this 
price before! It's a small utility drill built with same rugged column 
construction as our bigger and higher priced drills. It's large enough 
to handle most of your drilling jobs. 

Easily handles both metal and wood. The auto-lubricating bronze 
bearings insure smooth operation and long life. Has adjustable drill head 
and table. 3-speed, 3-inch cone drive pulley on spindle is covered by 
safety-guard. Has 5-inch square table to give firm support to work. 
Husky 6j-$xl0-inch square base. Full Ji-inch spindle is reduc- 
ed to >£-inch at chuck. Sturdy column is ground steel, 1 
inch in diameter, 21 inches long. Accurately machined chuck 
takes drills up to J^-inch. l^i-inch spindle travel. Complete 
with adjustable idler drive and spring loaded feed lever. 
Over-all height, 30 in.; width, 6j^ in.; depth, 13^ in. 
99 PT 2363— Shipping weight, 20 pounds $6.95 



• Sears exclusive "floating drive" spindle assembly absorbs all bell pull- 
eliminates all "whip" 

• Three sets of SKF ball bearings (one double row); actually four rows 
of ball bearings! 

• Spindle FLOATS FREE, entirely independent of pulley — double bearing 
takes belt pull for smooth operation 

• %-inch six-splined spindle carries Vis to V&-inch capacity Jacobs' chuck. 

• Full range of 9 speeds— 600 to 5200 R.P.M. 

• Drills to the center of a 1234-inch circle 

Here's an outstanding example of the great values Sears offer in the 
power tool field! This drill incorporates all the basic features of fine 
drill press design. Be sure that your drill press has these two very 
important features— (1) SKF" ball bearing construction, and (2) a 
genuine Jacobs' chuck! In addition, this fitftPTSMftH drill press has 
the famous OtflFTSMftH "floating drive" spindle assembly! 

Sears "floating drive" removes drill press vibration, which some- 
times occurs at high speeds, by eliminating the side-pull of the belt 
on the spindle. In Sears drive, the pulley is mounted on a long steel 
sleeve which is in turn mounted on a double row SKF" ball bearing 
accurately fitted into the drill head. Mounted independently of the 
spindle, the pulley transmits no side pull to it! This basic QJfiETgMflH 
improvement produces drill presses that stand out because of their 
smooth, efficient performance — even at high speeds! 


Over-all Height 

35% in. 

Over-all Width 

11 'A in. 

Over-all Depth 
(With Motor) 

24 in. 

Jacobs' Chuck 

tte to '/ a in. 

Spindle (Tapered) 



3 SKF (one 
double row.) 

Drills to Center of 

12% In. circle 

Spindle Travel 

3 In. 

Table to Chuck (Max.) 

9%. In. 

Base to Chuck (Max.) 

13ft, in. 
2'/, in. 

Column Diameter 

Table Travel 

954. in. 

Table Size 

8 x 9 in. 

Base Size 

8 x 9 In. 

Depth Gauge 

to 4 in.; 
Vin-lii. div. 


9: 580 te 

5200 R.P.M. 

Motor Recommended 

1750 R.P.M. 

4-step, 5-in. 

metal stand 
9'/ a x14'/ 4 in. 

Machine and Motor 
Pulleys Supplied 


Mounting Dimensions 


Five Machines in One! 

The (EftFTSMflH drill press is really five machines 
in one! With the proper attachments (shown on 
page 32) you can easily convert this drill press 
into an efficient spindle shaper — or use it for mor- 
tising, routing, sanding and dovetailing with 
equally fine results. This will enable the ama- 
teur to turn out work stamped with the true pro- 
fessional touch , . . beautiful mortise jobs . . . 
snug-fitting dovetailed joints . . . clear-cut relief 
carving . . . fine inlay work. 

The fHflfTSMftH drill handles either metal or 
wood. Smooth, uniform feeding is assured by the 
heavy, ground steel quill with integral, accu- 
rately cut teeth. "Feather-touch" quill lock is 
provided. Improved table with diagonal slots 
can be tilted to any angle. The heavy base is 
machined to serve as an auxiliary table; it is 
slotted for attachments. A quickly adjustable 
stop gauge indicates at all times the depth of 
holes being drilled. Has tapered spindle. 

99 PTM 2380— (RftFTSHflH Drill Press without 
motor. With Jacobs' chuck and key, V-belt and 
motor pulley. Shpg. wt., 85 lbs $28.50 

99 PTM 2385— Same as above, but with J^-H.P. 
ball bearing double shaft motor No. 99 PT 5620 
on page 39. Shpg. wt., 112 lbs $38.25 

GfiFjgMJg Twist Drills 

Finest quality! Properly tempered, accurately ground. 
Use carbon steel for slow speed drilling; high speed for 
electric drills and drill presses. State size. 




9 PT 6698 

9 PT 6699 j 

Hii{ti Speed 




9 PT 6698 

9 PT 6699 
High Speed 




1 oz. 
1 oz. 
1 oz. 
1 oz. 
1 oz. 
1 oz. 
1 oz. 








16c ! 
17c i 
19c 1 

21c | 
23c I 


7/ n 

1 oz. 

1 oz. 

2 oz. 
2 oz. 
4 oz. 



Twbt Drill Sets 

CRAFTSMAN quality! 
Handy container included. 
Sets include >,U, M 2 , J4. flz. 
Mt, Vn and 14-in. sizes. Use 
carbon steel drills for slow 
speed drilling; high speed 
drills in electric drills and drill 
presses. Shipping weight, 
6 ounces. 

9 PT 6685— Set of 7 __ 
carbon steel drills 7 DC 

9 PT 6686 — Set of 7 high 
speed steel drills $1.75 

Multi-Speed Attachment 

Install one of these on your CRAFTS- 
MAN drill and handle any job efficiently 
— regardless of the speed required. Slows 
down drill for proper drilling in metal and 
speeds up R.P.M. for correct efficient 
routing. (See chart at right.) Use 
J4-H.P. motor, 1750 R.P.M., for high 
speeds. &-H.P. is adequate for regular 
and low speeds. U. S. Patent Number 
2073704, Shipping weight, 5 pounds. 
9 PT 2397 — Variable speed attachment 
and 2 Vee belts, *,- * *» 

ready to use ^5 .Ov/ 

Notice Speed Range! 

The CRAFTSMAN Drill Press fit- 
ted with our patented multi^speed 
attachment at left will provide 20 
different speeds ranging from 200 
R.P.M. (half the speed of ordinary 
slow speed drill presses) to over 
10,000 R.P.M. The RIGHT speed 
for every job! That means better 
results ! 

Page 29 




Over-all Height 

39</ 2 In. 

Over-all Width 

1254 tn. 

Over-all Depth (With motor) 

26 in. 


Jacobs' ; to 
'/* In. 

Spindle (Tapered) 



4; SKF ball 

Drills to Center of 

15-in. circle 

Spindle Travel 

4 in. 

Table to Chuck (Maximum) 

11 in. 

Base to Chuck (Maximum) 

16 In. 

Column Diameter (Outside) 

1\'a in. 

Table Travel 

11 In. 

Table Size 

10 x 10 in. 

(Ground finish) 

Base Size 

10 x 10 in. 
(Ground finish) 

Depth Gauge Graduated 

to 4 inches 
in Via-in. 


9: 600 to 5200 


V4-H.P. or 
'/i-H.P., 1750 
R.P.M. motor 

Machine Pulley Supplied 

4-step; 5-ln. 

Motor Pulley Supplied 

4-step; 5-i(i . 

Mounting Dimensions (From 
center of holes in base) 

10'/, x 17 In. 


Exactly the same fine features . . . the same rugged, 
heavy duty construction . . . the same sensational "Float- 
ing Drive" as in the (raftsman floor type heavy 
duty drill press on the opposite page— but in a bench 
type model. It's by far our finest bench type drill press! 

The "Floating Drive" construction is a basic improve- 
ment that produces in the (Roftsmqh heavy duty 
drill presses the finest, smoothest, most accurate opera- 
tion it is possible to obtain. The drive pulley is mounted 
on a heavy tubular steel spindle which is supported on 
two sets of heavy duty deep-row SKF ball bearings in 
the drill head — entirely independent from the spindle- 
This unit absorbs all the side pull from the belt and 
transmits 07ily a turning force to the spindle. The spin- 
dle itself is also mounted on two sets of heavy duty 
deep-row SKF* ballbearings within the quill, as shown 
in the small illustration at right. 

99 PTM 2407— CRAFTSMAN Heavy Duty Bench 
Model Drill Press with motor pulley, belt, and to Yi- 
inch Jacob's chuck. Shpg. wt., 115 lbs $36.50 

99 PTM 2388— As above, complete with Ji-H.P. 110- 

120 volt, 60-eycle A.C. motor. 

Shipping weight, 147 pounds S46.25 

Belt Tension Release 

Replaces regular njotor base. Enables entire 
motor to swing on pivot towards head, thus 
relieving belt tension. Single lever control- 
Makes it easy to release belt tension when 
necessary to change speeds. Shpg. wt., 121bs. 
9 PT 2366— Belt release for 99 PTM 2380 
(Page 29), 99 PTM 2407 (above), and 99 PTM 
2392 (on opposite page) drill presses, 

less belt $3.45 

9PT2757— H-inch by454nch V belt for use 
of belt release with any of above mentioned 
drill presses. Shipping weight, 7 ounces .45c 

Page 30 


Insure accuracy with this vise by hold- 
ing the work firmly in position while it 
is being drilled or worked on. Makes 
working with small pieces more con- 
venient. Oxidized, non-rusting finish. 
Accurately cut screw with knurled end 
for fast action and bar for locking. 2% 
in. jaws open 3 in. Over-alllength, 10 & 
in. Complete with 2 extra jaws, one for 
round or irregular work and swivel 
jaw for tapered pieces. , 

9 PT 2436— Shpg. wt., 4 lbs ..$1.95 

Sanding Drum 

(K) Has Me-in. shaft. Use 
in collet chuck. 1 in. 
wide. State diameter. 

9 PT 2439— Shpg. wt., 4 oz. 

I'A-in, diameter 39c 

2Vu> in. diameter 69c 

3 -In. diameter 95c 

(g) Replacement sand- 
ing Sleeves. Fine or 
coarse. Package of 6. State 
grit and diameter. 
9 PT 2442— Shpg. wt., 3 oz. 
lJ6-in. diameter. 6 for. ..39o 
2^6-ln. diameter. 6 for. ..39c 
3 -in. diameter. 6 for. . .49c 

Tapered Adapter 

Enables you to fit a 
taper shank drill to a 
taper spindle. Fits 
on any of our tapered 
spindle drills and is 
locked firmly into po- 
sition by knurled ring. 
Takes No. 2 Morse 
taper shank drills. 
Accurately machined 
Shpg. wt., 8 oz. 
9 PT 2445 95c 

Drill Press Collar 

For drill presses on Pages 
30 and 31 or any drill with 
a2H-inch column. Locks 
on column under head. 
Supports the head when 
clamp is released. Makes 
it easy to swing the head 
around for working at 
different points over the 
table. Shipping weight, 
4 pounds 8 ounces. . 
9 PT 2429 $1.45 


Every year more and 
more large industrial 
plants are installing 
presses. They stand 
the steady, grueling, 
day-after-day grind — 
meeting the exacting 
demands of production 
jobs which require the 
utmost in accuracy, 
versatility, and rugged, 
long-life construction. 
This is positive proof 
of their high quality I 

99 PTM 2393 


Over-all Height 

71 In. 

Over-all Width 

17>/j in. 

Over-all Depth 
(With motor) 

26 in. 


Jacobs'; to 
Vz in. 

Spindle (Tapered) 



4; SKF ball 

Drills to Center of 

15-in. circle 

Spindle Travel 

4 in. 

Table to Chuck (Maximum) 

41 in. 

Base to Chuck (Maximum) 

47 in. 

Column Diam. (Outside) 

2% in. 

Table Travel 

41 in. 


10 x 10 in. 

(Ground finish) 


17'/ a x24 in. 
(Slotted but 
not ground) 

Depth Gausje Graduated 

to 4 inches 
in ',,• -in. 


9: 600 to 5200 

Motor Recommended 

'/4-H.P. or 



Machine Pulley Supplied 

4-step, 5-in. 

Motor Pulley Supplied 

4-step, 5-in. 

Dimensions From Center 
of Holes In Base 

10'/«x17 in. 


104 8 Speeds E£& IOOoTR. P. M. 

' . 16 Speeds 3el«w 4000 R P. W 
6000 low Soecd 200 R.P.M. | 



• Sears exclusive "Floating Drive" insures smoothest 
possible performance. 

• Equipped with precision SKF" ball bearings. 

• H-inch 6-splined automotive type spindle. 

• O to V&-inch Jacobs' key chuck. 

• Drills to center of 15-inch circle. 

On these two pages you will find Sears finest drill 
presses — marvels of precision construction and smooth, 
vibrationless performance! There's no finer power tool 
engineering on the market today! 

Notice that this husky floor type model is almost 
6 feet high! Has Sears great "Floating Drive" spindle 
assembly to assure the finest possible drill press per- 
formance (see opposite page for description). Handles, 
shaping, mortising, routing, sanding and dovetailing 
with proper attachments (shown on Page 32). Handles 
either metal or wood. Table may be tilted to any angle. 
Accurate depth gauge is graduated for entire 4-inch 
feed range in J/f 6 -inch divisions. Spring tension on 
chuck return has ratchet adjustment for different types 
of work such as with large or small drills, 

99 PTM 2392— CRAFTSMAN Heavy Duty Floor Type Drill 
Press with motor pulley, belt, and to J4-inch Jacobs' chuck. 
Standard pulley guard as shown on 99 PTM 2407 on opposite page. 

Less motor. Shipping weight, 150 lbs $41 .50 

99 PTM 2393— Same as above, but with 99 PT 5620 COMPAN- 
ION &-H.P. ball bearing 110-120 volt, 60-cycle A.C. motor. 

(See Page 39). Shipping weight, 180 pounds $51.00 

99 PTM 2399— Same as 99 PTM 2392 but equipped with new 
streamlined belt and pulley guard. Without motor. Shipping 

weight, 170 pounds $49-50 

99 PTM 2390— Same as 99 PTM 2392 but equipped with new 
streamlined belt and pulley guard and COMPANION S4-H.P. 
ball-bearing 110-120 volt, 60-cycle A.C. motor. Shipping weight, 

200 pounds S59 .50 

Belt and Pulley Guard. Made of aluminum and hinged at the 
side to make pulleys and belts accessible for speed changes. 
Required by many industrial safety codes. Fits bench or floor 
model. Shipping weight, 9 pounds. 

9 PT2398 $9.00 

i Speeds Betow^U.. 
low 5p^edj480;ioiu0;R7r; 
High Speed.ApproximcHely 

Drive Spindles 

All Sears drill presses have 
automotive-type 6-splin- 
ed drive spindles. These 
spindles eliminate excessive 
back lash or uneven pulling 
and transmit power 
smoothly. Although more 
expensive than the key and 
keyway type, the splined 
spindle more than repays the 
difference in increased effi- 
ciency and longer life. 

Tapered Spindles 

Lower end of (A) is tapered 
to accommodate Jacob's 
chucks, collet chuckB, shap- 
ing adapters, etc. Wedge 
(E) may be used to remove 
chuck (D). The knurled ring 
(B) is threaded inside and 
must be used to lock 
shaper adapter (C) or collet 
chucks in place on the 
spindle. For routing use 
collet chuck. 

Proper Drill Speed For Every Job 

The many uses of CRAFTSMAN drills call for a wide range of 
speeds. Our patented multi-speed attachment (illustrated 
and listed at the right) will convert a9 or 10-Bpeed CRAFTSMAN 
drill press into a twenty-speed drill. Of these 20 speeds, 8 are from 
200 R.P.M. up to 1,000 R.P.M., a complete range for the low 
speeds required for metal drilling even with >A -in. drills. The other 
speeds are from 1,000 up to 10,000 R.P.M.— offering the correct 
speed for wood drilling, shaping, routing, carving, etc. 

With a Bpeed range starting at half the R.P.M. of the ordinary 
slow speed drill up to 10.000 R.P.M., your drill can handle almost 
any job and can handle it at the proper speed for the cutter being 

Multi-Speed Attachment 

The right speed for every jobl The 
chart at left shows how the CRAFTS- 
MAN multi-speed attachment (Pat. 
No. 2073704) enables you to get the 
most out of your drill. Finest ball 
bearing construction, designed so belt 
tensions are easily adjusted. If used 
to secure high speeds, we recommend 
J6-H.P. 1750 R.P.M. motor (see Pages 
38-39). Fits only on drill presses on 
Pages 30-31. Shpg. wt., 5 lbs. ' 
9 PT2394 $5.75 

Page 31 





Drill Press Milling Vise 

$s| AQH For doing accurate drilling and 
I JC* layout work; also for light mill- 
JL%F ing. Clamps on drill press table. 
Base is graduated through 180 
degrees— can be swiveled and locked at any 
angle. Work is locked on table between two 
adjustable jaws. By use of the two cross feed 
controls, work may be moved to any desired 
position. Equipped with dovetailed ways for 
smooth, accurate operation. Shipping 
weight, 18 pounds. 
99 PT 2432 $18.95 

Collet Chuck. Fits on tapered drill press 
spindle. Takes milling cutters with !4-inch 
shank. Shipping weight, 6 ounces. n _ 

9 PT 2452 VDC 

Hold-Down Guide 

Indispensable in mortising as it 
prevents the work from being 
lilted when chisel is raised. Ad- 
justable for thick or thin ma- 
terial. Keeps the work lined 
up. Bolts to drill press table. 
Fence part can be used with- 
out hold-down as a guide in 
routing inlay work, etc. Heavy 
gray iron construction. Fingers 
on hold-down securely hold 
work. Can be used on 99 PTM 
2380 (Page 29) and 99 PTM 
2407 or 99 PTM 2392 (Pages 
30, 31). Shpg. wt., 6 lbs. 6 oz. 
9 PT 2457— Hold-down guide 
and bracket for a, — - 

mortising ^ I . / 3 

Hollow Chisel Mortising 

To cut square holes with drill press. 

(5) 9 PT 2481 —Mortising chisel hous- 
ing. Mounts on' quill of drill press. 

Used with collet chuck, chisels a. -.f- 
and bits below. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. .$1. I J 
ff) 9 PT 2420 — Hollow chisel for 
w 9 PT 2461. <A, H, and !£ in. State 

size. Shpg. wt., 4 oz $1 .45 

(E) 9 PT 2422 — Mortising bit for 

9 PT 2461. J4, H and W in. State 

size. Shpg. wt., 4 oz $1 .25 

(6) 9 PT 2450 —Collet chuck for 
tapered spindle. Shipping weight, 

6 ounces 95c 

9 PT 2451— Collet chuck for threaded 

spindle. Shpg. Wt., 3 OZ 70c 

9 PT 6458— Mounted grinding point lor 
sharpening hollow chisels. Shipping wt., 
3 oz -. 48c 

Dovetailing Attachment 

To make perfect dovetail joints 
Both members are cut at same 
time. Attachment includes a 
steel comb, slotted to guide 
shank of router cutting to a 
predetermined depth. Com- 
plete with end plates, screw 
fittings and clamps for holding 
work and a ^4-in. dovetail 
router. Wood parts not sup- 
plied. Pieces to be dovetailed 
are held at right angles in 
clamp so cutter may be guided 
through one piece into the 
other. U.S. Pat. No. 1651510. 
9 PT 2462 — Dovetail attach- 
ment andinstructions.^- _- 
Shpg. wt., 4 lbs. 1 oz..$ 3.2b 

Shaping Attachment 

Large, 14&xl8-tnch finely finished 
plywood table, fitted with adjustable 
guard and guide. Complete with hold- 
down clips and fittings. Shipping 
weight, 17 pounds. 

99 PT 2430— Complete *^ qf 
attachment for drill press. . . .^ / ."J 
9 PT 2428— Guard and guide only. 
Shipping weight, * n nc 

4 pounds 12 ounces- ■ f i.OJ 

9 PT 2455— Spri ng clips only. 

Shipping weight. 

3 pounds 14 ounces. . . . 


Adapters and Cutters 

Adapters are for tapered tplndlei. Mount 
as Bhown in illustration at right. 

©Adapter for /piAdapterfor 
'5U-in. bore x *'sash cutter 
shaper cutters. 
Shipping weight, 
7 ounces. * i nt- 
9 PT 2434.. f I. ZD 

©Adapter for 14- ^J 
In. bore shaper (B) 
cutters. Shipping 
wt., 7 oz. 
9 PT 2435... .85C 

listed below. 
Shipping weight, 
6 ounces. * ■ nc 
Cutter for 
sash work. 
Shipping weight, 
4 ounces. * 1 


Tapered Spindles 

These tapered spindles on 
Sears drill presses are per- 
manently Installed by master 
mechanics. Lower end of 
spindle (E) Is tapered below 
threaded part to handle all 
accessories. Wedge (J) may 
be used to remove chuck (H). 
Knurled ring (F) Is threaded 
Inside: fits on outside ot col- 
let chuck or shaper adapter 
(G); securely locks them In 
position. Always use the col- 
let chuck when routing. 

9 PT 2340 

Fits ^s-in. 



®9 PT2342 
Fits Vis-ln. 

9 PT 2350 

Fits Ms-ln. 



9 PT 2356 

Fits lie-in. 



®9 PT 2368 
Shaper collars. 
Fit ^e-inch 
spindle 39c 







Don't be misled by this low price! This new work bench is 
equal to benches selling at much higher prices elsewhere! 
Only Sears tremendous buying power makes this money-sav- 
ing offer possible! 

Similar to the bench at right but without the drawer and 
vise and with slightly lighter legs. Legs measure l^-in. 
thick by 4%-in. wide. For heavier work, we recommend the 
heavy duty bench, but for most general work this standard 
bench will give perfect satisfaction. 

Kiln dried lumber is used throughout — carefully milled and 
fitted. Top measures 26 inches by 6 feet; plenty of room for 
several power tools. Over-all height, 32 inches. Top is \Yi 
inches thick. Actual weight, 106 pounds. 

Shipped unassembled to save you on assembly 
costs and freight. Complete with all necessary nails, 
and simple instructions to make assembly quick and 
easy. All you need is a hammer. Shipping weight, 
110 pounds. 
99 PTM 2716 $6.95 


The most popular work bench we have ever sold — and no wonder! It's mas- 
sive — rugged — sturdy! Actually weighs 134 pounds! Size of top, 26 inches by 
6 feet. Height, 32 inches. Top is full 1% inches thick! For power tools . . . 
for any woodworking purpose . . . for general repair work around the home— 
this bench will fill the bill ! Power tools run more smoothly and quietly when 
mounted on its solid top. 

Every piece of lumber is kiln dried, accurately milled and fitted. Legs are 
very rigidly braced. Has big, easy-sliding drawer. Complete with large 
capacity woodworking vise with bench screw and heavy wood handle. Shipped 
unassembled to save you freight. Easily assembled. All you need is a hammer 
— we ship bench complete, down to the last nail ! Shipping weight, 135 pounds. 

Work Bench Legs 

Make your own work 
bench! Legs have bracket 
for making lower shelf. 
Work bench type is used in 
making a regular width 
work bench; lathe type for 
lathe bench. Height of 
work bench type, 32 Vi in.; 
width, 20 in. Height of 
lathe type, 32 in.; top width. 
10 K in. Use lj£ or 2-inch 
boards for top. Shipping 
weight. 25 pounds. 
(KY 99 PT 2722— Work 
*■" bench legs. * o -, c 

2 pairs $3.75 

(g) 99 PT 2735— Lathe 

v -' bench legs. * » -t C 

2 pairs .p 3 . I 

Metal Joint* 

Make your own saw 
horses! No nails 
needed with these 
rustproofed malle- 
able iron joints. 
Locktight grippers 
prevent wobbling. 
May be used again 
and again. 

9 PT 2896 — Joints 
lor 1x3 lumber, per 
set of 2. Shpg. rtc 
wt., 4 lbs. 6 oi. VDC 

9 PT 2897 — Joints 
(or 2x4 lumber, per 
set of 2. 
Shpg. wt., 

10 lbs 


Wood Machine Stand 

Selected long grain Douglas 
Fir. Every piece kiln dried, 
milled and fitted. Width, 19 
inches; length, 25 inches, 
height, 29 inches. Top is l'Hz 
inches thick. Legs are 2J4 
inches square. Apron and 
shelf are cut from %-inch 
stock. Built-in lower shelf to 
hold motor or tools. Packed 
flat for shipping. Easy to as- 
semble. Holes drilled for bolts 
at important points. Bolts, 
nails and complete instructions 
furnished for assembling. 
A yood low priced machine stand. 
Shpg. wt., 47 lbs. 
99 PT 2749 $3.50 

Steel Machine Stand 

12-gauge steel. Top and shelf adjustable. 
Shipped flat, very easily assembled. 
99 PT 2743— Top, 10x21 In. Height, 29 In, 
For 2-wheel or 3-wheel 12-ln. band saws.i a af 

Shpg. wt., 32 lbs $4.03 

99 PT 2744— Top, 10x21 In. Height, 31 Inches. 
For use with most other power tools except Jig 
saw on page 10, Jointer on Page 13, or bench 
saws on page 2 and 3. * a nc 

Shpg. wt., 33 lbs $4.0J 

99 PT 2745— Top, 10x34 inches. Height, 31 
Inches. For 24-Inch Jig saw, 6-inch jointer, and 
99 PTM 2176 bench saw on Page 3. * c T C 

Shpg. wt., 36 lbs $ J . / J 

99 PT 2746— Top, 16x21 Inches. Height. 31 
Inches. For 8-In. bench saw 99 PTM 2236 
on Page 2. * c i>c 

Shpg. wt.. 39 lbB 5 .00 

99 PT 2747— Top, 19x25 inches. Height, 29 
Inches. For bench saw 99 PTM 2237 on* * c /» 
Page 2. Shpg. wt., 46 lbs $0.3U 

New Machine Stand 

New, modern streamlined designl 
Fully enclosed! Rugged heavy 
gauge steel construction insures a 
rigid, non-vibrating machine stand. 
Comes in two heights to fit in- 
dividual needs of operator. Top is 
12x26 in. Front has handy snap 
catch door. Full instructions fur- 
nished for installing a wooden shelf 
if underdrive is desired. Dark blue 
finish. The ideal stand for your 
power tools. 

99 PTM 2789— Height, 27 inches. 
Shipping weight, # _ rt _ 

47 1db > /.yD 

99 PTM 2790— Height. 31 Inches. 
Shipping weight, * -i nc 

49 lbs f I. V J 

Page 33 


fOMPHNIOH Utility Drill 

• Chuck takes drills up la *£ inch. 

* Rugged and sturdy universal type motor. 

• Ball bearing takes up end thrust. 

* Double reduction gears give extra power. 

A sturdy, dependable drill for general work around the 
shop, garage and home. It represents the most Berviee 
and satisfaction ever offered at anywhere near this low 
price! It's light— but it packs plenty of power! Com- 
pact and well balanced; easy to handle. Runs smoothly 
and efficiently. Equipped with 3-jaw chuck with ca- 
pacity up to H-inch. Has well-made double reduction 
gear train, fully enclosed in head. No- 
load spindle speed, approximately 1500 
R.P.M. Overall length, 11 & inches. Oper- 
ates on 110-120-volt A.C. or D.C. Com- 
plete with handy toggle switch and 8-ft. 
rubber covered cord and unbreakable plug. 
Shipping weight, 6 pounds 6 ounces. 
I 9 PT 2575 $9.45 

GtfirTSMflH 14-In. Pistol Drill 

* Actually- priced to save you over 50%! 

* Yi-in, Jacobs' chuck . . , Double reduction gears. 

* Sensational, new, handy, compact design. 

* Equipped with powerful universal motor. 

To our knowledge, no drill of this type and quality has 
EVER been sold for less than $30,001 It's the tremen- 
dously popular new small size which is rapidly taking 
the place of large, unwieldy drills! We tried to stall 
this drill using a J4-inch bit on steel plate, but it just 
couldn't be done. Modern methods of design make 
this combination of power and light weight possible. 
Weighs only 2% pounds! Has two Bets of SKF ball 
bearingB together with needle and bronze bearings. 
Hardened steel double reduction gearB. Clearance 
length in line with chuck, only 7 in. No-load speed, 
1700 R.P.M. For 110-120-volt A.C. or D.C. With 
built-in switch. Rubber cord and unbreakable plug. 
Shipping weight, 4 pounds 6 ounces. 
9 PT 2577 $14.95 

(HoFTSMflH Heavy Duty 

• Weslinghoute heavy duly universal ball bearing motor. 

• Reduction s«ar* ore heal treated chrome-nickel steel- 
improve with usel 

• Armature and chuck spindles run on lifetime New De- 
parture ball bearings sealed in oil. 

• Manufactured and tested to exacting A.I.E.E. and N.E.- 
M.A. standards. 

Built with plenty of surplus power for the heavy jobsl 
We guarantee that it will not Btall when used with the 
maximum size drill specified below. Has genuine 
Jacobs' key chuck. Underwriters approved double 
pole automatic releasing switch locks for continuous 
running. For 110-120-voR A.C. or D.C. 10-ft. 3-wire 
rubber cord and unbreakable plug. Over-all length, 
13 'A inches. 

Site Drill j No Load Speed 

1/4 -Inch 2,000 R.P.M. 
51 6 -inch 1,500 R.P.M. 
H-lnch I 1,000 R.P.M. 

Shpg. Wl. 

roMpnmow i£-Inch Drill 

• Strong General Electric universal motor. 

• Double reduction gears are heat-treated chrome- 
nickel steel — improve with use! 

• %-ineh capacity Jacobs' key chuck. 

• Manufactured and tested to exacting A.I.E.E. and 
N.E.M.A. standards. 

A precision-built drill with plenty of power. Ideal 
for garages and maintenance men. Heat treated 
alloy steel gears, pinions, motor shaft and chuck 
spindle give longer service. Streamlined aluminum 
alloy housing. Self lubricating oilite bronze bear- 
ings. Has ball thrust bearing on spindle to take 
up end thrust. Underwriters' approved, fully en- 
closed, double-pole automatic releasing switch; 
locks for continuous running if desired. The Gen- 
eral Electric universal motor operates on 110-120 
volts A.C. or D.C. Over-all length, 16 inches. No- 
ioad spindle speed, 400 R.P.M. Complete with 
10-ft. 3-wire rubber cord and unbreakable plug. 
Shipping weight, 12 pounds. 
99 PT 2584 $32.95 

Page 34 

Circular Hole Saw for Electric Drills 

©Finest heat treated high speed steel. Cuts clean, round 
holes in wood or meta). Depth of cut, % in. Use J£-lnch 
drill or larger. With mandrel. State size. 

Size, in % 1 114 IS* 2 2!4 

Shpg. wt. ... 8 oz. 9oz. 14oz. 15 oz. 1 lb.4oz. 1 lb.6oz. 

9 PT 2698. $2.25 $2.25 $2.25 $2,25 $2.45 $2.90 

Saw Blade Only for Circular Hole Saw 

Size, in % 1 I'A I'A 2 2<A 

Shpg. wt.... 5 oz. 6oz. 8 oz. 9oz. 12 oz. 15 oz. 
9PT2697.. 65c 65c 65c 65c 95c $1.35 

Grinding Arbor for Electric Drills 

®'/4-in. shank. Do not use with wheels larger than 4 in. 
9 PT 2593 — Shipping weight, 6 ounces 45c 

ftHFTSMOH Heavy Duty 

* Westinghouse extra heavy duty universal ball bearing 

* Spindles run on lifetime New Departure ball bearings 
sealed in oil. 

* Triple reduction gears are heat treated chrome-nickel 
steel — improve with use! 

* Equipped with genuine Jacobs' key chuck. 

* Manufactured and tested to exacting A.I.E.E. and N.E.- 
M.A. standards. 

Our finest drill! Built for heaviest production work 
in garages, factories, etc. Guaranteed nottostallon 
any job with the largest drill size specified! Arma- 
ture shaft runs on oil sealed ball bearings. Genuine 
Jacobs' key chuck. Underwriters approved, fully 
enclosed double-pole automatic-releasing switch; 
locks for continuous running. For 110^-120-volt A.C. 
or D.C. With 10-foot 3-wire rubber cord and un- 
breakable plug. 

Catalog No. 

Size Drill 

No Load Speed 

Shpg. Wt. 


99 PT Z585 
99 PT 2586 
99 PT2587 

% -inch 

750 R.P.M. 
525 R.P.M. 
475 R.P.M. 

25 lbs. 

26 lbs. 

27 1bB 



Hi in, vi 


The ideal tool for contractors. 
Cuts jack, valley and hip raft- 
ers for roofs of any pitch. 
Ideal for compound miter cuts. 

Notches rafters in double- 
quick time! Cuts with 
accuracy for snug, 
perfect-fitting joints. 

Nail your rough flooring 
in position, trim it with a 
CRAFTSMAN. Save on labor. 


• Heavy duty construction— built for production use 

• Finest 7-inch combination blade will cut any kind 
of wood up to 2% inches thick 

* Precision ball bearings used throughout for smooth 
frictionless operation and lifetime service 

* Base adjustable for depth of cut; tilts for bevel cuts 
up to 45 degrees 





One of the most important additions that we 
have ever made to the ffcflFTSMflH Line. De- 
signed and built for steady production work— 
for tough jobs— for day after day of continuous 
service. It's the ideal tool for contractors, car- 
penters, maintenance men, builders, production 
men—and others too numerous to mention. 

This fine tool will pay for itself many times 
over in actual saving of time and labor. It's 
the modern way to build— eliminates tedious 
hand sawing— speeds up the job— cuts down on 
labor cost. We believe this saw is the finest of 
its type in America. It's $120.00 worth of tool 
in everything but price. Every worthwhile fea- 
ture we know of is incorporated in its design. 
Just check these features— that's all we ask. 

Blade is 7-inch diameter and cuts 2% inches 
thick vertically or 1 % inches at 45° angle. This 
means you can cut through a dressed 2x4 at 
45°. Motor is Universal type for 110-volt A.C. 
or D.C. Powerful enough to rip a 2-inch plank 

12 feet long in 35 seconds. Bearings: Only pre- 
cision ball bearings are used; accurately mount- 
ed on precision ground chrome nickel steel 
shafts. Lubrication at one point greases all 
bearings. Drive: Multiple worm and gear are 
matched. Worm is ground to an accuracy of 
.0002 in. Frame: Cast from virgin aluminum 
alloy in steel dies for light weight and perfect 
alignment. Guard: Rotates on ball bearings and 
telescopes out of the way for maximum protec- 
tion. Blower: Built-in housing; keeps sawdust 
off the line. Operates from motor fan. Carry- 
ing Case: Heavy gauge all steel. 

Look it over— we believe you'll "agree this 
saw has everything. Complete with 
blade, heavy 10-foot rubber covered 
cord and unbreakable plug, socket 
wrench, tube of lubricant and all steel 
carrying case. Shipping weight, 
35 pounds. 
99 PT 2186 $87.50 

Over-all Height 

9'/ 2 in. 

Over-all Width 

7 in. 

Over-all Length 

1B in. 

Net Weight 

18 lbs. 

Blade Size 

7 in. 

Depth of Cut 
J At 45° 

2% in. 

1% in. 



ball on all 


Free Speed of Blade 

3200 R.P.M. 
Universal for 

A.C. or D.C. 



Double pole, 





keeps saw- 
dust off line 

Base Adjustment 
/For Depth of Cut 
{For Angle of Cut 

% to 2% in. 
90° to 45° 


Circular Saw 

7-inch combination saw for 
electric hand saw 99PT2186. 
Can be used for ripping, 
crosscutting or mitering. 
Hand set and filed. Shipping 
weight, 12 oz. ^. 

9 PT4935 $1.95 

Page 35 



7 A Q This heavy duty ball bearing grinder is pre- 
^13 cision built throughout. For ease of opera- 
tion and long wearing qualities it can't be 
beat. Only the highest quality materials 
and workmanship are used. Every moving 
part is cushioned on high quality ball bearings. Sealed 
against dirt and grit, these bearings insure a long-lived, 
quiet-running machine. Plenty of clearance around 
the wheels and 10 inches between centers. Perfectly 
machined 12[^K%-in. spindle is designed to accommo- 
date the thrust which heavy grinding imposes upon it 
and is turned down to J^-inch at ends. Streamlined 
hooded frame — a safety feature. Two-step drive pulley 
permits adjustment of speed to the material being 
worked. Sturdy adjustable tool rests. Strong gray 
iron wheel guards. Two CRAFTSMAN fully vitrified 
6xl-inch grinding wheels, one medium coarse and one 
medium fine. Accurately machined steel collars insure 
grinding wheels running straight and true. Complete 
with 42xJ£-inch V-belt. May be driven from below or 
behind. Blue enamel finish. Shipping weight, 18 pounds. 
99 PT 6649— CRAFTSMAN Grinder $7.45 






Complete With Jackshoft and Belt 

An ideal grinder for home workshop, farm or factory. 
Restores a keen cutting edge to any tool or knife and 
positively will not draw the temper of the steel. Equipped 
with highest grade natural Ohio grindstone, measuring 
10 inches in diameter with 1 ^4-inch face. Perfectly 
balanced; runs smoothly and easily. Heavy cast iron 
frame gives rigidity and prevents vibration. 3-inch ad- 
justable tool rest. Stone rotates in bath of water so 
that grinding surface is always wet. Handy plug in base 
to drain water when grinding is finished. Splash guard 
comes up over stone for greater protection. Built-in 
jack shaft for reducing speed of your motor down to 
proper grinding speed. Long-life bronze 
bearings. Attaches to any bench or table. 
Attractively finished in gray enamel. For 
best results use 1^-inch diameter motor 
pulley on 1750 R.P.M. motor. Complete 
with 6-inch V-drive pulley, jack shaft and 
V-belt as illustrated. Compare prices — see 
what you save at Sears. Shpg. wt., 34 lbs. 
99 PT 6620 .$7.95 

Page 36 



4AFJ A sturdy, smooth running grinder, 
HD ideal for home or shop. Plenty of 
clearance to handle large jobs. Full 
7 inches between wheel centers. Close 
grained gray iron frame, well-ribbed 
for added strength. 8^4-ineh spindle is 54-inch in 
diameter, turned down to ^-ineh at ends to fit 
standard wheels and accessories. Heavy, extra-long 
bronze bearings. Adjustable gray iron wheel 
guards. Adjustable tool rests. Streamlined hooded 
frame covers two-step V-drive pulley. Two HOW- 
ARD 6x 94-inch fully vitrified grinding wheels; 
one medium coarse, one medium fine. Oil cups. 
May be driven from below or behind. Blue enamel 
finish. Shipping weight, 15 pounds. 
99 PT 6648— COMPANION Grinder $4.95 



IQft Keep your tools sharp with this well- 
0*7 made, inexpensive utility grinder. A 
remarkable value at this low price. Can 
easily be driven from below or behind. 
Close grained gray iron frame. Stream- 
lined design keeps the drive pulley enclosed for ut- 
most safety. 7x%-ineh steel spindle turned down to 
^4-inch at ends to fit all standard wheels and acces- 
sories (see Page 42). 2-inch diameter V-type pulley 
for either % or ^-inch V-belt, Two fast-cutting 
4x %-inch grinding wheels, one fine grain and the 
other medium. Pressed steel collars keep wheels in 
perfect alignment. Oil cups. Adjustable tool rests. 
Attractive blue enamel finish. Shipping weight, 
6 pounds 2 ounces. 
9 PT 6639— COMPANION Grinder $1 .89 



2ftQ Once you have this polishing set you'll ^|P ffl) Standard. A sturdy, accurately made 
LtTj wonder how you ever got along without £113 polishing head for home or shop. Long 
it! You'll agree that it's the handiest If I life bronze bearings. Rugged streamline 
all-purpose tool in your entire shop! ■ designed gray iron frame covers drive 
Complete Sharpening tools, removing paint or 9 PT 6642 pulley. Can ibe driven from below or 
rust, grinding, polishing, drilling — this behind. 8xVfe-inch steel spindle. Ma- 
set handles them all. Head is 6'A inches high, has chined steel collars; 1 % -inch V-type pulley for either 
SxJ/J-inch spindle and is equipped with machined 94 or }4-inch b°lt. Can be used for grinding, scrap- 
steel collars and oil cups. 194 -inch V-type pulley for ln S. buffing, polishing, etc. Accessories needed for 
either % or j^-inch belt. Sturdily and accurately above operations, see Page 42. Over-all height, 
made of high-grade materials, this convenient set is 7J4 in. Blue enameled finish. 

good for years of service. Set includes the polishing pT 6G42 __ Shp g. wt ., 3 lbs . 12 oz $ , . t B 

head, H-inch capacity 3-jaw chuck, 4x!£-incn ^ & 

HOWARD medium fine vitrified grinding wheel,. two (gj Heavy Duty. Highest quality materials and 

,"'^K W ffi W l S i (0n S C °t fh ffi" ^ H ^construction throughout. Long-life bronze 

cloth buffing wheel, and cake of buffing compound. bearings. Heavy cast iron frame. oW*-in. steel 

9 PT 66 26— Complete polishing, grinding and gen- spindle takes all standard wheels and accessories, 

eral utility outfit as shown. Shipping weight, Precision built 3-jaw chuck will take drills up to 

4 pounds 10 ounces $2.29 94 -inch in diameter. Can be driven from below or 

behind. Carefully machined steel collars. Stream- 

9 PT 6613 Polishing head only, without chuck lined hooded frame covers 2-inch V-type pulley. Can 

and accessories. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs. 12 oz 89c be run by either 94 or !6-inch V-belt. Oil cups. 

n di- ,<. < o n ,/ I i u t i of ■ ~: li Over-all height ■, 8 % in. Blue enamel finish. 

9 PT 2130 — S4-inch chuck only. Shipping weight, & ' ** 

5 ounces 29c 9 PT 6643— Shpg. wt., 8 lbs. 4 oz $2.65 




MAD You would expect to pay at least $20.00 for a grinder of this 
*Fw qualityl The sturdy &-H.P. motor makes this grinder 
powerful enough to handle most any job. Ideal for work such 
as tool and cutter grinding, buffing, polishing, etc. 

This smooth running grinder will give yearB of trouble- 
free service. Husky 54-H.P. motor is equipped with New Departure ball 
bearings, which are packed in grease and sealed against dirt. Two 6x%-inch 
fully vitrified wheels, one coarse and one fine. Heavy Bftfety glass shields pro- 
tect operator's eyes against flying grit — a real safety feature. Shields can be 
raised for polishing and buffing operations. Adjustable tool rests. Handy 
built-in toggle switch allows you to start or stop motor without pulling out 
plug. Special soft rubber mountings insulate against vibration. Motor turns 
3460 R.P.M. at full load; 3600 R.P.M. at no load. For 110-volt 60-cycle A.C. 
6-foot rubber covered cord and plug. Shipping weight, 41 pounds. 

99 PT 2616— COMPANION &-H.P. Grinder $14.95 

iQE This grinder would be a real value even at $35.00. Especially built 

$M £*7«# for the shop or garage owner who wants many years of reliable service 
£| J^B at very small cost. Bigger motor — larger wheels— greater clearance 

^"^■^ between wheels. New, easy starting reactor start induction run 

motor has sealed-in New Departure ball bearings protected against 
abrasive dust. Perfect fitting wheel collars and rubber mountings eliminate all vibration. 
13-inches between wheels. Two 7x%-inch vitrified wheels, one coarse and one fine > 
Operator is protected from fine flying grit, by safety glass shields. Shields can quickly 
be raised for polishing and buffing jobs, making this one of the most useful tools in your 
shop. Removable and adjustable wheel guards. Small diameter motor allows work to be 
held straight across front of spindle without striking motor housing. Tool rests are 
adjustable for exact clearance with wheels. Motor turns at 3450 R.P.M. with full load; 
3600 R.P.M. at no load. For 110-volt, 60-cycle A.C. Complete with built-in starting 
switch, 6-foot rubber cord and plug. Shipping weight, 52 pounds. 

99 PT 261 7— CRAFTSMAN 54-H. P. Grinder $23.96 



QC • Heavy duty ^4 -H.P. New Departure ball bearing motor. 3450 R.P.M., 
full load (3600 R.P.M., no load). Operates on 1 lO-volt 60-cycle A.C. 
Has built-in toggle switch. Small diameter of motor permits work 
to be ground across face of machine 

• 7xl-in. vitrified grinding wheels — one coarse; one fine for different kinds of work 

• Shatterproof glass shields. Adjustable tool rests easily removable for buffing 

• Detachable water pan for cooling work— helps prevent drawing temper of tools 

Sears finest! A real $50.00 value. You'll be surprised how fast you can turn out 
those tough jobs with this heavy duty grinder. It's a real production type elec- 
tric grinder for day-in and day-out service. Unsurpassed for sharpening or 
grinding small or large tools or parts. 

New, fast starting, smooth running reactor start induction run motor gives 
years of trouble-free service. Precision built New Departure ball bearings are 
sealed in grease — protected against dust and dirt. The newly designed large 
collars always hold wheels in perfect alignment. Heavy cast iron base with 
rubber mountings eliminates vibration. 6-foot rubber covered cord, and plug. 

99 PTM 2609— Shipping weight, 97 pounds $32.95 

$|A f^OO * Equal to lathes selling up to $75.00 
^^1%"" • New Departure ball bearings 
£lV • 2 speeds; 1750 and 3450 R.P.M. Operates on 

110-volt 60-cycle A.C. 

• Tapered shafts will take any standard dental chucks 

• Accurately balanced and rubber-mounted to eliminate vibration 

Why let a makeshift or obsolete lathe slow up your work? 
Especially when you can get this precision-built tool for this 
price! You need the best tools to do good work. The best 
part of it is that Sears tremendous buying power on motors 
actually brings you this lathe at J^ to j^ the usual price. 
Modern design — equipped with New Departure ball bear- 
ings, each packed in grease. The two accurately tapered 
shafts will take any chuck or accessory sold by your dental 
supply house. Quick action chuck removers speed up work. 
Designed so that it is easy to work on — even on odd pieces 
and hard-to-get-at places. Shpg. wt., 42 lbs. 

99 PT 5579— CRAFTSMAN Dental Lathe $25.00 

Page 37 

I. Burn-out protector stops motor if motor it 

2. Extra largo oil walls. Hold enough oil for year* 
of service 

3. Oversize phosphor bronzo boartngs guarantee 
longer service 

4. Troublo-proof starting device 

5. Accurately balanced, powerful rotor 

Buy the Right Motor I 

• To get the most out of a motor it is important you 
select the right type for the Job. Check your power 
company for current supply you have and make sure 
line is heavy enough to carry motor wanted. Single 
phase current Is generally supplied In homes and 3 
phase current in factories. 

• The principal difference in single phase (house cur- 
rent) motors is in the way they start. For hard starting 
jobs like pumps, cream separators, compressors, etc., a 
repulsion-Induction motor must be used. This type will 
start a load of 3 to 4 times lis rated ft. P. torque. 

• For jobs where the starting effort is not so high, 
(washing machines, power tools, etc.) you can use 
either a split phase or capacitor motor. The capacitor 
motor has the advantage of taking only about half as 
much current in starting as the split phase type. It 
starts more easily, and starts somewhat heavier toads. 

• Bronze bearing motors must be used in a horizontal 
position. Ball bearing motors may be used in a 
vertical or any other position. 

• In base mounting dimensions, the first figure always 
refers to measurement parallel to shaft, and the second 
at right angles to shaft (from center to center of slots). 
Measure your mounlingsl 

■ If you are in doubt as to which motor to buy, write 
Sears Personal Service Department. 




Guaranteed 3 years against defects. Entirely new! 
No finer motor of this type has ever been built! 
Tremendous overload capacity. You CAN'T match 
it anywhere else because it has features which have 
never been offered in one motor before! 

NEW heavier windings for extra power— motor 
develops 4 to 5 times rated H.P. torque while start- 
ing; will actually carry more than its rated H.P. con- 
tinuously .. .NEW overload protector prevents 
burn-out — current shuts off automatically if motor 
is ever overloaded or overheated . . . NEW giant 
oil wells — our engineers say this motor will never 

need oiling, but we have provided oil holes as an ex- 
tra precaution . . . NEW bigger and heavier frame 
for permanent accuracy of alignment, quieter 
operation, and longer life. 

Meets all A, I.E.E., N.E.M.A., and Central Station 
requirements. Large air vents and powerful fan 
keep motor cool — will not overheat when run 
steadily at full rated load. Shaft in &-H.P. and 
larger has keyway. 1750 R.P.M. Use in horizontal 
position. Direction of rotation easily reversed. 
Before ordering, check voltage, phase, cycle and 
capacity of your power line. 

Single Phase— Repulsion-Induction. IIO-220-voft, 60-cycle A.C. 

Catalog No. 

H. P. 

Shift Diam. 

Base Mountings 

Shpg. Wt. 


99 PT I960 


% inch 

3}4x6 inches 

39 pounds 


99 PT 1961 


H inch 

3%x6 inches 

44 pounds 


99 PTM 1962 


H inch 

4%x7>£ inches 

77 pounds 


99 PTM 1963 


% inch 

i%x7H inches 

84 pounds 


99 PTM 1964 


% inch 

5%x7!4 inches 

92 pounds 








• Guaranteed 3 full years against defects in material and workmanship 

* Has built-in overload protector to prevent burn-out 

* Grease-sealed precision New Departure ball bearings for long life 

• Built-in condenser reduces amount of current used in starting 

The fine performance and trouble-free operation of' condenser motors has made 
them tremendously popular! And here's one you can't match at anywhere near this 
low price! Bigger . . . stronger . . . heavier . . . built for year after year of service. 
Built-in condenser reduces starting current— makes motor start more easily and 
come up to speed more rapidly. Handles heavy running loads if they are easily 
started. Ball bearing construction permits use of motor in any position. Handy 
built-in on-off switch. &-inch double drive shaft extends 1% inches on both ends. 
99 PT 1955 and 99 PT 1956 may be easily reversed by changing leads; 99 PT 5587 
has built-in reversing switch. For 110-120 volt 60-cycle A.C. Complete with 8-ft. 
rubber cord and unbreakable plug. Base mounting, 3^x5 inches. 

99 PT 1955— W-H.P. 1750 R.P.M. Shipping weight, 32 pounds J 11. 95 

99 PT 19 56— J4-H.P. 1750 R.P.M. Shipping weight, 35 pounds 1 4.95 

99 PT 5587— &-H.P. 3450 R.P.M. For high speed power tools such as jointers, 
shapers, etc. Shipping weight, 36 pounds $1 6.95 

Page 38 







* Guaranteed 3 years against defects in materials and workmanship 

• The same fine quality, and all the features of motor at left, and 
In addition equipped with a very handy remote control switch 

One of the handiest motors ever designed! Motor is controlled by a single heavy 
start-stop-reverse switch mounted in a box and connected to motor by 30 inches 
of heavy rubber covered cord. Put your motor out of the way behind or below the 
machine: mount the switch at the front of the machine with the rest of your con- 
trols — and start, stop, or reverse the motor ivith a flip of your finger! Far more con- 
venient and far safer because your control is away from the driving belt and pulley. 
Particularly handy for power tools. 

Aside from the remote control switch, this motor is exactly the same and has 
all the features of the 99 PT 1956 motor shown at left. 
99 PT 5584— &-H.P. For 110-120 volt 60-cycle A.C. 1750 R.P.M. With 7 [£-ft. 

plug-in cord and 2|£-ft. cord on switch. Shpg. wt., 36 lbs $1 6.50 

99 PT 1970— % -H.P. Turns 3450 R.P.M. Has remote control start-stop switch 
connected to motor by 46-inch cord. Has burn-out protection, %-in. double shaft, 
and ball bearings. Particularly recommended for circular saw applications. Base 
mounting, 3^x5 in. For 110-220 volt 60-cycle A.C. Shpg. wt., 48 lbs S26.50 



With NEW Giant Oil Well* . . . NEW Big Frame 


ntk fk Guaranteed S years against defects. New! Greatly im- 
4 II proved! Now our famous CRAFTSMAN repulsion-induc- 
" tion motor is even more outstanding than ever before! 
Great overload capacity— develops 3 to 4 times rated horse 
power torque while starting — easily starts the heaviest loads! 
!4*H.P. Our engineers say this new motor will NEVER need oiling, 

but we have provided oil holes as an extra precaution. Large 
air vents and powerful fan . . . motor will not overheat when run steadily at full 
rated load. Meets A. I.E. E., N.E.M.A., and Central Station requirements. 
Finest phosphor bronze bearings. Shaft in &-H.P. and larger has keyway. 
1750 R.P.M. Use in horizontal position only. Direction of rotation easily 
reversed. Motors larger than 1-H.P. have standard N.E.M.A, dimensions — 
are interchangeable with other makes. Sizes over 1-R.P. have regular oil wells 
— not giant type. Check phase, voltage, cycle and capacity of your power line 
before ordering. Sizes up to 1&-H.P. shipped from stock, not prepaid. 
Motors of 2-H.P. or more shipped from New York City, prepaid, except in 
Seattle or Los Angeles Territory where customer pays freight. 

Sins'* Phase — Repetition Induction 
1 10-220 volt, 60-rycle A.C. 

Three Phase — Squirrel Gage Type 

220-440-vott. 60-cycle A.C. 
















99PT 1950 
99PT 1951 









































9 xlO 
11 xU!4 
11 x\VA 
14 xl5 
16 >17 




EASY PAYMENT TERMS— See Inside Front Cover 



l /s H.P. 

QflFTSMAN Heavy Duty 

5KF Ball Bearings 

$^^k IHAn Guaranteed 3 years 
■ ■ '#M J against defects. 
M M w w The finest motor 

^CJ M you can select for 

^■^■e ■" power tools! A 

heavy duty J4-H.P. 
repulsion-induction motor with a double 
drive shaft and genuine SKF ball bear- 
ings. This ball bearing construction 
permits motor to be operated in any 
position and increases its uses. May be 
used on vertical drives, such as drill 
presses, etc. The sealed ball bearings 
also make this motor ideal for out-of- 
the-way installations because these bear- 
ings will operate for long periods with- 
out requiring attention. 

Built for years of trouble-free service. 
Meets A.I.E.E., N.E.M.A. and Cen- 
tral Station requirements. Has tre- 
mendous overload capacity. Will run 
continuously under full rated load with- 
out overheating. Powerful fan and large 
air ducts help keep motor cool. Easily 
reversed by shifting brushes. 

Single phase repulsion-induction type. 
Operates on 110-120 volt 60-cycle A.C. 
1750 R.P.M. Base mounting, 3?<x7& 
inch. Double drive shaft; size, % inch, 
Shipping weight, 68 pounds. 
99 PTM 5619 $27- 95 

a jobs . . 



(MFJsMftM High Speed 

SKF Ball Bearing* 

$b^ ^% Q P Guaranteed 3 pears 
■ Ml JJ against defects in 
■ %■ teriaU and work- 

^L^J manship . These 

^ m ^^ husky, high speed, re- 

M»-H.P. pulsion-induction 

motors are recom- 
mended for shapers, bench saws, joint- 
ers, and other usee where a motor speed 
of 3450 R.P.M. is desired. 

Extra-rugged construction through- 
out! Packed with power! Fitted with 
famous precision SKF ball bearings for 
smooth operation and long life. This 
ball bearing construction permits motor 
to be used in any position. Forced draft 
cooling. It is necesBary to lubricate this 
motor only twice a year! Easily re- 
versed. The J4-H.P. and X-H.F. Bizes 
have built-in starting switch and rubber 
covered cord. The 1-H.P. Bize has re- 
mote control switch, and heavy rubber 
covered cord. AH are 3450 R.P.M, For 
110-120 volt 60-cycle A.C. Mounting 
dimensions, 3^x5 in. 
99 PT 5608— fc-H.P. }£-in. double 

Bhaft. Shpg. wt., 33 lbs $1 9.95 

99 PT 6611 — M-H.P. *-in. double 

shaft. Shpg. wt., 45 lbs $32.50 

99 PTM 5605— 1-H.P. *-in. double 
shaft. Shpg. wt., 62 lbs S39.95 


l fc H. P. 


• Guaranteed 2 yean against defects in material or workmanship 

• Hat new overload protector lo prevent motor from burning out 

• Grease sealed New Departure ball bearings insure long service 

Our finest and sturdiest split phase motor — now equipped with an overload pro- 
tector! Compares with motorB selling for $15! Every part is EXTRA STRONG! 
Heavier windings, rotors and stators — larger cooling ducts, frame castings and 
bearing housings! Handles heavy running loads if they are easily Btarted. Ball 
bearing construction permits you to use the motor in vertical or any other position. 
Easily reversed. Handy built-in, on-off switch. !4-inch double drive shaft extends 
1% inches on both ends. For 110-120 volt 60-cycle A.C. Motor speed, 1750 R.P.M. 
Complete with 8-foot cord and unbreakable plug. Base mounting, 3^ inches 
x 5 inches. Shipping weight, 30 pounds. 

99 PT 5620— J4-H.P $9.98 

99 PT 5583 — KENMORE ^-H.P. Motor. Same as above except with diamond 
bored bronze bearings and without overload protector. Use in horizontal position 
only. Shipping weight, 29 poundB $8.45 

• Guaranteed 2 years against defects in material and workmanship 

• New built-in overload protector prevents motor from burning out 

• Sealed oil chambers— motor NEVER needs oiling 

One of the sturdiest and most reliable J4-H.P. motors made! Quiet running . . . 
Powerful . . . Super-insulated. Now a greater value than ever before because 
we've added a new overload protector to guard against burn-outs. 

Large diamond-bored bronze bearings for long life and smooth operation. Motor 
is lubricated for life at the factory. Rotors are accurately and individually bal- 
anced. Handles heavy running loads if they are easily started. Handy built-in 
on-off switch. Motor is easily reversed. Use in horizontal position only. S£-inch 
drive shaft extends 1 % inches. For 110-120 volt 60-cycle A.C. Speed, 1750 
R.P.M. 8-foot rubber covered cord and plug. Mounting dimensions, o->'.\5 
inches. Shipping weight, each, 27 pounds. 

99 PT 5618— H-H.P $7-25 

99 PT 5615— 32-volt .$14-9 5; 99 PT 561 6— 110-volt $14.95 

Page 39 


Line Shaft, Hangers, and Accessories 

Equip your line shaft with Sears accessories and know you have the best Accu- 
rately machined by skilled workmen for long life. 

Line shafts come in two sizes: J4-inch for light tools; 34 -inch for heavier 
machines and larger motors. Oil cups are easily installed in place of plugs. Make 
sure that bushings receive the proper oiling essential for good performance. Rigid 
couplings frequently are used for connecting sections of line shafting. Line shaft 
collars prevent endwise "drift" of shaft. Flexible couplings are used on such jobs 
as connecting a motor shaft to a line shaft. Self-adjusting for minor misalign- 
ment, thus preventing excessive bearing wear. Husky bronze bearing hangers are 
adjustable to permit perfect shaft alignment necessary for free turning, non- 
binding operation, ^-inch hangers should be spaced approximately every 18 
inches; H-i nc b hangers every 24 inches. 

Cilalog No. 

(A) 9 PT 2833 
(A) 9 PT 2834 

(A) 9 PT 2836 

(B) 9 PT 2822 

(C) 9 PT 2820 

(D) 9 PT 2839 

(E) 9 PT 2824 

(E) 9 PT 2825 

(F) 9 PT 2840 

(G) 9 PT 2828 
(G) 9 PT 2829 

9 PT 2830 

&-in. x 24-in. Steel Shaft 

&-in. x 48-in. Steel Shaft , 

%-in. x 48-in. Steel Shaft 

Bronze Bushed Bearing. (For Mj-in. Shaft) 

Wick Oil Cups. .. 

Mt-in. Rigid Coupling 

J£-in, Line Shaft Collar 

*<-in. Line Shaft Collar 

Flexible Coupling {Specify ^,Hor^ in.) . 

J£-inch Bronze Bushed Shaft Hanger 

9<-jnch Bronze Bushed Shaft Hanger 

V4-inch Needle Bearing Hanger 

Shpg. Wt. 

3 lbs. 
7 lbs. 

8 oz 

1 lb. 

4 oz. 

1 oz. 

5 oz. 

2 oz. 

3 oz. 
12 oz. 

8 oz. 
12 oz. 





"JUNIOR" Lathe 

(S) Here's your chance to get a 
real woodworking lathe at a 
great saving. Lathe has a two-speed pul- 
ley, 5-inch swing, regular spur and cup 
center, and a 5-inch adjustable tool reBt. 
12 inches between centers. A sturdily con- 
structed lathe with a machined bed. Ship- 
ping weight, 8 pounds. 
9 PT 2728 $1.59 

?2 19 

"JUNIOR" Bench Sow 

(g) Save time and effort with a 
circular saw. That's exactly 
what you do with this "JUN- 
IOR" bench saw. Complete 
with 5[4x8^-inch table, adjustable in 
height; rip fence; miter gauge; shaft exten- 
sion with collars and nuts for accessories; 
and a 4-inch saw blade, Shpg. wt., 8 lbs. 
9 PT 2729 $2.19 


"JUNIOR" Jig Saw 

(c) No workshop is complete 
without a jig saw. It's in- 
dispensable for fine cutting— 
for intricate sawing of light 
wood stocks — for work that must be done 
carefully and with particular neatness. The 
"JUNIOR" Jig Saw has a 10-inch throat 
. . . 8-inch diameter table . . . enclosed 
spring head . . . and a rigid cast iron frame. 
Cuts out difficult circular and angular pat- 
terns — quickly and smoothly. 
9 PT 2730— Shpg. wt., 9 lbs $1.89 

'JUNIOR" Electric Motor 

? 3?s 

(R) A smooth-running motor 
w for the "JUNIOR" tools 
above. A regular 110-volt, 60- 
cycle power plant. Turns 3400 
R.P.M. — all you need to keep your "JUN- 
IOR" tools humming. Accurately made of 
first quality materials. Built for years of 
steady, satisfactory service. Complete 
with brass pulley for use with the rubber 
drive belt 9 PT 2727 shown below, which 
must be used with this motor. Cord and 
plug included. Shipping weight, 7 lbs. 6 oz. 

9 PT 2725 S3. 75 

Rubber Drive Belt 

(E) For use with "JUNIOR" mo- 
™ tor 9 PT 2725 above. Rubber 
clings to the drive pulley and 
makes sure all the power is used. 
Have a belt for each tool. 
9 PT 2727— Shpg. wt., 2 oz 



Floating Motor Rails 

Use one motor for sev- 
eral tools! Just fasten set 
of clips near each tool, 
and shift motor with rail 
from one tool to another. 
Keeps belt at proper ten- 

9 PT 2275— Floating 
motor rail and one pair 
clips. Shpg. wt., _ - 

1 lb. 13 oz 50c 

9 PT 2277— Pair rail 
clips only. Shpg. wt., 7 
oz 20c 

Page 40 

Adjustable Motor Rails 

Recommended for jobs 
where motor is to be used 
on only one tool and not 
moved from tool to tool. 
To adjust belts merely 
loosen bolts holding motor 
to rail, slide motor for belt 
tension wanted and tighten 
bolts. Makes belt adjust- 
ments very simple. Be care- 
ful not to run your V belts 
too tight. Shipping weight, 
3 pounds 
9 PT 2279— Per pair.. 50c 

Deluxe Floating Motor Rail 

Improved type! For smooth, vibrationless operation. All 
the advantages of the regular type PLUS rubber cushion- 
ing, rear end support, and right angle clips. The right 
angle clips may be used in normal or right angle position. 
Motor rail and pivot support are used to carry rear end of 
motor. Pivot has rubber ball that rests in socket. Will fit 
nearly all fractional horse power motors. Designed bo that 
these rails can be used with the standard type clips if 
desired. Shipping weight, 2 pounds. 
9 PT 2326— Complete set 80c 

9 PT 2328— Pair right 
angle clips only. Shpg. wt., 

10 oz 29c 

9 PT 2330— Rear rail on- 
ly, with pivot and socket. 
Shpg. wt., lib 29 o 

Motor Base Adapter 

For machines without 
standard motor mount- 
ing. Heavy steel plate 
with series of slots. Help- 
ful in adapting new motor 
to pumps, washing ma- 
chines, power tools and 
other machines with odd 
size motor mountings. 
Fits most motors up to 
%-H.P. and some 1-H.P. 
motors. Shipping weight, 
1 pound 8 ounces. 
9 PT 5593 45c 

Thermatrip Fuse 

Perfect protection! 
Carries the momen- 
tarily high current 
necessary to start 
a split phase motor, 
but blows on short 
circuit or continuous 
overload. Inter- 
changeable with or- 
dinary fuses. Ap- 
proved by Under' 
writers. Shipping 
wt., 2 oz. 
9 PT 1995 8c 




A complete line of V belt pulleys for power tool 
use. Each scientifically designed, carefully and 
accurately made of the finest materials. Bal- 
anced to run perfectly true. Grooves are ma- 
chined so as to be perfectly true. Bores are 
machined to exact size. This care gives more 
pulling power. Each V pulley has 2 set screws 
countersunk in collar. Diameter given refer* to 
outer edge of pulley, not the groove. Be lure to 
stale size of bore wanted. 

Cone Pulleys— 3 and 4-Step 

Cone pulleys are used to get Bpeed variation. The large 
step of one is placed opposite the Bmall step of another 
of the same Bize. Shifting belt from Btep to Btep gives 
different speeds. Grooves accommodate 54 or &-in. 
belts. Size of bore, A, 54 or 94-inch. Be sure to state 
size of bore wanted. 

Catalog No. 



Diam., Step, In. 1 Shpg. Wt. 


9 PT 2788 
9 PT 2792 
9 PT 2793 

3% In. 

4 In. 

5 In. 


3%, 254. 2 | 1 lb. 

4, 3H, ^54. 2 j 1 lb. 10 oa. 

5. 4. 3. 2 1 1 lb. 14 oz. 


Single Groove V Pulleys 

Made of highest quality Zamac alloy. Sturdy and 
smooth running. Strong flanges and hubs. Two heavy 
set screws. Turned grooves and reamed borea. Grooves 
accommodate 54 or &-ineh wide V belts, except 9 PT 
2800 which is for use with %-inch belt only. Attractively 
finished in silver aluminum color. Be sure to state size 
of bore wanted. 

Catalog No. 


Bore, In. 

Shpg. Wt. 


9 PT 2800 

VA tn. 

ft. 54 

3 oz. 


9 PT2801 

2 in. 

5 oz. 


9 PT 2802 

2'A In. 

'A. 54. Y* 

6 oz. 


9 PT 2803 

3 in. 

'A. 54. % 
A, 54. % 

7 oz. 


9 PT2804 

4 In. 

10 oz. 


9 PT2805 

5 In. 

A, 54. % 
'A, 54. & 

15 oz. 


9 PT2806 

6A In. 

1 lb. 6 oz. 


Heavy Duty Steel V Pulleys 

Heavy duty steel V pulleys built expressly for produc- 
tion work. Massive pressed steel construction with 
steel or malleable iron hubs. Fit V belts 54 or !£-in. 
wide. Keywaye are provided in all pulleys with H or 
%-in. bore. All pulleys have 2 set screws. Be sure to 
state bore wanted. 



Bore, In. 

Shpg. Wt. 
5 oz. 


9 PT 2880 

VA in. 



9 PT2881 

2 in. 

6 oz. 


9 PT 2882 

2'A in. 


A. 54. % 

9 oz. 


9 PT 2883 

3 in. 

12 oz. 


9 PT 2884 

4 in. 

1 lb. 


9 PT 2885 

5 in. 

'A. 54, % 

1 lb. 4 oz. 


9 PT2886 

6A in. 

>A. 54. %. 1 

1 lb. 10 oz. 


9 PT2808 

8 in. 

'A, 54. %. 1 
'A, 54, U.i 
A. 54, k. 1 

:'. lbs. 4 oz. 


9 PT2810 
9 PT 2812 

10 in. 
12 in. 

3 lbs. 

3 lbs. 13 oz. 


9 PT 2815 

I5& in. 

6 lbs. 5 oz. 


2-Groove Steel V Pulleys 

2-groove drive efficiency at a moderate price. Builtto 
withstand many years of hard service, Fitted with 
standard key ways and hollow head set screws. Wrench 
supplied. For domestic applications. For V belts A or 
54-inch wide. Be sure to state size of bore wanted. 

Catalog No. 


Bore, In. 



9 PT 2940 


54. %. 1 

1 lb. 13 oz. 


9 PT 2941 

4 in. 

54. 54. 1 

3 lbs. 


9 PT 2942 

5 in. 

%. 1, His 
%, 1. 1Mb 

3 lbs. 6 oz. 


9 PT 2943 

6 in. 

4 lbs. 


9 PT 2944 

8 in. 

1. ljie 

1, lip 

5 lbs. 4 oz. 


9 PT 2945 

10 in. 

7 lbs. 


9 PT 2946 

12 In. 

1. lMe 

8 lbs. 10 oz. 


Hollow Head Set Screws 

(g) Take place of ordinary set screws in machines and 
pulleys. Tremendous pressure exerted by wrench 
prevents screw from loosening. Nickel alloy steel. 
9PT2811 — y* or51s-in. State size. Shpg. wt., 2 oz..5c 

(g) 9 PT 2813 — Wrench for above. For W or 5fe-in. _ 
screw. State size. Shipping weight, 1 oa DC 

Flat Belt Pulleys 

(S) Sturdy and accurately made 
from die cast alloy; have nearly 
twice the tensile strength of cast 
iron. Fitted with hardened set 
screw. Accurate bores fit shaft per- 
fectly. Properly crowned so that 
belts run true and last longer. 
Carefully balanced to run smoothly 
without vibration. 
9 PT 2798— State size and shaft 
diameter wanted. 

Hard Fiber Flat Pulleys 

(g) Highest quality! Built to last! 
Particularly recommended for 
use as motor drive pulleys in indus- 
trial applications. Made with ac- 
curate cores to insure true running. 
Faces won't wear smooth. Trans- 
mi t maximum power because there's 
minimum slippage. 

9 PT 2799 — Be sure to state size 
and shaft diameter wanted. 

Diem, and 
Face. In. 

2 x2 
2A *2A 

3 X 3 

4 5 3«! 


Stall. In. 





it, 54 
54. 54. I 
*, 1 







Diam. and 
Face, In. 


Shirt, In. 





2 x2& 

3 %3'A 

4 x4& 

'A, 54 
A. 54 
A. 54,94 
54. %. 1 
54. 1 







Measure Around OUT5IDE Edge 
of Pulleys (Not in Groove) to 
Get Length of Belt Wanted. 


Long wearing, true running, resist slipping 
and stretching and transmit power with least 
friction loss. Heavy duty vulcanized cord 
wrapper (2) for greater strength. Flexible 
inner cushion of tough cured rubber (4) re- 9 py 2750 
inforced at the pitch line by strong cords (1) 
to inBure longer life. Properly molded and of uniform 
cross section (3). Length shown is distance around out- 
side of belt. See "How to Measure" above. 

3/fc-ln. V-Belts 

Their flexibility makes them ideal for drives over small 
diameter pulleys. Measure your belt. See above. 


Catalog No. 



Shpg. Wt. 


9 PT 2750 

20 in. 

54 in. 

3 oz. 


9 PT 2761 

24 in. 

54 in. 

3 oz. 


9 PT 2752 

30 in. 

54 in. 

4 os. 


9 PT 2753 

36 in. 

54 in. 

4 oz. 


9 PT2764 

42 in. 

54 m. 

4 oz. 


J^-ln. (A Section) V-Belts 

A general purpose size for most applications with single V 
pulleys. Measure your belt. See above. 


Catalog No. 



Shpg. Wt. 


PT 2788 

28 in. 

'A m. 

5 oz. 


9 PT 2759 

32 in. 

A m. 

4 oz. 


9 PT 2760 

34 in. 

A in. 

6 01. 


9 PT 2761 

36 in. 

A in. 

6 oz. 


9 PT 2762 

38 in. 

'A m. 

6 01. 


9 PT 2763 

42 in. 

A in. 

7 OB. 


9 PT 2757 

45 in. 

A in. 

7 os. 


9 PT 2764 

48 in. 

A in. 

7 os. 


9 PT2765 

54 in. 

Vi. in. 

7 oz. 


9 PT 2766 

58 in. 

A >n. 

8 oz. 


9 PT 2767 

66 in. 

A in. 

9 oz. 


9 PT 2771 

84 in. 

A in. 

10 os. 


9 PT 2772 

100 in. 

'A m. 

12 oz. 


5 /a-ln. (B Section) V-Belts 

Use for heavier drives over a minimum pulley diameter of 
3 inches. Measure your belt. See above. 

Catalog No. 

38 in. 


Shpg. Wt. 


9 PT 2766 

54 in. 

9 oz. 


9 PT 2768 

45 in. 

54 in. 

10 oz. 


9 PT 2769 

54 in. 

54 in. 

11 OS. 

SI. 05 

9 PT 2773 

62 in. 

54 in. 

12 oz. 


9 PT 2774 

72 in. 

54 in. 

14 oz. 


9 PT2775 

84 in. 

54 in. 



9 PT 2776 

100 in. 

54 in. 

1 lb. 4 oz. 


9 PT 2778 

115 in. 

54 in. 

lib. 8oz. 


9 PT 2779 

131 in. 

54 in. 

1 lb. 10 oz. 


9 PT 2780 

147 in. 

54 in. 

1 lb. 12 os. 


5 / 8 "^l 


Leather "V" Belting 

Just the thing for those places where you 
need a belt of odd length. Cut to any 
length you want. Made of tough oak 
leather — two plies cemented together 
and Btrongly sewed down the center. 
Coupling included with every length. 
State width and length. Shipping 
weight, foot, 3 ounces. 
9 PT 2777 — 54-in. width. Per ft. . . . 12c 
VS-in. width. Per ft 1 4o 


Use this table to determine the Bpeed of your machine with varying 
Bises of motor and machine pulleys. Figures given are for ubc with belt 
at proper tension and a motor speed of 1750 R.P.M. 

Diameter of 

Motor or 
Driving Pulley 

Diameter in Inches of Driven 
Pulley or Pulley on Machines 








I A in. 

2 in. 

3 in. 

4 in. 

5 in. 

6 A in. 








Example— the machine has a 2-inch pulley and should run 3450 or 3500 
R.P.M. What size pulley should be used with a 1750 R.P.M. motor? 
From the table follow down the vertical 2-in. column to the speed of 
3450, then to the left in column headed "Diameter of Motor or Driving 
Pulley." The answer is a 4-in. diameter pulley required. 

Page 41 

Rip and Crosscut Saws 

CRAFTSMAN Nickel Chrome Saws, Priced 25% 
to 30% below competition — yet positively guaran- 
teed to equal the finest saws sold in EVERY respect! 
Special high analysis nickel chrome alloy steel — the 
finest steel known for circular saws! Correctly heat 
treated and hardened in electrically controlled fur- 
naces. Every saw is hand hammered by master saw 
makers for proper tension to make it run true and 
straight. Expertly hand set and filed. Clean, rapid 
cutting. Deep, round gullets. High, mirror-like finish. 
Blue etched. State size wanted. 

9 PT 4925— CRAFTSMAN Crosscut Saw. 

9 PT 4926 — CRAFTSMAN Rip Saw. 

Combination Saws 

Handiest of all circular saws! Really 3 saws in 
one! Can be used equally well for erosscutting, 
ripping and mitering in hard or soft wood. 

CRAFTSMAN. Specially refined crucible saw 
steel, heat treated and hardened. Hand hammered 
for tension and balance. Polished — blue etched. 
9 PT 4939— CRAFTSMAN Hollow Ground. Gives 
smooth, finished surface. Improved taper grinding 
allows saw to run without set— won't bind. State size. 




Rev. Per 




Hole, In. 
Y2 or % 







8 oz. 



& or % 


13 oz. 




Vi or % 


1 lb. 






1 lb. 6 oz. 




% or % 


1 lb. 12 oz. 



Gauge Taper 

Size Hole 

Shpg. Wt. 


6 In. 

16 to 19 

V4 or % in. 

8 oz. 

7 in. 

15 to 18 

Vi or % In. 

12 oz. 


8 in. 

15 to 18 

'A or % in. 

1 lb. 


9 In. 

14 to 17 

% in. 

1 lb. 6 oz. 


10 in. 

14 to 17 

% or % in. 

1 lb. 10 oz. 


9 PT 4937— CRAFTSMAN Flat Ground. Fast and 
easy cutting in all woods. Expertly hand set and 
filed. Won't bind. State size. 

FULTON Saws. Special electric furnace steel. Prop- 
erly heat treated and hardened — stay sharp and hold 
the set. Hand hammered for proper tension. Accurately 
hand set and filed— won't bind or buckle. Highly pol- 
ished. State size. 

9 PT 4923— FULTON Crosscut Saw. 
9 PT 4924— FULTON Rip Saw. 



Center Hole 



6 In. 


Vz or % In. 

8 oz. 


7 in. 


Hor« in. 

12 oz. 


8 in. 


A or % in. 

1 lb. 


9 In. 


K in. 

1 lb. 6 oz. 


10 in. 


% or % in. 

1 lb. 10 oz. 


9 PT 4938— FULTON Flat Ground Combination 

Saw. Special electric furnace steel, heat treated and 


. Hand 

set and filed. 

Won't bind. S 

tate size. 



Center Hole 



8 oz. 

11 oz. 

13 oz. 


6 in. 

7 In. 

8 in. 


'A or % In. 
'A or % In. 
Vi or H In. 




Size Hole 

Shpg. Wt. 


6 In. 

7 in. 

8 In. 
10 in. 


VtOT % in. 
A or % In. 
'A or 54 in. 
%or Va. in. 

8 oz. 
12 oz. 
1 lb. 
1 lb. 10 oz. 

SO. 95 

Bronze Bearing Saw Mandrels 

■1 ift You can easily make your own saw table by 

S j **# mounting one of these mandrels under your 

* si work bench. Long wearing bronze bearings. 

Size 00 2-inch machined steei double V pulley may be 

used with flat belt, or with single or multiple V 

belt drive. Machined steel collars insure a true running 

saw blade, grinding wheel or any other accessories. Set 

collar takes up end play. Polished and ground steel shaft. 

Oil plugs. Over-all length, 14 inches. 

9 PT 4946— State size wanted. 

Size 00. 94-inch shaft turned down to A inch at ends. 

Shipping weight, 7 pounds $1 .49 

Size 0. 34-inch shaft turned down to % inch at ends. 
Shipping weight, 8 pounds $1.69 

Ball Bearing Saw Mandrel 

tna^AC Priced to save you ^. Equipped with precision 
Up k TtO ball bearings for smooth operation and long life. 
f^ Bearings are fully enclosed to protect them 

against dust and dirt and will last for years. 
Has Zerk fitting for positive lubrication. Machined steel 
collars. J^-inch polished and ground steel shaft, with 
adapters which make it possible for this mandrel to fit saws 
or other accessories with either A, % or 94-inch holes. 
Pulley end of mandrel is ample length for dual V-belt drive. 
See pulleys on page 41. Over-all length, 10 y 2 inches. 

9 PT 4941— Shipping weight, 6 pounds $3.45 


(RAF TSMAN Grinding Wheels 

Made of aluminum oxide. Fully 
vitrified by electric furnace proc- 
ess. Expertly dressed on both 
face and sides. Perfectly bal- 
anced. Fine grit for fine edged 
tools. Medium grit for general 
purpose grinding. Flat face. State 
diameter, thickness and hole 

9 PT 6412— Fine grit. 
9 PT 641 1 — Medium grit. 

but shipment will be made from factory in central Ohio, and you pay shipping charges from there. 

4 in. 

'A in. 

1 lb.* 



4 in. 

% in. 

1 lb. 4 oz. 


6 In. 

% In. 

2 lbs. 12 oz. 


6 In. 

1 in. 

3 lbs. 8 oz. 


7 In. 

% in. 

3 lbs. 10 oz. 


7 In. 

1 in. 

4 lbs. 8 oz. 


Grinding Goggles 

Everyone using a grind- 
i n g wheel or wire 
scratch wheel should 
protect his eyes with 
safety goggles. Give 
eyes complete protec- 
tion against flying par- 
ticles. Lenses are made 
of thick shatterproof 
glass. Non-corrosive, 
ext ra-s tron-r metal 
frame; well made. Wire 
mesh side screens give 
added protection. Ship- 
ping wt,, 10 oz. 
9 PT 6401 ... $1.50 

Steel Wire Scratch Wheels 

Just the thing for removing 
paint, rust, scale, for buffing 
tires, etc. Coarse wheels made 
from No. 33 wire and fine wheels 
from .005 wire. Long lasting. 
4-inch size has ^4-inch arbor 
hole; 6-inch size has 'A or "Hi- 
inch hole. State diameter of 
wheel and hole size. 

9 PT 6480— Coarse « rt 

4-ln. Shpg. wt., 5 oz JOC 

6-ln. Shpg. wt., 11 oz 40c 

9 PT 6482— Fine 

4-ln. Shpg. wt., 5 oz 40c 

6-ln. Shpg. wt., 11 oz 50c 

Page 42 

Buffing Compound 

Hold the bar of buffing 
compound against a re- 
volving buffing wheel 
and then apply the 
work to the buff. Pro- 
duces a lustrous satiny 
finish on metal. May 
also be used for natural 
wood finish. Also ex- 
cellent for polishing cat- 
alin and other plastics. 
Shpg. wt., 5 oz. 

9 PT 2876 . . I5c 

Pieced Buffing Wheels 

Twenty thicknesses of quality 
heavy bleached muslin. Pieced 
material with full disc covers. 
Strong H-inch spiral sewing. 
Well constructed, trimmed and 
balanced. Raked edges. J^-inch 
center hole. 

9 PT 6490— State diameter 

4-inch diameter. Shipping _ 

wt., 2 oz. Each VC 

6-inch diameter. Shipping 

weight, 3 ounces. Each 14c 

8-inch diameter. Shipping 
weight, 4 ounces. Each 24c 

Sewed Buffing Wheels 

Eighteen thicknesses of finest qual- 
ity heavy unbleached muslin. Each 
piece full disc; insures perfect bal- 
ance and better work. Strong %- 
inch spiral sewing. Expertly trim- 
med and balanced. Raked edges. 
Choice of ^4-inch or 1-inch center 

9 PT 6491— State diameter and 
center hole. 

6-in. Shpg. wt. 3 oz I5c 

8-in. Shpg. wt., 5 oz 25c 

10-in. Shpg. wt., 7 oz 33c 

12-in. Shpg. wt., 10 oz 40c 

14-in. Shpg. wt., 14 oz 50c 

Loose Buffing Wheels 

Eighteen thicknesses of finest qual- 
ity heavy unbleached muslin — each 
piece full disc — -perfect balance for 
better work. One row of strong 
sewing around the arbor hole. 
Trimmed and balanced. J4-in. or 
1-in. center hole. 

9 PT 6494— State diameter and 
center hole. 

6-in. Shpg. wt. t 3 oz I 2.C 

8-in. Shpg. wt., 5 oz .20c 

10-in. Shpg. wt., 7 oz 27c 

12-in. Shpg. wt., 10 oz 35c 

14-in. Shpg, wt,, 14 oz 45c 


CRAFTSMAN Heavy Duty Machinists' Vises 

No finer machinists' vises made yet priced fully 30% 
less than comparable quality. Extra heavy! Extra 
strong! Built for heaviest machine shop work. Finest 
materials and workmanship. Semi-steel construction 
— reinforced at all points of strain. Replaceable 
knurled tool steel jaws are heat treated and hardened. 
Cold rolled steel screw, head and handle. Every part 

carefully machined and fitted. Extra heavy milled 
slide bar fits snugly into machine broached opening in 
base. Slide? easily; won't wobble. Gray enamel finish. 
Holts included. Shipped freight or express. Shipping 
weights same as actual weights. 5!£-inch jaw size 
and larger shipped prepaid from factory in southern 
Illinois. Smaller sizes carried in stock. 

Offered In Both Swivel Base and Solid Base Styles 

Swivel Base 


Open to 
4 in. 



Solid Base 


Open to 
4 in. 

22 lbs. 

S 7.00 

99 PTM 5160 

3 In. 

27 lbs. 

$ 9.10 

99 PTM 5150 

3 in. 

99 PTM 5161 

3'A In. 

5 in. 

36 Idb, 


99 PTM 5151 

314 in. 

5 In. 

31 lbs. 


99 PTM 5162 

4 in. 

6 in. 

51 lbs. 


99 PTM 5152 

4 in. 

6 In. 

41 lbs. 


99 PTM 5163 

4'A In. 

>;</? In. 

69 lbs. 


99 PTM 5153 

4& in. 

6'A in. 

59 lbs. 


99 PTM 5164 

5 In. 

TA In. 

95 lbs. 


99 PTM 5154 

5 in. 

7J4 In. 

78 lbs. 


99 PTM 5165F 

5'A in. 

8)4 In. 

123 lbs. 


99 PTM 5155F 

5Vi in. 

H'A in. 

101 lbs. 


99 PTM 5166F 

6 in. 

10 In. 

147 lbs. 


99 PTM 5156F 

6 In. 

10 In. 

130 lbs. 


99 PTM 5167F 

7 in. 

12 in. 

254 lbs. 


99 PTM 5157F 

7 in. 

12 in. 

226 lbs. 


99 PTM 5168F 

8H In. 

14 in. 

345 lbs. 


99 PTM 5158F 

8 in. 

13>A in. 

299 lbs. 


CRAF TSMAN Garage Vises 

We sincerely believe this is the finest garage vise 
made! Priced to save you at least 30%. Heavier 
construction — finer materials— better workmanship! 
Semi-steel construction for extra strength. Careful 
machining and snug fitting parts insure jaws that won't 
wobble yet slide easily. Replaceable jaw faces are 
special Max-El alloy tool steel, heat treated and 
hardened— milled and serrated. Removable heat 
treated malleable iron pipe jaws. Cold rolled steel 
beam. Acme threaded forged steel screw. Positive 
locking 360-degree swivel base. Blue crackle finish. 
Lag screws. 

CataloR Number 

99 PT 5240 
99 PT5242 
99 PT 5243 
99 PT 5249 


Open to 

16 lbs. 
20 lbs. 
30 lbs. 
38 lbs. 

Shpg. Wt. 


3 in. 
VA in. 

4 in. 

iYi In. 

4 in. 
VA in. 
4% In. 

5 In. 

17 Iba. 
21 lbs. 
32 lbs. 
40 lbs. 


Sanding Block 

New! One of the handiest 
sanding devices we've ever 
seen! Has a roll of cloth 
abrasive coated with alum- 
inum oxide which stretches 
over a heavy sponge rubber 
cushion. Lasts longer than 
sandpaper, but when it does 
wear out, just pull out a new 
section and keep working! 
Strongly made of cadmium 
plated steel, 
9 PT 2153— Shpg. wt., ._ 

12 oz. Complete -4DC 

9 PT 2154— Refill roll. 
Shpg. wt., 1 oz 8c 

Wood Dowel Rod 

You'll find many uses for 
this handy assortment. 
Fourteen assorted sizes rang- 
ing from 1/4 of an inch to % 
of an inch in diam. Each rod 
18 inches in length. Very 
handy to have in your work- 
shop for model building and 
mending of furniture. No 
shop is complete without a 
stock of dowel rods. You'll 
find hundreds of uses for 
theni. Exceptionally clean 
grain hard wood. A 40c value. 
Shpg. wt., 14 oz. 

9 PT 2909 I5c 

Quality Apron 

Just the thing to slip on 
when working around the 
house or in the shop. Keeps 
your clothes clean. Heavy 
enough so dirt won't pene- 
trate. Made from excellent 
quality heavy canvas. 
Stands repeated washings. 
High front protects your 
shirt. 42 inches long, so 
as to come well below the 
knees. Large strongly sewed 
pockets. Securely attach- 
ed ties. Shipping weight, 9 

9 PT 2950 39c 

Handy Blueprints 

Easy to read. Gives com- 
plete data for materials 
needed and for finishing. 

(1) Priscilla Sewing Cabinet, 

(2) High Back Lawn Chair, 

(3) Colonial Spinet Desk, 

(4) Drop Leaf Table, (5) 
Garden Trellis, (6) Old West 
Silhouettes, (7) Work Bench, 

(8) Hanging Book Rack, 

(9) Cobbler's Bench Table 
Lamp, (10) Cedar Lined 
Chest, State number 
wanted. Shipping weight, 
each, 3 ounces. . 

9 PT29Q0-Each I9c 

Cast Iron Glue Pot 

With aluminum glue cup. 

Built like a double boiler. 
Outer cup of heat-retaining 
cast iron for water. Inner 
glue cup of non-corroding 
aluminum. Will last a life- 
time. Capacity of glue cup, 
'A pint; enough to last for a 
long time. A glue pot like 
this eliminates all waste as 
glue can be used over and 
over by reheating. Conveni- 
ent handles on both outer 
and inner cups. Shpg. wt., 
4 lbs. 8 oz. #1 lr\ 

9 PT 2887 ? I.IU 

Electric Glue Pot 

Thermostat automatically 
controls heat andsaves elec- 
tricity. Keeps glue at con- 
stant temperature ready 
for instant use. Element is 
embedded in asbestos. Pol- 
ished aluminum with gray 
iron frame. 1-pt. cup. Ap- 
proved by Underwriter's 
Laboratories. Stir wire in- 
cluded. For 60-cycle 110- 
120' volt A.C. only. Cord 
and plug. Shipping weight, 
6 lbs. 8 oz. 

9 PT 2892 $3.75 

4-Drower Utility Case 

You'll find many uses for this 
handy filing case. Use it for 
nuts and bolts, small tools 
and parts. Handy on your 
desk for paper clips, erasers, 
etc. Lifetime construction 
of heavy gauge steel. No 
screws or bolts. 4 easy slid- 
ing drawers; two with 6 com- 
partments, one with 3 com- 
partments, and one with 1 
compartment. Hard baked 
enameled finish. Beveled top 
permits stacking one on top 
of another. 5'A in. wide, 6>A 
in. high, 8 in. deep. Shpg. 
wt.. 4 lbs. 
9 PT 2784 85c 

2-Drawer Cabinet 

A larger cabinet particularly 
recommended for workshop, 
garage, etc. Measures 5 in. 
high, 9<A in. wide, 11J6 in. 
deep over all. 

Buy as many as you need. 
Stack one on top of the other 
or place them side by side. 
Card index slot on front of 
each drawer. Ample space 
for nuts, bolts and small tools. 
Bottom drawer has 12 re- 
movable sections. Single top 
compartment. Top of cabi- 
net recessed so cabinets can 
be stacked without slipping. 
Heavy gauge steel. Hard 
baked enamel finish. Shpg. 
wt. 5 lbs. 4 oz. 
9 PT 2785 96c 

rOHPHHION Tool Light 

The 15-inch flexible neck lets 
you bring the light down to 
your work just where you 
want it. Enables you to see 
your work with greater ease 
— eliminates harmful eye 
strain. New type adjustable 
clamp. An extra large reflec- 
tor keeps the light out of 
your eyes — a real safety fea- 
ture. Over-all length, 23 
inches. Complete with push 
switch in socket, clamp cord 
and plug. Bulb not included. 
Shpg. wt., lib. 12 oz. 
9 PT 2264 $1.60 

Page 43 







Over-all Height 

11 In. 

14 in. 

Over-all Width 

8>/ 4 In. 

10 in, 

Over-all Length 

18 In. 

17'/, in. 





I Bore and 

\ Stroke 

2'/«x% in. 

2>Axls/ a in. 

) Displacement 

2% CU. ft. 

3 cu. ft. 

\ Speed 

1750 R.P.M. 

800 R.P.M. 

1 Working 

/ Pressure 

25 lbs. 

28 lbs. 

I Maximum 

\ Pressure 

40 tbs. 

45 lbs. 


( H.P. 


'/i-H.P. H.D. 

< Speed 

1750 R.P.M. 

1750 R.P.M. 




Gun (described 





J Inside DIam. 
X ■ Length 

Va in. 

'/* in. 

15 ft. 

15 (t. 


{ Size 
\ Casters 

8 '/4XI 8 in. 

8'/ 4 x16 in. 




Only at Sears can you buy a piston type spray outfit at this amazing 
price! Has the same capacity and better construction than outfits 
selling at MUCH higher prices elsewhere. Piston type compressor, 
like all big commercial sprayers, for long life and best service. No 
diaphragms to replace. Does the job 6 times faster than brushing! 
Sprays paints, varnishes, etc., and gives a beautiful, smooth finish. 

Check and compare these features carefully. See for yourself how 
far superior this sprayer is to ANY other outfit selling in this price 
range! (1) Piston equipped with 2 grooves and 4 rings to keep air 
absolutely free of oil. (2) Cylinder walls have reamed and honed finish. 
(3) Perfect counter-balancing for quiet, smooth operation. (4) 1-quart 
internal-mix pressure feed spray gun with adjustable needle valve and 
round and fan spray air caps. (5) 15 feet ot J^-inch inside diameter 
hose. Compressor has free air displacement of 2?£ cubic feet per minute. 
Operating pressure, about 25 pounds. Maximum pressure, 40 pounds. 
Built-in safety valve. Motor is connected directly to crankshaft with 
flexible coupling. Aluminum piston has 234-inch diameter and M-incu 

99 PTM 5630^omplete outfit as illustrated, with M-H.P. 110-120 
volt 60-cycIe A.C. 1750 R.P.M. motor. 

Shipping weight, 52 pounds S19.95 

99 PT 5636 — Complete outfit, without motor. Arranged for V-belt 
drive. With pulley and belt. Shpg. wt., 26 lbs SI 5.50 

Page 44 


• Equipped with piston type compressor, like all big commercial sprayers 

• Piston has two grooves and four rings to insure clean, oil-free air 

• Cylinder walls have reamed and honed finish for longer and better service 

Compare this great COMMANDER sprayer valve. Bleeder type gun allows continuous 
with outfits selling for $50.00 elsewhere! Does flow of air through nozzle, preventing clogging, 
the job 8 times faster than brushing — and does Air gauge shows pressure. Built-in safety valve 
it better! Sprays paints, lacquers, enamels, prevents pressure from becoming too high, 
varnishes, disinfectants, insecticides, water col- Sprayer is mounted on rugged truck with cast- 
ors, dyes, etc. era — easy to move around. Heavy duty M-H.P. 

The piston type compressor insures longest m P}° r , hna J™.' 11 "'" starting switch Complete 

life and best performance. No diaphragms to ^ th '"Quart aluminum paint cup, 15 feet of H- 

give out and cause delay. Compressor travels U?' p , r f^™ ,?•<>« i dT } w A' cord aud plug - 

at half motor speed like big commercial types. * or 1 '0-120-volt 60-cycle A.C. 

Built for years of reliable, trouble-free service. 99 PTM 5631 — Complete outfit, with heavy 

Compressor has free air displacement of 3 cubic duty ^-H.P. motor. Shpg. wt., 57 lbs. $28.95 

feet per minute. 9 9 PT 5 5 7 5— Complete outfit, without motor. 

New design air intake thoroughly filters in- Shpg. wt„ 28 lbs $22.95 

coming air. 1-quart internal-mix bleeder type 99 PT 199 9 — Compressor only, 

pressure-feed spray gun has adjustable needle Shpg. wt., 16 lbs $1 0.50 

Piston Type V6-H. P. COMMANDER Sprayer 

Similar to above, but with J4-H.P. motor for 50 lbs. Operating pressure, 30 lbs. 

greater capacity. Free air displacement of Zy 2 99 PTM 5576— Complete outfit, with motor. 

cubic feet per minute. Maximum pressure, Shpg. wt., 62 lbs $31.50 

Utility Spray Gun 

A thoroughly practical and 
dependable gun at a moderate 
price. Use it with most any 
compressor or air supply so 
long as pressure is not more 
than 40 lbs. per inch. Bleeder 
type construction allows con- 
tinuous flow of air through 
nozzle to prevent clogging. 
When trigger is pressed the 
material being sprayed flows 
into the air stream and is fed 
through nozzle under pres- 
sure. Has screw-on 1-quart 
can. Complete with both fan 
and round spray tip. Shpg. 
wt., 2 lbs. 12 oz. 

9 PT 5578 $3.65 

All-Purpose Spray Gun 

Here's a gun you can use at 
intervals . . . and not be 
afraid it will clog up! This 
bleeder type internal-mix gun 
is so designed that when ma- 
terial is shut off the air con- 
tinues to blow through the 
nozzle, preventing any clog- 
ging. Adjustable needle valve 
regulates flow of material. 
Two-finger trigger control 
keeps your hand from getting 
tired on long jobs. Clamp- 
on can has 1-quart capacity. 
Complete with two nozzles and 
two air tips. Shpg. wt., 3 
lbs. 12 oz. 

9 PT 5637 $6.50 

Production Spray Gun 

This same gun would cost you 
as much as $22.50 elsewhere! 
Two-finger trigger operates two 
valves that control both mate- 
ria! and air. Non-bleeder type 
— recommended for steady pro- 
duction spraying. Will work 
twice as fast as ordinary guns. 
Needle valve has adjustment 
to regulate flow of material. 
Operates on three to six cubic 
feet of air. Two inner fluid tips 
and two spray caps, one round 
and one fan type, l-quart ca- 
pacity handy clamp-on can. 
Nicely balanced for easy hand- 
ling. Shpg. wt., 5 lbs. 

9 PT 5594 $9.50 




* Entire unit mounted on large pressure lank for smoother, 
more even spraying. Tank provides reserve air supply al 
working pressure 

All the features — all the fine quality — all the smooth 
efficient operation of the COMMANDER W-H.P. 
sprayer listed on the opposite page! But even more, 
this sprayer is built with the entire unit mounted 
conveniently on an oversize heavy gauge steel pressure 
tank, 10 inches in diameter and 20 inches long. This 
tank assures a large reservoir of air and absorbs slight 
pulsations from the compressor. This results in a very 
even pressure and smoother operation of the gun. The 
piston type compressor always delivers clean, oil-free 
air. Has free air displacement of 316 cubic feet per 
minute. Safety valve prevents pressure from be- 
coming too high; gauge indicates pressure at all times. 
Complete with &-H.P. 1750 R.P.M. motor, pres- 
sure type gun with two tips and two air caps, 1-quart 
aluminum paint cup, 15 feet of 14-inch pressure hose, 
V-belt drive, starting switch on motor, cord and plug. 
Operates on 110-120 volt 60-cycle A.C. Shinping 
weight, 93 pounds, 
99 PTM 5577— Complete as illustrated $39.50 





22 in. 

143/ 4 i n . 


10 in. 

11 in. 


20 in. 

24 in. 


1 Bore and 
I Stroke 

1 Displace- 
J ment 
\ Speed 

/ Working 
f Pressure 
\ Maximum 
\ Pressure 

Single cyl- 
inder piston 

2'/4x1*/b in. 

3'/ 2 C.F.M. 
950 R.P.M. 

30 Ib8. 

50 lbs. 

Twin cylin- 
der piston 

2'/4Xl% in. 

5 C.F.M. 
660 R.P.M. 

35 lbs. 

50 lbs. 

( H.P. 
< Speed 
I Switch 

t750 R.P.M. 


1750 R.P.M. 







( Inside 
■J Diameter 
( Length 

'A in. 
15 tt. 

'/« In. 
15 ft. 

* Heavy duty construction throughout 

* Twin cylinder air-cooled piston compressor 

By far our finest sprayer! Has extra quality — extra capacity — 
extra strength! The powerful twin-cylinder, air-cooled piston 
compressor has a free air displacement of 5 cubic feet per 
minute. Compressor has wick oiling system and heavy 
bronze bearings. The heavy duty, non-bleeder, production 
type gun with dual valve construction will work twice as fast 
as ordinary guns and give smooth, uniform results. It en- 
ables you to use the full capacity of the big twin cylinder 
compressor to its best advantage. Complete with !£-H.P. 
condenser type motor, twin cylinder compressor, production 
type gun, caster base, 15feet, 'A-in. two-ply high-pressure hose. 
1-quart aluminum paint cup, two tips, two air caps, V-belt 
drive, pressure gauge, safety valve, starting switch on motor, 
cord and plug. Operates on 110-120 volt 60-cycle A.C. Ship- 
ping weight, 125 pounds. 
99 PTM 5597— Complete as illustrated $69-50 

COMMANDER Gasoline Powered Sprayer. Similar to 
above, but equipped with air-cooled Briggs & Stratton gaso- 
line motor — the finest made. Easily started by stepping on 
foot pedal — no kick back. Shipping weight, 145 pounds. 
99 PTM 5598— Complete S92.50 

Quality Air Hoie 

@ Made to give long, hard service. Heavy 
rubber and fabric construction de- 
signed to withstand strong, constant pres- 
sure. Complete with fittings. Two or more 
lengths may be coupled together. Couple 
an extra length onto your gun hose. 
Length, 15 feet; inside diameter, 54 inch. 
Shipping weight, 1 lb. 8 o». 
9 PT 5638— Air Hose $1.45 

Material Hoie 

(§) Heavy two-ply construction for long 
life and service. Synthetic rubber lin- 
ing. Length, 12^ feet; He-inch inside 
diameter. Two or more lengths of hose 
may be coupled together. Complete with 
fittings. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 

9 PT 5639— Material Hose. 


Pressure Gauge 

(g) Know how much air is available before 
starting the job. Graduated to register 
accurately the air pressure available for 
the Bpray gun. May be mounted directly 
on reducing valve and filter assembly. 
Easily installed. Shpg. wt., 8 oz. 
9 PT 6649— Pressure Gauge 69c 

Reducing Valve and Filter 

(g) Insures the delivery of very dry air — 
an absolute necessity when spraying 
lacquer. Filter prevents oil, water, and 
other impurities from getting into air 
stream. Valve reduces and controls com- 
mercial air pressure to below 60 pounds so 
that it can operate gun correctly. Com- 
plete with shut-off. Shipping weight, ■ 
2 pounds 8 ounces. 
9 PT 5648— Complete $3.35 

Industrial Spray Outfit 

Complete your garage or service sta- 
tion equipment with this husky spray- 
ing outfit. Also handy in factory and 
shop. Especially constructed for any 
plant with an existing air pressure 
system. Connects directly on existing 
air outlets. 

This all around unit can be used for 
almost every spraying operation. Saves 
the cost of a special compressor for 
painting. All parts carefully and 
strongly made. Gun is 9 PT 5637 (il- 
lustrated and described on Page 44); 
well balanced and easily handled. Com- 
plete with gun, 15-foot, H-in. air hose, 
filter, gauge, and reducing valve for regu- 
lating pressure to less than 50 pounds. 
Also has shut-off valve. Shipping 
weight, 15 pounds. 

99 PT 5633— Complete $11.95 

COMMANDER Material Tank 

Why bother with constant interrup- 
tions to refill your paint can on big 
jobs ? Order one of these big two- 
gallon pressure tanks and speed up 
your work. Cut down on job time, and 
increase your profits as well! Tank is 
heavily constructed with close fitting 
clamp-on lid to hold pressure. Ma- 
terial is forced from tank through 
material hose to spray gun. Because 
of this, spray gun may not be oper- 
ated more than five feet above level of 
tank. When operating at a height the 
tank may be carried up the ladder. 

Complete with 15-foot air hose 
and 12 !£ -foot material hose. Tank is 
equipped with handle to enable easy 
handling and transportation. Ship- 
ping weight, 25 pounds. 
99 PT 5632 $9.90 

Page 45 

99 PTM 2213-COMPANIGN Combination 4-in. 
Belt and 8-in. Disc Sander. See Page 14.